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My Path To Greatness

Author: Redem_ExoLuffy
Latest: 1 Awakening
Intro: Every big thing starts with something small. The path to greatness is never easy. I may be small now, almost non-existent but I will rise one day. With this system in my mind i will carve my own path to greatness. For my path will be mine alone. A grand and magnificent path.

Reality in a Game World

Author: WriterCVL
Latest: 3 The Cheats
Intro: e reality. Jie Jun agreed to 2 things, games are indeed fun, but when one lived in reality, it just became plain cruel.

Heaven-Defying Demonic Cultivator

Author: Dragonpen
Latest: 2 Shao Ling
Intro: e a ruthless demon.But nothing is free in this world, and the path to the Immortal World is paved with a million corpses.

King System

Author: Immortalreader
Latest: 2 Accessing
Intro: es earth trembles and the heavens kneel."

Honey Your Mom is now a System Goddess

Author: Bunny
Latest: 2 Being a Goddess is Surprisingly Expensive... and Painful
Intro: Anna wanted to give it all up and in fact was in the process of doing so when she is interrupted by a deity who needs a favor. With nothing to lose and the one person she's desired for the past decade within reach... why not. Using her managerial skills she's going to help the Hero of myth and legend save the world! Or maybe she'll just do it herself, depends on what day of the week the impending demon apocalypse ends on falling. So join Anna as she tries to manage a group of heroes who think they have this whole 'saving the world' thing figured out. Nope, mother knows best!

Cultivation System [Alpha] 01

Author: Seink
Latest: 1 A Brazilian Nerd lost in a Cultivation World
Intro: ments that will make me laugh XDFinally, I put mature age because I don't know how to rate this XD At this point, I'm not planning to write adult content but it may happen and I won't let my MC act like those jp anime protagonists if things escalate ;p, and another motive is that I can be quite crude in my language so its better for kids to stay away XD

Endless Universes - Phoenix Rebirth Path - The 4325th

Author: MasterRabbink
Latest: 5 Phoenix Rebirth Path
Intro: /book/10935403706210205Warning 2: To reincarnate, each reincarnation would receive his/her ending. There would be many main characters. Different gender, different species, and different life background.Warning 3: Standard webnovel's original chapter (1.000-1.500 words long). My main goal was to practice faster pace with this novel. I want to keep each reincarnation under 5 chapters if it was possible. My main novel was (2.500-3.500 words long sometimes 4.000+).Warning 4: This should be the 4th novel on my idea queue, but I publish this to celebrate the event. This is planned to advertise my main novel.Warning 5: This Path had a connection with Young Master Path.

Rebirth of the Heavenly General

Author: REMOK
Latest: 5 Disappointment
Intro: The Great General of the Heavenly Army is betrayed by the very person he swore an oath to serve until death betrayed him. Saving the Realm one last time, a thing of the past gives him a second chance at life and start everything anew.

Magician of Heavenly Dao

Author: DreamMonarchXakadz
Latest: 3 Firm Foundation Make the Building Strong
Intro: Xue Xin someone with great mind and unyielding will was a brilliant magician that can do something unprecended by casting magic spell level 8 with his limited mana.shackled by his talent to increase his mana Xue Xin start adventuring looking for a way to change his talentForbiden LandAncient RuinsAbandoned TempleRemains of Sect and Schoolhe adventuring those place till someday he found a treasure box the size of head that change his fate.

Transcending Heaven

Author: the_heretic
Latest: 1 The Final Reincarnation !
Intro: I was there at the very beginningand I shall be there at the endIn this domain I alone am perfectionFollow me and prosper Defy me and perishMy will is destiny My thought is eternityI am inexorable ,indomitable and invincibleFor I have transcended Heaven!

Agent Immortal

Author: ClownfishFighter
Latest: 2 Born Again!
Intro: e the life and death challenges of the cultivation world, earning their freedom by treading the road to immortality.

Chasing Destiny

Author: TheWeepingSaint
Latest: 1 A Whole New World To See
Intro: Tian, from one of a myriad of cultivation worlds, accidentally reincarnated into his twenty years old self and landed in a world unknown to him, Earth! Follow him as he overpowers all that cross him on Earth in order to find a way back home to his family and friends.

Heavenly Judgement

Author: TriggeredTurtle
Latest: 1 Prologue
Intro: " />

Blind Empress Rebirth

Author: HavingFun
Latest: 4 Nine-Layered Pagoda
Intro: Huan Meirong was blinded by love and took things for granted. Despite being smart and powerful, she was deceived by her most beloved person, her husband, the Emperor of Huang Empire with her most trusted friend.She was played by them from the start; all the love and laughs had been all false! How naive had she been!In the end, she was drugged and her heart was stabbed by the hands of her best friend as her husband watched with cold eyes; there was no love within them, she must have been truly blind to not have seen it in all the years she had been by his side.But the Heavens were benevolent and gave her a second opportunity.She was reborn in a different body, recovering her youthful looks but as she had told herself in her death many times, she was really blind and not in a figurative manner, her eyes couldn't see.

Second sun

Author: Sabertooth77
Latest: 4 Chapter-4 Tyrant Toddler
Intro: " />


Author: Cieli
Latest: 1 Seven Months in Hell
Intro: en. She's made it her mission to take over Aeon herself because mysteriously died before she could've in her past life. Whether she succeeds or not won't be decided by fate, but rather her own hands.


Author: Uncanny Night Visitor
Latest: Chapter 290: Ruler (2)
Intro: bat, of magic, of Eastern mythology and legends. Updated with awesome new content daily. Come join us for a relaxing read that will take you to brave new worlds! A paradise for readers!

The Elder Divine Sage's Reincarnaion

Author: CrazyBanana
Latest: 2 The Elder's Power!
Intro: Within the Endless Firmament contain countless Worlds of unimaginable strength. Each World consist of many Realms within.This is the story of the Jade Realm, where a Heavenly Deity, older than all others reincarnate to protect his Realm from utter destruction and annihilation.

Martial Flame

Author: Eternal_Crown
Latest: 2 Hard Time
Intro: On a fateful day,A boy around age 16,was sitting on a tree,it looked like a normal peaceful day but unexpectedly soon vast sky covered with flames and meteors fell one by one which he thought as his last vision but destiny made him survive and the next moment his life is changed.

Road to Immortality

Author: Chroniclemale
Latest: 5 Touring the school
Intro: in the edge of the universe after 10000 years.He vows revenge on the people who caused him to die and starts his journey anew. What challenges are awaiting him in his new journey?

He's Too Strong

Author: BlueLightToTheWest
Latest: 1 The Earth Tasted Good.
Intro: A boy named Alec ate the earth.He had no idea why he was so hungry, but then he also ate the moon.However, the truth was unlocked when a small worm came out of his belly and thanked him for the meals.For three hundred years, he burrowed through the earth and became known as the end of man! He ate people, he ate countries, and he even ate Antarctica! It was delicious even though it was cold, and perhaps only a few people were on the surface.Now, though, because of that worm he's leveled up to the Celestial rank, a very high rank! His current venture takes place in another world. Sure enough, he changed into that of a small boy, and will only eat people now if he's mad at them! Release rate: 1 a day.If author gets 100 votes, he'll add +1 chapter for the week.Thank you, and please enjoy Alec's insatiable appetite!

Road to Immortality

Author: gamergautham98
Latest: 2 Reborn
Intro: Alex a young cultivator unexpectedly gets the worlds strongest cultivation technique, but while getting it and escaping from his enemies he dies in a space storm. He awakes in the body of a baby of a small village in the edge of the universe after 10000 years.He vows revenge on the people who caused him to die and starts his journey anew. What challenges are awaiting him in his new journey?

Bamboo Pavilion

Author: peanutbutter
Intro: She who arrived from another world has her name spread throughout the continent for her unparalleled healing abilities and elixirs.She who is a renowned doctor lives a life of minimalism without unnecessary human interaction - and plans to keep to remain that way until the day of her death.But one day, destiny decides that it's time that the red string of fate should be connected her partner, pushing all her plans out the window.She, who had decided to live a life away from humans, will soon need to take center stage in this chaotic world alongside her destined one.

Soul God Thresh

Author: PotatoGodofTime
Latest: 1 Chapter is Dead :P
Intro: Who am I you might ask?...Am I the Keepers of Souls?...or am I the Demon Spirit of the Moon?...or am thee who seeks the Souls of the Sea?...or am the devour of Stars?...No...I am...the Gods of Potatoes(Souls/or/Dodo Birds)

Dao Fang

Author: Deviling
Latest: 4 Deal or No Deal
Intro: ments i get. Also I shall make the story as interesting as possible. Cultivation realms: body refining, spirit tempering, soul formation, soul fusion.....Since I will be focusing more upon my other book, I will try to update this as well.

Death God System

Author: Kajack
Latest: 9 Village
Intro: On an unknown land... with no one noticing it... the force of death is growing...

Life as I wanted

Author: Neon
Latest: 2
Intro: Still on it

The Heaven's Peak

Author: Desolate_days
Latest: 3 The Way of the Dao Lies in the Heart
Intro: a single step may begin a journey of a thousand miles yet the very step may be a vast journey in itselfUnder the heavens I walk alone invincible unfettered from one horizon to anotherthe true path of a great hero!All that I can gaze upon is the windatop a great mountain peak bidding me ever onward to the true zenith

The Origin Star

Author: Solaratoz
Latest: 2 Chapter 1: The Boy and the Stone
Intro: e to shake the nine heavens.

Immoral being

Author: stupid_villain
Latest: 4 Rattling people up
Intro: moners and kings! merchants and nobles!Now, after witnessing so much, what kind of life will he pursue?what will he do?
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