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Rise Of The Element Emperor

Author: demi
Latest: 5 The Schedule
Intro: es the strongest godUpdates 2-3 per week

Defying Heavens

Author: PenginjakLangit
Latest: 28 Beast Satan (Realm Commander) Early Stage
Intro: mand I will turn the prosperous kingdom into a sea of ??blood.With tears I will change the dimensions of the gods into galaxy dust.His wish is absolute !!Genius? The emperor of the heavens? Dear God?I will trample them, enjoy every scream of their pain and look down on them from the top of the pyramid of power!Update Tuesday, Thursday and SaturdayHour?? RANDOM

Immoral Immortal

Author: ABigBear
Latest: 3 The true Emperor and Empress
Intro: Ever since his death caused by an overdose on a new street drug, Qing Yi had gained a new power: reincarnation."THIS IS MY CHANCE! I SHALL BE THE MOST BENEVOLENT IMMORTAL"*betrayed by wife*"HMPH! THIS TIME I WON'T BE FOOLED BY SCHEMES, I SHALL REIGN THE WORLD AND BRING PEACE TO ALL CULTIVATORS."*back stabbed by brother*"THIS TIME..."*stepped on by a young master*"THIS...""FUUAURRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!".Repeatedly being betrayed and killed over his countless reincarnations, Qing Yi decides to tread the path of... shamelessness.Follow Qing Yi's journey with his knowledge of countless lifetimes, and heaven shaking shamelessness."This time... ehehe... EHEHE... EHEHEHEHAHAHAHUAHUAHUA."

Immortal doctor

Latest: 1 The trigram shaped universe
Intro: The story of the immortal doctor and his journey through the universe.

The Adventures of the Young Master

Author: BMClouds_
Latest: 8 Please.. Just Call Me Jin!
Intro: Jin Rou, the youngest Celestial King, was being restricted to go outside by his father for some reasons. Thus, Jin Rou was fed up. And so, he made his 'Grand Plan' of running away.

The Beast of Infermity

Author: infermite
Latest: 6 Terrifying Presence
Intro: In a dim and dreary night, in one inconspicuous cave, lay an ancient and desolate transparent flame, flickering crimson through the night.This small and innocent flame lazed there, seemingly devoid of life and the essence of 'being'.Just behind it stood an upright simple looking man, staring at this flame, flashing with madness, He muttered dryly in a haggard voice"Beast!"

Heavenly Emperor: The Problem Child

Author: DaShen
Latest: 4 Little Treasure
Intro: es the destruction of an entire world! Watch as he shamelessly deceives his doting father, and causes ruin alongside glory to the entire 72 cosmos.


Author: BlueLightToTheWest
Latest: 5 Author's Note
Intro: Lie Wei Ying is a seventeen year old demon slayer with the overpowered system. If someone told him he'd be one when he was a prince, he would of slapped them and thrown them in a dumpster.However, life didn't give him just lemons, his family was killed in front of him, and as a five year old he had to get job after job. Eventually he found out the system was inside of him.It's an extremely powerful system and it rivaled the universe in its might... With it he can craft, accelerate, phase through objects, and even stop freeze those beneath his power level...

Heaven's Will

Author: LasPendragon
Latest: 1 A Morning in the Dream Gathering Sect
Intro: plex puzzles no one would be able to think of. In the end, instead of heavenly treasures or secret techniques, what they found was a boy.Who is this boy? What is his background? Why was he in the secret realm? Above all, did the three disciples really find him through coincidences? Or was it all through Heaven's Will?

Endless Universes - The 1368th - Young Master Path

Author: MasterRabbink
Latest: 13 Secret Investigation
Intro: /en/users/kellepics-4893063/Tag: Weak to Strong, Slow Story, Time Skip, Male Main Character, Harem?, System?, Kingdom Building?, Game Element.

Endless Universes - The 1368th Young Master Path

Author: MasterRabbink
Latest: 10 Young Master Meet Money Grubber
Intro: /en/users/kellepics-4893063/Tag: Weak to Strong, Slow Story, Time Skip, Male Main Character, Harem?, System?, Kingdom Building?, Game Element.

Demonic Elemental King

Author: sri5597
Latest: 1 Chapter 00: Prologue
Intro: prehension of elements....Equipped with an A.I. he created....And with some memories that don't belong to him...Meet Horacio Longtian, on his journey through different planes and realms and the Tower of Immortals and Demons...

The Conquerors

Author: TheOGDuanChen
Latest: 2 New Life
Intro: Monstrosities born together, their existence a sin to the world, how do they survive this cruel world. Promises needed to be fulfilled. Hi all this is my first ever novel and the idea is something I've been brooding over for a long time so please be patient with me and I hope I can give you a novel to laugh, cringe and most of all enjoyThanks for criticism in advance

Endless Universes - The 1368th

Author: MasterRabbink
Latest: 1 A Disaster
Intro: /en/users/kellepics-4893063/Tag: Weak to Strong, Slow Story, Time Skip, Male Main Character, Harem?, System?, Kingdom Building?, Game Element

Divine Emperor of Death

Author: Stardust_Breaker
Latest: 7 Surprise
Intro: Tian Long, a 20 year old man, manages to obtain a Death Note and used it to kill his only enemy. He has no attachments regarding Earth. He has no grand sense of justice, he just follows his heart and does whatever he thinks is right. Follow his adventures as he journeys into the Cultivation World. P.S. I know, I don't know how to write a damn Synopsis, by the way, English isn't my main language.


Author: BlueLightToTheWest
Latest: 1 Arrest Him! (Part 1)
Intro: " />

Endless Universes - The 1368th Young Master Destiny Path

Author: MasterRabbink
Latest: 10 Young Master Meet Money Grubber
Intro: /en/users/kellepics-4893063/Tag: Weak to Strong, Slow Story, Time Skip, Male Main Character, Harem?, System?, Kingdom Building?, Game Element

The Overpowered System V2

Author: BlueLightToTheWest
Latest: 3 The Annestic Continent (Part 3)
Intro: " />

The Overpowered System

Author: BlueLightToTheWest
Latest: 1 the Annestic Continent (Part 1)
Intro: " />

The Fastest System

Author: Transcendent
Latest: 1 Life is fleeting
Intro: Are you interested to waste time to read this "novel" with an unreasonable story and main character? Well, if you have time you can try.

Apparent Struggles

Author: fyrokai
Latest: 2 02 A Cosplayer?
Intro: Raul Evergreen finds himself in an unordinary world where magic and fantasy creatures exist. A world where demon and human continually fighting each other for peace. As for our innocent and na?ve protagonist? King? The greatest warrior? Just hope he doesn’t find himself 7 meters deep in the ground.

The True Yin and Yang Bracelets

Author: TheRealSwordSaint
Latest: 3 Chapter 3
Intro: Having lost his parents soon after his death, a little kid in china received the name Eragon from his new guardian. Despite being born with a god given handsome face, Eragon was not allowed to even go near a girl. In fact he wasn't even allowed to step outside the house. Being home schooled by his guardian, Eragon wasn't even allowed to go to a school. Eragon was never given any explanation, but was told that it would all make sense one day. And finally it was that day.Follow Eragon who with a white bracelet on his hand entered the path of cultivation in the modern world, before continuing it in the true world of cultivation!Warning!I won't maintain a standard release rate!But, I'll try to release at least 3 chapters every week!

The Heaven Defying System

Author: SerVigor
Latest: Knowledge (Cultivation Levels, Currency, ETC)
Intro: Aptitude? Talent?, Who needs that when you've got a System that defies the Heavens?Don't underestimate Long Yu for he is destined to create the unprecedented, Humans, Beats, Demons & Ancient Gods they're all just a stepping stone for Long Yu one who is chosen by the System.

The Divine Bowman

Author: haydendark
Latest: 1 Awakening his path
Intro: Luke, a soldier in the second world war accidentally unlocks one of the secret limits of the human body and is recognized by the heavens for such a feat. He is then sent into a realm of cultivation and martial arts by the heavens.His purpose being sent there is currently unknownWatch as he uses one of his insane abilities which is the power of time-stopping and his outstanding marksmanship. Destroying his enemies verbally and physically, witness his tenacity and his ability to slap faces.Is this all his abilities? Read on to find out.

I am a Book

Latest: 3 Pitiful Hydra's Struggle
Intro: ARGUS; THE DEMON WHO SEES EVERYTHING.Is a man posessing everything in an era of space civilization is betrayed and killed.Possessing the body of a demonic book with a hydra sealed in it he reincarnates in a world of cultivators.With his superior knowledge and abilities he explores the world,unraveling its mysteries.,killing all who oppose him and engraving his name in the annals of history!!!

Rebirth: Cold Seventh Prince

Author: skylarrose98
Latest: 1 Rebirth
Intro: Long Yun was a normal man who lived his life peacefully as a gardener. He married, had children, lived to see his grandchildren, then quietly passed away. However, after his death, he woke up realizing he was being born again with his memories intact. This new fantastical world of martial arts and the dao where the strong rule the weak. Follow as he adjusts to this new violent life after a lifetime of peace.

Through Unknowns

Author: XiaoMai
Latest: 1 Chapter 1: Travelled
Intro: A journey can't stop with just few worlds. In a never ending and countless worlds, there are always new experiences and knowledge. A girl was killed in Earth and transmigrated in a place which is protected by a powerful barrier. Discovered the unknown which she obtained great things. An A.I and a loyal retainer, they will unravel all of the mysteries as they journey through unknowns.

Smooth Sailing

Author: SauceMaster64
Latest: 1 Engagement
Intro: Chang Mingyu, the son of the clan master of the Chang Clan, always had a slow cultivation rate. He was way behind his peers.

I Will Create A System

Author: Pretta
Latest: 1 Prelude
Intro: " />

The 7th Deadly Monarch

Author: AMLightNovels
Latest: 5 *Chapter name at the bottom*
Intro: ing The 7th deadly Monarch!!!!
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