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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir

Author: 白鹭成双
Latest: Chapter: 111 out of 513 - Who saved her? (2)
Intro: " />

Parallel World

Author: Godblade
Latest: 1 Chapter 1: The Beginning
Intro: " />

Painting Red

Author: PaintItRED
Latest: Look up the colors I use
Intro: I am going to write about a picture

Modern system

Author: MrEasy
Latest: 1 I want proof
Intro: This is not a story of a loser/failure.This is not a story about cultivation.This is not a story about reincarnation.This is not a story about a second chance.This is not a story about time-travel.This is not a story about the apocalypse.This is not a story about a different world. This is not a story about beating/fighting everyone you see.This is not a story about chasing every beauty you see/meet.This is not a story about being a horndog. This is not a story about gods and demons.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Modern system (MS): this is so fucking hyped man.Mr. Easy: After reading this, I realize that a lot of people would think, what this gonna be about. I mean I literally just said no to so many cliches/things.Modern system (MS): so, you are not gonna tell them about the story, man, you are such a tease.Mr. Easy: I know the cover is horribly made, but I am not an artist, and I am a lazy person so...

If I Was Your Empress

Author: SoaringSoul
Latest: 1 Letting Go
Intro: ***A short 6 part story telling from his and her POV***His POV: "If I had made you my Empress, would things have ended differently?" Her POV: "If I had fought for your affections, would I have been the one by your side?" A man who took her for granted, a woman who didn't believe she was worthy of him.

Black Tiger: The Dark Blind Passion

Author: Chococlateloverisl
Latest: 1 Black Tiger 01
Intro: fort of darkness. Behind him were countless dead bodies of his enemies. Beside him is a blind slave sent to him as a mocking gift from his devastatingly beautiful step-mother full of jealousy and hate. A slave he did not suspect would move his cold stone dead heart.

Hey I'm NOT poor

Author: AngelLi_8
Latest: 2 Bumping into some rude people
Intro: edic story with some romance and true love(is there such a thing hmm?)~

Because they were orders

Author: Makosaphoto
Latest: 1 ""
Intro: This is a short story From the POv of a royal Guard and a sacrificial prince.

The girl with the cross

Author: Makosaphoto
Latest: 2 The lost rabbit
Intro: A young girl, abandoned by her mother in russia and being adopted by soldiers on the way to the front lines. On a mission to search for her brother she finds herself in a home on the boarder working as a servant to gather information to find her big brother.

City Nights

Author: Sovora
Latest: 1 Ken and Mike
Intro: plete his job. But is that a life he should live? The city awaits!

A Healing Heart

Author: Suilan
Latest: 5 Part 5
Intro: #BLNovel #boymeetsboyworldTalin focuses on work, barely giving anything else attention. One encounter in his club's parking lot drags him out of his dull life. Dimitri has watched Talin for so long, when Talin storms into his workshop, Dimitri decides he won't stay in the sidelines any longer. Dimitri decides he wants Talin for life.

Underworld Life

Author: Sovora
Latest: 1 Ken and Mike
Intro: Just like the city that everyone lives in the underworld is just as lively. Everyday something is happening right under our noses, but we just don't know it. The person next to us on the streets, bus or train, might very well be someone from below! But how would you know?Fellow me down as we walk through the underworld of the city, shall we? I assure you that you're safe with me.

Who belives in fairy tales

Author: kakashilover
Latest: 1 proluge
Intro: As a child Hannah grew up on fairy tales, both read from books and the barbie versions, but unlike most children Hannah learned early not everyone gets a happy ending. Can her prince change that?

The Night Kid

Author: ZackaryNurse
Latest: 9 Unnamed Poems
Intro: This Is A Poem Book I Made Do Enjoy.


Author: FlowerandAnt
Latest: 1 Prolouge
Intro: A UN (United Nation) Peacekeepers escorted a journalist and a convoy of medical and food supplies on a poor refugee area. Not knowing after they left. 2 technical vehicles started to ambush and fire at them. In order to escape, they turned on the road that is not on the map. After that, a mysterious place suddenly appears.

Brazilian Poetry

Author: LaelsonZX
Intro: Brazilian Poetry in English...

Ultimate Brain Evolution

Author: PureTerrorist
Latest: 4 Spaceship
Intro: When Adam finds a mysterious cube, everything starts heading for the worst, but what he doesn't know is that he's on his way to reach the peak of human evolution.

My Shtty Life

Author: Rei_T
Latest: 1 Chapter 1: The beginning that started everything
Intro: Life gives you pain, suffering and a small bit of happiness. So, what do you do with it? Most people would try to use it to their full advantage, but life can also turn into a jumble of confusion and chaos. My name is Rei, and I'm here to talk about the sh!t that's happened to me. Follow my life in this random ass novel and hopefully, you can relate to what I experienced.


Author: lwierj
Latest: 1 The Life of Dolphins
Intro: " />

How My Stories come to be

Author: Bronzeapollo
Latest: 1 Epilogue
Intro: " />

Devil Spawn

Author: ramp_seeker
Latest: 5 Immposible Quest
Intro: es angry--------------------------------------------------release rate will be 7 chapters a weeksyou can contact me on discord Ramp_seeker#6133

The devourer of souls

Author: Koji471
Latest: 2 I'll devour you!
Intro: e into my heart."Fuck, these bastards want to steal my body while I'm here? Who said I'm going to die? I'm going to kill you, I'm going to DEVOUR YOU !!"

Ancient medallion legacy

Author: Linrim
Latest: 2 Chance to raise
Intro: Bring upon another world in the body of his exact self, a young man of modern society would have to face a new truth.But how would you react when arriving on a world who violence reign supreme without the bit of informations about it, be it culture, fauna and flora?How would you react when your live was in danger the second you woke up ?When everything seem to be lost, a ray of hope will shine upon the young hero, bringing him on the path of slaughter where his true self will slowly awoken from the depth of his soul.

Shut-in Reincarnated as Gorgeous 17-years-old Girl

Author: walraevens
Latest: 1 Prologue - I REFUSE!
Intro: eous 17-year-old girl. What should a guy do in this situation?This is my entry to the writing prompt contest #1 - Reincarnation.

Her Rebirth was a Matter of Opinion

Author: QforZebra
Latest: 1 Prologue - Crime is in the Eye of the Beholder
Intro: Jaimin knew from the beginning that she had been reborn, but she never thought that it would matter. Her past life would stay in the past, her present self would live quietly in the future. Even safer, their lives were separated by different realms. And then she had to abandon her family. When she had settled into her new life, a traveler arrived to drag her back into the past. He needed her past life's knowledge about magic, and perhaps her curiosity wasn't so quiet after all.

devil spawn

Author: ramp_seeker
Latest: 1 Prolouge
Intro: " />

I Reincarnated to be a part of History

Author: Meidan
Latest: 1 I Reincarnated to be Part of History!
Intro: I died being someone who didn't care about the future and loath to be part of something big. I loathed the world because no one can hear my silent screams and no one to see behind my hypocritical mask.....But I regret making my brothers sad by dying.....Now, that I'm given a chance to be reincarnated albeit as someone else, I'll make sure to never let my brothers down!

Winter Flower: Camellia

Author: MKLoralei
Latest: 1 I Don't Like Cars Anymore.
Intro: e abusive. On her way to meet her older sister, she end upBeing brought back to when she was 15, Camellia decided to take a different path she had at 1st.

Sales | Pay your debt

Author: Master_Yu
Latest: 1 Goodbye cruel world!
Intro: pany since in his college years, and it was came true.But there was unexpected happen during his father's announcement which leads his family and himself to death.Then, after his death. Mr. Oscar Howington went in his deep sleep and saw his last memories which made him furious.If he could only get back to his life. He will take revenge for his family's death.

Sales | Pay your debts

Author: Master_Yu
Latest: 1 Goodbye cruel world!
Intro: pany since in his college years, and it was came true.But there was unexpected happen during his father's announcement which leads his family and himself to death.Then, after his death. Mr. Oscar Howington went in his deep sleep and saw his last memories which made him furious.If he could only get back to his life. He will take revenge for his family's death.
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