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A Guest in a Ghost House

Author: 强大的猪
Latest: Chapter 5 The Family
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Psychic Tattoo

Author: Mr. Moda
Latest: Chapter 100 The Wig
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The Tale of the Ghost Eyes

Author: 骑马钓鱼
Latest: Chapter 58 Forever Friends
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Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Author: Qie Er
Latest: Chapter 15 Fate
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Super Electric Eel Avatar

Author: The sheathed sword
Latest: Chapter 96: Coincidental Meeting At The Airport
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Release that Man

Author: Dancing Water Sleeves
Latest: Chapter 82: Tactless Minions
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Titan Beneath the Heavens

Author: 新月
Latest: Chapter 255: Twenty-seventh Episode: Chapter 4-2
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The Card Apprentice

Author: Fang Xiang
Latest: Chapter 212: The Fantasy Card Advertisement (III)
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Doomsday Wonderland

Author: Beards And Tails
Latest: Chapter 374: You Look Poor
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Demon Hunter

Author: Misty South
Latest: Chapter 15.3 - Exploring the Dream
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Sundering Nature

Author: Teacher Clear River
Latest: Chapter 36 - Forged in Divine Fire
Intro: " />

An End Once And For All

Author: Hugstari
Latest: 1 Chapter 1
Intro: Sam and May end up in the zombie apocalypse

Era of Disaster

Author: Demon“s Realm
Latest: Chapter 272: Ending And Beginning
Intro: bat, of magic, of Eastern mythology and legends. Updated with awesome new content daily. Come join us for a relaxing read that will take you to brave new worlds! A paradise for readers!

The Evil is Inside

Author: joaoeffting
Latest: 2 2 - MOVING
Intro: ing. The end is near. The Evil smiles.


Author: Cui_Yifei
Latest: 1 Prelude to Darkness
Intro: Darkness falls. Mankind tries to survive the wasteland that was once society. The undead terrorize the living and one group must face the demons, internally and externally.

The Misery Of Humanity

Author: MirHassan
Latest: 2 Chapter 2: What's That Voice?
Intro: e a better place after whats' happened?Will Peter make the world a better place?

Input Log Dates

Author: SharpJester
Latest: 4 LogDate: 748 XX98
Intro: >System Restored>Memory Corrupted>Memory Erased>Ready For Input

The Lord is Empire

Author: 神天衣
Latest: Chapter 459 - Fate of the World
Intro: bat, of magic, of Eastern mythology and legends. Updated with awesome new content daily. Come join us for a relaxing read that will take you to brave new worlds! A paradise for readers!

The Sharehouse

Author: yeahstudio
Latest: 1 The sharehouse
Intro: This sharehouse is really creepy. A lot of accidents happen in this sharehouse.

Rainy Days of Summer

Author: LetterZ
Latest: 1 Goodbye, Summer.
Intro: Tag-ulan sa tag-araw. Haven't heard about that? Minsan kahit gaano kainit ang panahon o ang pakikisalamuha ng mga tao sa paligid natin, may mga araw pa rin na hindi natin maiwasang maranasan ang tag-ulan. Ang lamig at kalungkutan ng tag-ulan.Mga araw kung kailan naaalala natin ang masasakit at hindi magagandang alaalang pilit natin pinatutuyo sa init ng tag-araw. Ito ay maiksing kwento ng mahabang hagupit ng tag-ulan sa buhay nina Rain at Summer.

Into The Game

Author: yeahstudio
Latest: 2 Stage 2
Intro: A student likes game. Someday,She installed a strage game...She is confused. The game is really weird. Also, a lot of events happens to her....

The Imposter

Author: Neesay
Latest: 1
Intro: (This is a short story)A fifteen-year-old boy is about to go to sleep. His parents are out of town on a business trip, and to him and sister this is simply wonderful. Just as he’s about to close his eyes, he hears his sister’s scream and immediately goes into her room. His sister tells him that there's a scary monster under her bed, but when he looks under her bed all he sees is her little stuffed rabbit. Shortly after leaving her room the boy smells a horrid stench that resembles rotting meat and the boy decides to go towards the source of the smell. As he is one turn away from the source of the smell the boy starts to get scared and wonders if he’s in for the relaxful vacation he promised himself, or a terror filled thrillride. Either way, the answer is just right around the corner.

Terribly Stable

Author: Shaneghai
Latest: 1
Intro: A short story about one man's journey to find peace after an unknown event causes people to turn into flesh-eating monsters. Originally written as a short-story for my MA in writing.

Apocalypse havoc

Latest: 3 Start
Intro: e one of the most powerful people in the apocalypse but who would have thought that his death was not from getting eaten by monster or getting killed by mutant but he died of exhaustion, for someone like him who was known as the hunter machine to be dead from exhaustion was such a big joke that he died with such a strong regret. and thank to some kind of chain reaction he somehow activated his innate skill and get reincarnated into the time before the apocalypse started.


Author: yeahstudio
Latest: 2 Factory
Intro: In the future....Are we happy?

White Roses in Red

Author: Ayshell_C
Latest: 2 Blood and Roses
Intro: What started as a game will lead to a maze of disarrays and distraught.

The grey world

Author: Hamada5050
Latest: 1 1. Normal Day (Prologue)
Intro: We were sent into this world a world of gloom and sadness with its grey sky where the last hope of humanity is residing . In the last base of resistance and humans where the mutants are not that many due to them keeping to the starting point and their inability to fight back in the start of the space portal invasion and the disregard of the government to their lives and sending help what seemed to be a pug happened in the apocalyptic scenario and a blessing in disguise occurred so we were sent to this world either to restore it or die trying with new technology that is not on earth and Si-Fi system we start...and shall prevail.

The Man with Encourage system

Author: weihong98
Intro: In the current era, the world starts to evolve without humanity knowing, and human will be the lastest to evolve and with the higher failure. Let follow our main character who is mainly live his peaceful life, to fight for his survival and also to rise in power with Encourage system to fight for himself for in doomsday.

Want to be Famous?

Author: DaoistSilver

Requiem of Souls

Author: Gunhawk
Latest: 10 Chapter 10
Intro: plexity and beauty, I hope you are a fan of old myths, this story is filled with them)
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