Historical Novel list

Ascension to Dragon Throne

Author: bandade
Latest: 1 General-ly Alive
Intro: While intercepting Dragon’s suicide, the young General Teng transmigrates into the body of the nation’s open secret—the puppet emperor. The first and biggest problem is, they have completely different personalities. Can the new “Dragon” withstand the deep palace plots and dirty schemes and unify the nation once more? Yes, but he is still a few wars and many romances short of ready. ...

An 18th Century Tale / BL

Author: Sighe
Latest: 最新章节
Intro: Artists and amateurs. Leaders and imitators. Lust and lists. West- Europe of the 18th century is coloured by war, excitement and enlightenment. In the corridors and gardens of Versailles during the reign of Louis XV rages a war as old as institution itself. The power hungry and men of noble intentions alike bid for their monarch’ approval as the Age of Enlightenment knocks at society’s door....

Bliss and Blitz

Author: Readkaholic
Latest: 6 Chapter 6
Intro: A short story inspired from the events that occurred in WW2.


Author: Sapphirechelsea237
Intro: “One day youre going to remember me and how much I loved you… then you will hate yourself for letting me go.“ ... Is it a crime to fall in love? Rosella had never thought that she would be trapped in a web of politics, lies, deception, and misunderstandings.What she wanted was love but received only pain and betrayal.It is the story of a broken Empress, of her struggles inside...

Instead of Empress I will be Emperor

Author: noctiferu
Latest: 6 A Decree and a Summon
Intro: As a princess, she is not allowed to inherit the throne. An Emperor can rule without an Empress.She cannot be Empress without an Emperor.They laugh at her when she said that she wants to be the Emperor. None of them have any expectations for her. After all, shes just a ditzy, naive air-head princess whos been spoilt rotten since young."Miss, your hands are much too coarse,"Instead...

Trouble with Five

Author: Im_hungry_m8
Latest: 6 Chapter five
Intro: The daughter of the late concubine, Yinzhi, was not born from the past emperor. Her mother had been assassinated right after she was born, and Yinzhi, being the concubines daughter, seeks to find the truth. After receiving the shock of her life, she tries her best to capture the crown princes heart to seek revenge on her father, the one who killed her mother.However, she might have had some...

The Bringer of Truth

Author: scoobyyy
Latest: 7 History
Intro: You are given a chance to redeem your biggest regret but at what cost? Will you just be a pawn in someone’s game, or will you change your own fate and those around you? This is the story of a man on a journey to find out how far he is willing to go to achieve his goals and at what cost or benefits to those around him. He will discover the horrors of war and the deceit and lies that runs deep in the...

When The Inland Sea Rose

Author: AppleWendy
Latest: 7 A Sudden Change In Details
Intro: A shrilling scream. Sirens. Blood. And the death of Bei Tan, a detective. Following a series of events, Bei Tans corpse was found dead in the alleyway between two six story high buildings. However, against all of humanitys logic, he had woken up the next day as the female heir to a large domain he could not identify, and was once again alive even retaining his memories. As he wobbles through...

The Rise of Yi Fei

Author: LadyBunny0307
Latest: 7 I knew it all
Intro: Two lives, One face.Even sharing the same blood and face is not enough for the survival of one.Zhao Yi Mei and Zhao Yi Fei was born as twins and daughter of a general but because of some prophecy, they were forced to best each other for their own survival. However, because of an unexpected result. One of them will have to dirty her hands to changer her fate. Even if it means killing her...

I Am The System

Author: M_T
Latest: 6 First kill
Intro: { the image is not mine }when Ajax crossed over to another world , he learnt that human cant cultivate which made them the weakest race, he has a system which will help him to make the humans strongM_T : I am a newbie author, and English isnt my first language. this novel is just to build my writing style .

Empress Niángniang

Author: Shang_Wuxin
Latest: 8 : Prince Xian of the First Rank
Intro: A carefree retired woman of the modern age was thrown back into an ancient era after a series of freak accident. For some reason, she has taken over the body of the young empress who had mysteriously gotten sick and tragically died. Much to her great dismays, the original owner was too soft hearted that she let other people walked all over her. However, now that she is here, hell will rain...

Isekai meet Machine and Magic

Author: First_Guard
Latest: 9 Chapter 9: A wife’s job
Intro: When an junior intelligence/spec-op operative is transported to another world with his charge and crush, a sorceress, along with his entire class, peace would be the very last thing happening in the story.

An 18th Century Tale

Author: Sighe
Latest: 7 Chapter VII
Intro: Artists and amateurs. Leaders and imitators. Lust and lists. West- Europe of the 18th century is coloured by war, excitement and enlightenment. In the corridors and gardens of Versailles during the reign of Louis XV rages a war as old as institution itself. The power hungry and men of noble intentions alike bid for their monarch’ approval as the Age of Enlightenment knocks at society’s door....

A Chronicle

Author: MarkAntolo
Latest: 9 Dark Age
Intro: A captain must help his men to go back home while preventing the annihilation of humans.

Starship Troopers System

Author: Monlord
Latest: 10 Contac
Intro: Kevin life as an ordinary boy is destined to be unexceptional until he enter the army to fight The Arachnids , Gigantic Bugs .In his first battle he died alongside 100000 humans,but a strange system save him from dead.

Time-Slip Romance

Author: ReneesmeQueen
Latest: 8 Capitulo VIII -Free Loading?
Intro: On a stormy night, Aya frantically finds a place where she can temporarily finds shelter during the stormy weather. The place she found was an old abandoned mansion from the Spanish colonization era. While waiting for the rain to stop, she ended-up falling asleep in a dusty-old table inside the mansion. The next day she woke-up, she was in the year 1800s.During her stay there, she met...

Sons of Skanderbeg

Author: artsaguinsin
Latest: 10 Bibliography
Intro: The Sons Of Skanderbeg is an epic-drama, espionage, suspense, and historically accounted for where significant events, places and names in world history are involved. The story narrates and describes the stunning and horrendous war crimes committed during World War II. Although fiction, the story may be one aspect of war survival that involves the scenes of espionage and daring escapes portrayed by...


Author: Tyuipo
Latest: 11 The Game Begins!
Intro: Created another account. Search the same title: Empire of Jadase: New Day. TY.

The Ultimate kingdom system

Author: sudiotaku
Latest: 10 Ch.10 second issue
Intro: Given a second chance before humanity was teleported to a new world were they are the weakest race and not the only intelligent one and were destroyed. he with help of the ultimate kingdom system will change humanity fate from being destroyed.

A Lifetime With You

Author: kxm06
Latest: 11 Bandits II
Intro: At 45 years old, Feng Ruyi is all alone. Her parents passed away when she was young and she was the only child. Friends? What was that? Boyfriend? Is it something you can eat? Rather than being surrounded by a group of people, she rather be home and enjoy the peace and serenity. The only thing that brought her excitement was reading Chinese novels. Everyday, she would curl up in her bed and emerge...

Black Jade

Author: Ceciloray
Latest: 12 Chapter Twelve
Intro: locked up in a cave for 200 years, had her powers sealed off in a black jade, betrayed by the same people she risked her life to save, has an unknown girl stuck in her body with no way to get outDai Yu has finally broken free from being locked away from the world now all thats on her mind is to get revenge, kill the emperor, the empress and anybody that would get in her way, inflict the same...

Reborn: The legendary Warrior is back

Author: Silver_kai
Latest: 12 The plot thickens 2
Intro: After getting batrayed and killed by her step sister, Ye Feng Tian dies a tragic death as the legendary warrior. But no, the story doesn’t end here, Ye Feng Tian was reborn into another world as the same person. What is this? Women can’t be warriors?! Well I will crush that belief of yours! What want to challenge me for the general position?! I will make sure you don’t wake up after...

The Mars Wars

Author: Zedsdeadbaby
Latest: 12 Chapter 11
Intro: In the far future, a young man named Trace is drafted into the marines. As he fights for his life, he discovers not only is he good at fighting, but he enjoys it. Will Trace survive and win the war? Or will he become yet another casualty, lying dead on the ground? Find out now!

Link to Wattpad

Author: TheDemonGod
Latest: 12 Time to get badges Pt. 9
Intro: This is a link to my Wattpad account you dont have to go to it if you do and like my books thanks

Stuck in the Baracks during an Invasion

Author: Mierlegion
Latest: 14 Hunt! 3
Intro: An unfortunate accident, waking up only to find out he is part of a new group of recruits with strict orders to defend one of the last outposts of humanity while waiting for an interstellar invasion. Great, just another normal day with the guys...

Inverted Dragon Scale

Author: AgileRampler
Latest: 15 Cheating in test!
Intro: Born naturally defective but possessed by the spirit of a divine dragon. Inheriting the divine dragon’s will and power, growing scales and magical claws, imperial waters containing the breath of the dragon, travelling through clouds and summoning rain, an invincible physical body. In this world and era, countless men dream of slaying dragons. Li Mu Yang has always lived a hard life.Note:-This Novel...

Sweet Desire

Author: Penqiuyan
Latest: 13 Chapter 8.2
Intro: "You will regret this Mei Sou Fei!" cried Li Shimin Bide as he watches her clean close."Sweet desire are like poison to ones soul," reply Mei Sou Fei while giving him one last sweet kiss.Mei Sou Fei steps back and fell into the icy river below. Li Shimin Bide grabs his chest as if he was in pain. The cover is made graciously by @yaoyueyiWhat happened to the two? What events led up to this...

Fall In Love With a Soldier

Author: pinkie
Latest: 17 I Want a Grandson
Intro: Jane was force to marry a soldier who she don’t even know. But she also didn’t know that he was her first love and first boyfriend back in high school. He went to the military at the end of high school and due to an accident that happen to Jane. She don’t remember what happen after high school. Will she remember her first love again?

The Saga of the Emptiness Harbinger

Author: Theodoric
Latest: 16 The Deal
Intro: I live on Gronos, a place full of terrible wars, skillful assassins and god-like emperors. Emperors fall like flies, people die in great numbers. Empires, however, they never fall.Life here is spent quickly. You are born, live a life with whatever goals and ideals you have and then die from lead/iron/laser(etc.) poisoning.I, for example, have been an ordinary teenager until the attack that...

The Mysterious Empress

Author: SararaGold
Latest: 18 The Eve of the Ceremony
Intro: The first time he saw her was during his mission to survey the kingdom of Aur. The fateful encounter actually make a deep impression in his heart and he long to see her again. They apparently meet again, and he give the hint of wanting to pursue her. However they have to separate again. 5 years later, he meet her again, but why was she sitting on the throne beside the new ruler of Aur? But...
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