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Return of the Soldier King

Author: 卷发即正义
Latest: Chapter 199 Watch My Performance
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The world turned into a game after I woke up

Author: basso77
Latest: 155 Chapter 154: First? Part I
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Versatile Mage

Author: Chaos
Latest: Chapter 253 - Strengthening the Star
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Defiant Martial God

Author: 鹏成万里
Latest: Chapter 47: Killing three in one battle
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Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable

Author: Wǔ Huā Niú
Latest: Chapter 199 – Events From A Long Time Ago
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Princess Agents

Author: Xiaoxiang
Latest: Chapter 292
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Spare Me Great Lord

Author: The Speaking Pork Trotte
Latest: Chapter 318: 323、The Ascetic (Part 1)
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108 Maidens of Destiny

Author: Shes Cold As Ice
Latest: Chapter 24: This Last Bullet Is For You
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One hundred and eight Maidens of Destiny

Author: Shes Cold As Ice
Latest: Chapter 356: Wind Does Not Come From An Empty Cave Without Reason
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Trafford is Trading Club

Author: White Jade Of Sunset Mountain
Latest: Chapter 456: An Unknown Evolution
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Kingdom is Bloodline

Author: Masterless Sword
Latest: 258 Checkmate
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The Sword and The Shadow

Author: Hometown Moon
Latest: Chapter 6 - Becoming a Mercenary
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Legend of Legends

Author: Dawon
Latest: Chapter 267: Defeat 2
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Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Author: Chinese
Latest: Chapter 311 The Creepy Medicine Shop 1
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Seven Killers

Author: Gu Long
Latest: Chapter 8 - Heavens net is wide meshed, nothing escapes it
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This MC Is Kickass

Author: Early Cloud
Latest: Chapter 325: Meeting Lonely Moon Once Again (1)
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Omniscient Reader is Viewpoint

Author: Sing-Shong
Latest: Episode 15 - A Kingless World (1)
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The City of Terror

Author: Daoist Fierce Tiger
Latest: Chapter 201 - Big Machete! Executioner!
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The Legend of Futian

Author: Jing Wu Hen
Latest: 434 Pleasure-Seeking?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master

Author: Zhang Muzhi
Latest: Chapter 322: Ning Haotian Would Complete His Seclusion
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The Empress is Gigolo

Author: Xiu Lijian
Latest: 294 Anger
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An Assassins Vengeance

Author: Itz_Minh
Latest: 2 Felmin Village, To Be Cared For
Intro: e a killer ever since he was a kid, Sylus is now betrayed by those who he cared for. Barely escaping from the Elysian Forces by the skin of his teeth, Sylus now plans to exact his vengeance on the place he used to call home.This is my first time writing a novel so please criticize as much as possible. I know the beginning of this wont be the greatest but i'm hoping future chapters will be a lot better

Among Gods & Mortals <shelved>

Author: FakeFriend
Latest: 1 Kyi
Intro: For now this has been paused as I don't think my current writing skill is good enough to pull off what I want.There will always be a thirst for more among humans. The idea of over powering fellow mortals to the point of invincibility is a thirst quenching ideal. Power determines desire. Desire determines the future. Future determines death.Earth has always been considered the plane of the highest realm, a goal for everyone to reach, but we haven't been further from the truth. Iris (eye-ris) Messenger of the ancient Greek gods foretold of the time where humanity will find out the truth that the map of the universe and its many planes are to be revealed, leading to a thirst for expansion from power hungry individuals.Some seek out the route of cultivation to improve and find out for themselves the route to power. Others determine that advancements in technology best that of the primitive ways. But humanity agrees that advancement at all costs is a must.Watch as our protagonist Kyi goes from a nobody in the back streets of a village to one of the leading figures of Earth in this novel set in ancient times where god's of earth are weak to the planes that threaten our very existence and Kyi breaks barrier after barrier through tribulations, growing he's faction and ushering earth in to a new chapter.

A Masters Ambition

Author: ZaxLee
Latest: 1 The Man At The Peak (1)
Intro: From a young age, Yun Bai knew he lived in a world where the strong ate the weak, where on rises against heaven from the lowest of depths with all practitioners aiming to stand at the peak. Through turmoil and strife, Yun Bai successfully reached the peak, but at what cost? Family and friends were none to be seen, as he realized the lone path he walked. After pondering for so long he soon decided to leave his legacy behind, to imprint his mark on the world.Sadly, plotted against various factions led him to the brink of death. With a final breath, he detonated his cultivation and regretted his last wish was not meant to be. Apparently, it seemed like God existed as he was reincarnated into a new world different from the thousands of years he lived through. Join Yun Bai as he traverses the new world and makes the most of his second chance.

The Whisper of the Nightingale

Author: RedPost
Latest: 21 Rumors and Consequences
Intro: mand, be her only legacies!? However, to her surprise, the darkness faded once more and she found herself reborn in a world of magic and martial arts. Perhaps this time around she would create a better legend for herself?

empereur tribal

Author: Anthony69170
Latest: 2 chapitre 2
Intro: I will seek the truth about our creation and even if the gods block my way I will pursue the freedom of my people


Author: ArgentineSobereign
Latest: 1 Foreword (chapter 0)
Intro: This story is one created by me (a test ... I do not have much hope, since this is the first time I write ... I'm also Argentine so I do not know if it's written wrong somewhere) has a " inspiration "of re: monster, this is based on the survival and evolution of the mc to achieve supremacy

God of Consumption

Author: ImortalofSpagettie
Latest: 1 Prepareing For the Ceremony
Intro: Lee lives in a world where everyone has powers. At the age of fifteen everyone graduates and learns their power. After learning his own power Lee crashes his vehicle, dying, and taking his power to a new world with him!

The Ultimate System

Author: Murderer
Intro: ments as to what you guys want to happen.I'll update 2-3 times a week. 4 if I feel like it.

God of Consumption

Author: ImortalofSpagetti
Latest: 1 Prologue: Prepareing For the Ceremony
Intro: Lee lives in a world where everyone has powers. At the age of sixteen everyone graduates and gains their power. After gaining his power, Lee crashes his vehicle, dies, and takes his power to a new world with him!
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