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The Perfect Specimen

Author: Kinoro
Latest: 1 Awakened
Intro: mon and everything is evolving to acclimate with radiation, our Main Character has a special trait about him that helps him acclimate and evolve with the harsh conditions as well. But where will that lead him, and will that be enough?Take a look into my mind for what I like to consider "The Perfect Specimen"------------------------------------------------It's my first novel and I am writing here to just get some feedback. Please don't hold back and give me everything you got. I'll take mindless rants and very constructive good criticism. I just appreciate the fact that you took the time to read and review if you did!

Deadly Sinner: Reaching the peak

Author: DabanCrow
Latest: 1 Fallen
Intro: Traversing through a worlds unknown. He arches for the peak of not a mountain but existence itself, for he is the owner and ruler of all sin itself. Watch as he steals the strength of his enemies and decimates all who oppose him.-----------------------------------------------------------------This is a little work that i did in my free time a few years back. If you like what i have i will go back to re-write it and add plenty of chapters at my own pace.

Journey to the stars

Author: Dreamer_Daoist
Latest: 1 The Land of Stars
Intro: ing unrivaled in the universe.Fire the reason for birth and death of all living things yet abandoned as weak for cultivationA boy chooses fire and decides to be a god of fire or die on fire

Split Minds and Torn Hearts

Author: FallingFromSanity
Latest: 8 VIII~Labyrinth~
Intro: e frightened by what lurks in the dark. You see, the things your parents said weren't real are very much real and there are many more than you can imagine.

Greatest me playing God

Author: Fatty_John
Intro: plete the plot of my own unfinished story and also find out the bigger plot of the World God of Tripura(other world)Because I only wrote the begining and I don't know the ending myself , I am restricted by World God of Earth Prithvi to change the plot which I had already thought of. Find out how I cope with the restriction and why I have it.And the BIGGEST MYSTERY which I would unveil.Tags : Mystery, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Taking over, Overpowered.I am writing it selfishly and my english is just so-so, y'all have to keep a shut eye

[Eros] Swayamvar: Tamer Chronicles

Author: YesorNo
Latest: 13 Announcement
Intro: bat.This is my story.


Author: PluckedDragon
Latest: 2 (2)
Intro: On the search to find a dragon which is hiding inside in order to take revenge i must find a dragon which is hiding inside in order to remain supreme i must find a dragon which is hiding inside

Mirror Split

Author: MoonSwallowing_Dog
Latest: War
Intro: "We have waited long enough! We Devils have been banished in this forsaken place by the gods for a 60 thousand years! Now the gods have weakened they sealed themselves in there realm. An opportunity has opened for us we shall take are land back. FOR THE GLORY OF DORGAMA!"

Greatest me

Author: Fatty_John
Intro: Author (me) gets reincarnated nto an otherworld (created by me) with a system that makes me op, but guess what, I am not the only one..How do I know ? Cause I wrote it . Now that I am living within my unfinished novel let me finish it from the inside...NOTICE : THIS STORY IS UNFINISHED SO LETS FINISH IT. HELP ME WITH YOUR IDEAS AS WE LIVE THROUGH THIS STORY. I am writing it selfishly and my english is just so-so, y'all have to keep a shut eye

Tests of Samsara

Author: Sleepingpen
Latest: 1 Single-Player Lives
Intro: Samsara is a gamer that has fully immersed himself in the VR world time and time again. However, the newest game from Dreamware Dynasty may be more than he expected.

Death's Returnee

Author: tepo17
Latest: 1 Ah, the sweet scent of blood in the morning~
Intro: Born once again in the body of a Wolf our star enjoys the sweet life of living the wild life, you know... eating off the ground (most of it has gone way past its expiration date... poor stomach)... and the best of all: fleas. :D

Zen End

Author: not_the_Auther
Latest: 1 # Catching the First Principle
Intro: zen.


Author: kopiu
Latest: 1 First Time
Intro: OP mc

The Cliche System

Author: Upsidedownfan
Latest: 2 (2)
Intro: I honestly doubt this novel will get anywhere. But I'm mostly doing this for fun. Though, I hope it doesn't turn out like the supreme anime system or whatever the hell it's called. That story is a pile of garbage wow. Don't get your hopes up too high.

I will Kill the Hero With Fluff

Author: SukkerroeAya
Latest: 1 Prologue
Intro: Three years after the hero had been summoned, demonkind is at the brink of extinction. Talia, one of the last generals serving under the rule of the great king Karion, is sent out to kill humanity’s only hope for winning the battle. She is helped by the magic of the great lich Sarato, who transforms her into the being the hero feels ‘most secure and happy to be with’. Little did they know this didn’t mean she would turn into a beautiful girl.? ? ? ? ?————- Tags ————-??Comedy, Anti-Hero, Rebirth, Non-Human Protagonist, Fantasy [...]? ? ?————- Special thanks to: ————-?? ? NinjaCya321 for helping me put a little more color in this. Check out his novel!

Wish To Get Weaker

Author: SlimeBait
Latest: 1 Chapter 1: Going To Be Weak Soon
Intro: e weaker.

VRMMORPG: Eternal Race Survival Wars

Author: ZeroNemeziz
Latest: 4 Completing Tree Eating Termite Extermination Quest
Intro: , Astroia.Mankind No Longer Created Things Needed, Gas, Coal, or Whatever that created Pollution and Created Machines that Need Energy or Electricity.Soon, Mankind sooner or later perfected Virtual Reality Games, and Created Something Astonishing.This VRMMORPG Game is more real than it ever can be.Let Us See Our Protagonist Adventure Into This Game and Live His Life On Astoria.(This My First Novel To Be Publish, I Got Others But I Can Tell That I Am Unable To Continue Them In Any Way. Oh and I am just Writing out of Boredom and Fun)

The Warfare Of Races

Author: Seion
Latest: 24 Chapter 024 : The Confession Within The Dreams
Intro: In a world with magic and swords excels and many different races lives, for million years Ruler after Ruler they kept raising wars between them. After many sacrifices, betrayals, disputes, 6 rulers stand at them top of each race creating a peace-treaty relationship thus forming the united flag of the races (U.F.R) that represent's them along with a dark sun in the middle of them that represent's the dark history of them. Due to creating such a treaty they had to find a way so that no one will repeat the past mistakes. They created a tournament which every six years all races participate in a match that determine their ranks from 1 to 6 and their proper treatment and access to resources. Now having passed thousands years the human race have lost countless times and always ranked last having nothing left from resources they are forced to perform a summoning of six individuals from other worlds to help them stand again. After many tries, many rulers they finally succeed in summoning but instead of six people nine appears.

The Sage and the System of Magic

Author: Hitomeyu
Latest: 2 The Magic Systems
Intro: e strong in the lowest form of magic system, he finds great animosities along the way.

Frozen at Castle Everest

Author: NitrogenousBeing
Latest: 5 Collar
Intro: Lord Malory dedicated his life to uniting the continent of Auster, and he succeeded too. However, before he could stabilize his country and groom a worthy successor, he was betrayed by his sworn brother. Events after death take a turn for the weird. He reincarnates in the helpless body of a beggar child. Follow the reincarnation of Lord Malory as he gains a fresh perspective on all the crucial details he missed while uniting the continent.

Avatar The Otherworldly Legend

Author: DreamMonarchXakadz
Latest: 7 Make a Decision Carefully
Intro: e.I exterminate them and throw their remains to where they belong. but when I exterminate the king of the beast. I can only use my life to trade with the life of the King of The Beast and bring peace back to four nation.

The Clairvoyant

Author: PaulWrites
Latest: 1 Prologue
Intro: James, a teenager, lives in an ordinary town called Vensi.He is a reserved and an introvert boy who finds people fake and repulsive. He avoids interactions and finds solace in solitude.But one day, his life flips upside down as he finds why he is different from others. Follow James along as he explores his conscience and discovers his unusual abilities.

The Hack System

Author: L1_a
Latest: 5 Becomin An Archer And A Wizard
Intro: a and when he wakes up he has a hack system that can hack anything.Release rate unknown but will do bonus chapter.

Trolling the way

Author: 2someawsome
Latest: 3 Chapter 3
Intro: Meet Jerry 'the fixer'. A fire mage who is searching for a solution to the mess he is in. He gets involved into something big which also gives him a chance to find answers he has been looking for. An urban fantasy tale in a setting similar to earth. This is not a fan fiction but the idea of the world is a little inspired by The Dresden Files

Assassin's King second chance

Author: SpeshelWolf
Latest: 1 Prolouge
Intro: e and see what will he end up doing.


Author: totallynotashill
Intro: pany QIDIEN saved himpraise QIDIEN

Soul Caged Necromancer

Author: TerribleTom
Latest: 4 Becoming A Necromancer
Intro: ing from his mind replied " I'm you now, and you are me."Before we start with Brads life we must talk about how the world was before, where people lived and did as they saw fit. You could say it was a golden age, there was no death, no wants and everyone could live in peace. But then, there was a war.... no, not a war. Wars have winners or losers, but this was a fight for the very right to exist and it was death without end.

Union of Wealth

Author: Wishful_Dreams
Latest: 1 Prologue/Introdcution
Intro: e a traveling merchant. Mages who master the arcane craft, noble knights who strengthen themselves beyond the human limit, beastly animals that rule the wild, demon from the abyss, angels from the heaven, how will a youth, with ordinary capability, rule them all?Author's though: To be honest, I don't even know what the story is about, this is just something I'm writing for enjoyment. The story is pretty carefree, huh, hopefully, those who are reading are enjoying it as much as I am writing it. If you got nothing to do, I suppose this could be something for your day. *IMPORTANT* This story might be for the mature audiences, despite having it be under the general audiences category. So, just a warning for those who does not have any experience with MATURE scenes or RATED R scenes.

Wholly Undead

Author: Voidmirage
Latest: 5 Hello Me. It's Me again
Intro: e a slave to their ambitions.

Take Two System

Author: John_Doever
Latest: 4 Take 4: The Elf
Intro: Kang Min is working to make it big in the entertainment industry as an actor. He's willing to do anything - including cheating and lying - to get to the top, but his ambitions get crushed quite literally by karma. As is tradition, a speeding truck pastes him, and he's forced into a deal with a goddess in the afterlife: if he can level up in the Take Two System, a system for helping people fulfill their dying regrets, then he can have his life back. But can Kang Min actually help people instead of tearing them down?
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