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My Knowledge Of A Cultivator Is Completely Shattered

Author: TokyoAnime_Seven
Latest: 3 What is Cultivation??! Part 2
Intro: Damn Me Damn My Knowledge Damn My Entire Knowledge Of Cultivation. They are Now Good For Nothing. Even though the path of immortality was near me the entire time If only I hadnt set on a journey...................

CEO In A Musical Fantasy World

Author: imenload
Latest: 3 Heartless Judge Leo Petersburg Part2
Intro: Leo Petersburg, As a CEO of an extremely successful entertainment company, He has the skills and knowledge to successfully manage and deal with any aspect of the business. But one day, he finds himself sent to a fantasy world where the forms of entertainment were limited to very basic forms, in a fantasy world where to use any kind of magic you have to sing the corresponding spell in a song. ...

Dual Cultivate to become True God

Author: OsamuSan
Latest: 4 Dual Cultivation method and Shameless Master
Intro: Yue Wu You. Genius Crown Prince of Divine Moon Empire. Once loved by everyone, now number one criminal in the history of the Divine Moon Empire. Reason? He slaughtered his whole family.At least the people of empire think thats the truth.On the night of the blood moon, he lost everything. His heart - smashed into pieces.His cultivation - crippled. His family - dead. His reputation ...

Martail Harem

Author: Raka_Bye_Baby
Latest: 4 The Sword of Destruction and Creation
Intro: Lin Lang, a normal highschool badass, dies in a car accident and is transported to a new world.Follow Lin Lang go on his adventures gaining women for his harem and the respect/hate from men.Ill try to post frequently but im not a very good writer because i cant think of anything.Tags?: harem, martail arts, adventure, r-18?Im not...

Ember Blue

Author: SunnyScoundrel
Latest: 4 Hearts on Fire
Intro: Coryn is weak, awfully weak. His overly good and calm temperament impede his martial growth, and he will need strength to resolve the mysteries clouding his origins.But Gods seems to want to help him and our young hero make a fateful encounter...Come watch as the last Lamadras rise to proeminency !!

Heavens Assistant

Author: Aileus
Latest: 4 The Truth
Intro: The Heavens rejection of Earth - the seperation of Mortals and Immortals, the path to power destroyed.... This is the retaliation of the Heavens!

Martial Soverign

Author: swordsofapervert
Latest: 4 Uninvited Guest.
Intro: Feng was an average country beggar, as his parents were killed ruthlessly by bankers whilst they were heavily in debt. From there, Feng was forced to live in a primitive town where the strong killed the weak. Will Feng be able to survive this harsh world and reality?

The White Hair Man

Author: Danrosov
Latest: 3 White Dragon School
Intro: Zhao Long is 25 years old and always are boring with everything, what nothing keep his attention, so one day he decided to study medicine in another country, because he believed he must do something for the others. When it was an hour before arriving in the city the plane crashed, some people survived in that crash, but when he saw where he were, it was so far from the plane that he can’t catch up...

Princess Dark Bodyguard

Author: Hutchison_Writing5
Latest: 4 Party of the King
Intro: Alex is running from a dark past. But trying to hide in the same shadows you were once a king is dangerous. But old habits die hard, and this master of death has another challenge breathing down his neck. Can he protect the princess from his dark past or will he lose the one thing hes ever loved again.

Unlimited Evolution

Author: Lamnoa
Latest: 2 Unnamed
Intro: ","AgeGroup":-1,"IsExpect":0,"Type":2,"Status":50,"LanguageName":"en

The God Of Sex in Magic World

Author: WizardOFCreation
Latest: 4 no pain no gain 01
Intro: Tyler Clarkson, a renowned mercenary, gambler and thug, is a wanted man in each of the cities and empires he visited. Despite his explosive temper, he has a strict sense of honor among criminals, usually applied with the power of his magic that can intoxicate any woman, no matter if she is a queen, princess, high-level witch, Slave, all of them in the end, they end up in Tylers bed. In recent years...

Cultivating to Ascension

Author: IPreferLonerMc
Latest: 5 Teacher Isabella
Intro: Brian snatches a suitcase from a group of armed men only to end up dying. As Brian dies, follow him into the new world and his journey to ascension through cultivating and the many dangerous fights and explorations. From Pill concocting rare pills using rare herbs to Blacksmithing using all types irons to craft weapons to slay enemies.

The Emperer of Sword Saint

Author: xietie1
Latest: 5 the favored daughter
Intro: Freshman student Yang Dingtian possesses the Nine Yang Body, found only 1 in million. His Yang Fire is incomparably vigorous and thus, he cannot be near a females charms for his entire life. On the night of his 19th birthday, he decided to bid farewell to his virgin life. After stealing and tasting the forbidden fruit, he spontaneously combusted as the result!In death he crossed over to another...

Elemental God

Author: darkbolt
Latest: 2 Joining A School
Intro: In a realm of gods and demons, a child called Xuan Ming was sent to a lower realm after his parents fell, being betrayed by their close friends. Will he reach the peak, showing his full power, or stay unrefined, with is potentially hidden.

Best Story Ever

Author: yrghsdyhyds
Latest: 4 Breaking the Heavens

Best Story Ever2

Author: yrghsdyhyds
Latest: 4 Peerless Beauty

The Strongest Masterr

Author: pls_giv_succ
Latest: 4 Peerless Beauty

The Strongest Cultivator

Author: pls_giv_succ
Latest: 4 Breaking the Heavens

False Aisle

Author: Eiffel_Olympus
Intro: Marvis ‘Furlock’ Asharion was born as a healer class in a wrong family and a wrong kingdom. Asharion Family is known for being the best of ‘Warrior’ Class in the kingdom even the other kingdom feared the Noble named of Asharion. The Kingdome of Aserian where Marvis was born loathed and shunned the healer class for a reason. Marvis was abandon secretly but his grandparents took care and supported...

Dragon Ball Z : New Beginnings

Author: SleepyBearzxd
Latest: 5 Nothing really
Intro: A random guy died, natural causes, God was bored, and here we are.

Rise From The Shadows

Author: ReivenNoir
Latest: 5 Chapter 5 END
Intro: Modern-day recreation of Ancient gods, but in Canada. Goddess Taes has awoken from what was supposed to be an eternal slumber and is now on a mission to restore peace and order to our corrupt world. Ancient history class project :) Note: one of the events are real. Also, this is a "history-based" fantasy book, that just so happened to have a female lead. If I put female lead in the settings it...

Conquerer of Parallel Worlds SYSTEM

Author: RealityTwister
Latest: 5 the weapons fit for a.....king?
Intro: pain and suffering is nothing if that means i can have you back. Alex will try to Conquer Worlds. just to save her lover. armed with knowledge and System he will overcoming all the obstacles that stops him from reaching his goal. 1st world = Z Mutant Apocalypse type, 2nd world=? 3rd world=? 4th world=? 5th world=? 6th world=? This Novel is from a Pinoy

Universe Traveler

Author: Azure_93
Latest: 5 Blood Devil Physique or Night Moon Physique? P1
Intro: This novel is a remade work of my previous novel Universe system.

The God of Creation

Author: NarutoSSJG
Latest: 3 003 - Breaking
Intro: At the Beginning of Time, two creatures were born, their names were Creation and Destruction.===========================Michael, a Young man who has an Inferiority Complex, and awakened a "Trash" Power, according to his classmates ... He could only create Trash in the beginning.But what happened when he awakened and became the True God of Creation?Rich: I have millions of Gold Coins...

Genius Fifth Young Miss: Transmigration

Author: CharawithHATE
Latest: 6 Chapter Five
Intro: At only 25 years old, Si Yi Lei had it all. Had. She unexpectedly dies at the hands of her fiancee one day. Si Yi Lei thinks that this is it, and her life is over, but she finds herself waking up in the a different body, and different world. Turns out, this is the body of General Yus trash young miss, the fifth miss Yu Chen An. Known for being arrogant, rash and overbearing...

Imps Evolution

Author: TheFox
Latest: 5 Low Ranked Church Members Killing
Intro: This is a story about a 19 year old male human named Zero who gets reincarnated as a Imp in a world with magic, most humans dont like monsters but some like them. Zero has the same Instincts as monsters do even though he was once human. Main Characters Looks: Zero looks like a handsome human he has sliver hair, but has red Imp horns, Imp tail, and Imp wings. Warning: this novel will contain...

Overpowered life of a Drako Tamer

Author: Hutchison_Writing5
Latest: 6 Respec
Intro: In a world full of Monsters called Drako a young man named Elias has been chosen for a great destiny. One full of comedy, hardship, friends, and enemies. But he is not alone, with the help of his mentor, Jahrico Stormbrew, and his Drako hell overcome anything. And his greatest enemy of them all would be adapting to school life.

One Piece - The Rise of Uchiha Itachi

Author: GHON
Latest: 6 Reverse Mountain
Intro: Uchiha Itachi, a man who has experienced two lives and two deaths, he had lived as a human and also Edo Tensei. But he never thought that he would be revived a second time. Itachi initially thought he was revived through Edo Tensei. But He realized that he was still a human but Without Chakra. Fortunately he still has the Mangekyō Sharingan. Follow Itachis adventures in a world that is even worse...


Author: Kristen_Ashburn
Latest: 4 Chapter 4
Intro: Sequence of Dreams series, book 4- He was born of rape, a demon to his family. But what happens when his life suddenly changes forever?

The Lost Child

Author: Xxshadowxx
Latest: 3 update
Intro: Only doing this for fun. If to many negative comments will just drop if positive will continue
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