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The Gamer

Author: Nerserker
Latest: 2 Chapter 2: I live again!

the way of the game

Author: yadielitoxpr
Latest: 1 beginning

A Grand Magus inside a Virtual Game

Author: ReaperRipper
Latest: 2 Chapter 1: Getting Started.
Intro: At the age of 18, Takeshi Yushirou was a player in a VRMMORPG called New World Online. But he was not just a player, he was the Top Player among players. With his Godlike Unique Ability, he destroys countless guilds inside the game. Until one day, he got transported in a world full of magic, monsters, elves, etc. And lives in a city called Ainvratte. 6years later he became The Great Magus,...

Heavenly Loli

Author: GohShiye
Latest: 2 I Demand of you.
Intro: *Disclaimer* The artwork is owned by ZUN of Touhou, all artworks of the game are.This is a story of our cute, stupid, but adorable Loli as she offends and makes friends with gods, and also try to play a VR game named [Heaven&Hell] to get her mind off all the unnecessary troubles and conflicts!*Warning* This novel will be very un-consistent as it is subject to my random and violent mood swings...

Sandshard Online

Author: Leafen
Latest: 4 Chapter 4: That Which You Have Lost, I Shall Return to You.
Intro: Dave is a simple 21 y.o. man, who has been yearning for a Fulldive VR system and an MMORPG that fully takes control of these, just like the kind he reads about online. Luckily for him, Fulldive systems have popped onto the market, With the launch of the Fulldive system known simply as Sand, Due to the sinking feeling you get when you lay in it, an MMORPG just for it arrives, titled Sandshard Online...

The Sacred Sword Sovereign

Author: BasicBoy
Latest: 3 The Beginning
Intro: Lin Feng was the leader of the number one guild of <<TerraOnline>> and he was the best player in the game ranked number one in the heaven rankings. Players had dubbed him as the ‘Sacred Sword Sovereign’. However , he had to delete his account due to losing a PvP duel where they had bet that whoever loses has to delete their account. However just when Lin Feng is about to give up , Lin Feng suddenly...

True Hero: Champion is Playing

Author: LittleMe_ftw
Latest: 3 New Best Friend
Intro: A simple man, lacking in knowledge, but quick of wit. He is flung into the future, where everything is different. Now, he has to make a name for himself, carve his own path in life. He decides to play a game, the biggest one in the world. A strategy game, focused on tactics, used to select the top managers of the largest international corporation. Now, he has to prove his mettle and earn a place for...

The World Of A Thousand

Author: Master_Aves
Latest: 3 New Title Acquired!
Intro: Keno lives in a world were at the age of sixteen you can pick two fates. One is that you could live on Earth normally without any hiccups, or you could remove your soul from the body and be put into a virtual reality game called The World Of A thousand. In this world there are thousands upon thousands of different spells that you can use and create. When you spawn on world one, you get two random abilities...

The Calamity Decends

Author: Tofu4zed4
Latest: 3 Chapter 3: Spelunking
Intro: An unnamed legendary world called home by many. A legendary ancient warlock, the sacred huntress of the forest, a wizard that killed the immortal demons, a rouge that stole from Titans, and many more.For eons they lived fighting off the terrors. They fought off Demons, Devils, Gods, and God slayers.Untill, the Calamity descendded.The Calamity sealed the world, ripping its power away...


Author: Grimdarkian
Latest: 3 Blue panel
Intro: A story about a young man down on his luck and suffering a financial crisis, happens upon a small black stone that just may change his life either for better or worse this is set in a realistic, grim dark magical world full of sexuel content and violence and steam punk machinesYou have been warned no one under 18 may read this very dark and grim story but may soon see the light so not always g...

Unsung Heroes

Author: Jinnosuke
Latest: 3 Man or Monster?
Intro: What does one have to do to become a Hero? Heroin? This is not for 1 person to decide, but an ongoing argument between different views. Crying Rain the name that will forever strike fear and hope into many players in Realm of Gods. Follow the story of Crying Rain who was a nobody that became an Unsung Hero.

I love being alone

Author: Cerelen
Latest: 1 Chapter 1
Intro: People hurt each other everyday. I dont like being around people due to that reason. I love being alone and not having to worry about getting hurt by someone else. I keep myself healthy and do everything by myself so that I dont have to deal with other people. People are dangerous creatures and you never know what they might do next.My name is Shi Deng and Im 17 living alone in an apartment...

My Summer Car

Author: HypeX78
Latest: 3 WubWub and DubDub
Intro: J?ri has been tasked to rebuild the Datsun 100a that his father had or else it will be scrapped in a nearby scrapyard. J?ri must survive in a very peaceful (sarcasm) rural Finland 1995


Author: LycheeJelly
Latest: 3 Chapter 2
Intro: A new game called Imperium has been released and as a bonafide gaming addict Huang Hualing decides to try it out. Huang Hualing is a lazy good for nothing who wouldve been disowned if she wasnt a genius in tech. As a sloth like entity Hualing spends her days lying about and playing games to satisfy her addiction. Authors note: OOF

A Blacksmith’s Path To Even Greater Glory

Author: ArcticBananaa
Latest: 3 The Elite Forest Wolf
Intro: Xu Chao is the number one blacksmith in the VRMMORPG Mystic Realm. His achievements in the game would shock anyone who heard of them.Two weeks is all it takes for seven years of hard work to disappear. Everything that Xu Chao had built up all crumbled down.After dying one last time, Xu Chao comes back to face a much more real death.Sent back in time 13 days before Mystic Realm’s release...

Overlord And the Blue Citadel

Author: ZGearCecil
Latest: 27 『Legions of Shadow』


Author: ZeroNemeziz
Latest: 3 Chapter 3: Completing Mission
Intro: Tired of playing VRMMO(RPG) always being on land, and nearly never out to other places except just on land.Well, this maybe a game for you, Atalanvitis, a game world filled with water and there is near 25% land on the surface and the rest are water.There are other realms, but we won’t name them, as we want you players to find out.There are 2 Factions and 6 professions.The world is free...

VRMMORPG Dragon Asura

Author: BlackAshura
Latest: 3 First Ques
Intro: Iin 2072 the first real like vr game < Divine Myth > was realise by the world government.

God Machine

Author: wintermist1994
Latest: 4 Creating My Own Skill
Intro: Olif is an introvert person. he always lock up himself in his small room and playing MMORPG [King Sword Online] until suddenly something happened with his PC and change his life forever."Oh my masterpiece came to live... HAHAHAHA i will make them my harem!!!"

Arclight Online

Author: ItsWinter
Latest: 4 Chapter Four: Boss
Intro: Once a revered professional gamer, Aaron lives a secluded but modest lifestyle; playing video games and occasionally working on computer programming in his off-time. With the breakthrough of Virtual Reality Gaming in 2074, there is a rumor percolating around the web about a multi-billion dollar game title that would be released to the public.This game is Arclight Online, a Virtual Reality Massively...

Path of the Demons

Author: Demiking
Latest: 4 The wolf king
Intro: This novel is about a young man who plays virtual reality games to find excitement in his dull life

Ascension: Rise of Legends

Author: Shinze
Latest: 4 Bulletin Board Quests
Intro: Massive crimson dragons.Powerful mages that can summon the force of the elements.Beasts that roam the vast lands.Cities and Strongholds to conquer.And of course, legendary equipments to save from evil dragons (not princesses).This is the #1 VRMMORPG of 2030, Ascension.

Beyblade Gamer

Author: KingIceReaper
Latest: 2 Chapter 2- Going To A Stadium
Intro: Try reading the first chapter and learning whats inside.


Author: Skully_
Latest: 4 Not an Elf
Intro: Competitive Polo, Snooker, Basketball, Tennis, High Diving, Fencing and Ping Pong player by day.Dashing, suave, caring, charming and confident socialite by night.He was none of these. He was the CEO with the mostest. He burned his way through female leads like regular people ate through rice.When he didnt get his way. He fucking did.He was BULLY.Schedule: when I fucking feel like...

Brave Frontier

Author: BeLoItsMe
Latest: 3 Chapter 3: Interface!
Intro: Riley Kane, a human girl from Earth had passed away by getting hit by Truck-kun and transmigrated to another world called Grand Gaia which had originated from a game that she had played for a year! What will she do now? Come read and find out!This is my first novel I published and it will have inconsistent publishes as Im just writing for fun. This is a story about Brave Frontier I...

Football Hero

Author: devildante777
Latest: 4 A Sudden Chance
Intro: A 16 year old boy with weak body gets a Body Modifier Football System. Follow his journey to become the greatest player that ever played the game.

Sexual Torture Game/System

Author: ZeroNemeziz
Latest: 最新章节
Intro: ———————————Warning: This novel has 18+ Content, so be warned. There is going to hardly any Adventure, Action, or much of anything, and just... probably full of hentai stuff. In future, I would make MC have the time to be free of hentai stuff.———————————
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