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The Baaghi

Author: plutosangel
Latest: 2 In The Darkness
Intro: An orphan boys usually dull existence takes a strange turn after a series of bizzare events.

Heimarian Odyssey

Author: I Love Beans
Latest: Chapter 52 Massacre
Intro: Locke is a middling officer in the Kingdom of Faustian’s army. He happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, or the right place at the right time, depending on your perspective, and happens to save the kingdom’s princess. As fortune would have it, love prospers, but in a world of peasantry and nobility, a middling, peasant-born soldier has no right to love a princess. Locke is nothing if not...

The Pain of Death

Author: AoiTiet
Latest: 4 Chapter 4
Intro: This is the a story about a suicidal man who just couldn’t kill himself on his own. But after being stabbed and killed, he goes through various painful reincarnations, and how he slowly loses himself to the pain of those reincarnations.

The Monster Inside of me

Author: KalistaG
Latest: 4 Chapter Three
Intro: Book one of the monsters inside of me series!--------------------People always tell me that Im a hard person to deal with, they think Im batshit crazy. So what happens when I become a detective? everyone believed I was insane, and they knew I loved playing games with everyone, and then all of a sudden the monster inside of me wanted to come out, and people started to wonder if my games were...

Collection of Horror Tales

Author: l_ovecraft
Latest: 37 Childhood Memories pt.3
Intro: Each chapter is independent, but each Volume has its own tale. The first Tale is about a Daemon, hungry for souls and a soul that struggles against him.-Release rate: With the end of Volume 3, I will take a leave from Webnovel again, till I have a good idea for a new Volume. Thanks for your understanding.- new Cover made by: yaoyueyi (Thank you ^^)

Horror Story 1

Author: GrimarysRsoe
Latest: 5 Midnigh
Intro: Psychological Horror of a family that goes insane.

The Night When Everithyng Changed

Author: Levi400
Latest: 5 Why?...
Intro: How would it be waking up, listening to noises in the kitchen and finding Jeff the Killer in your house?

The Soul Ferryman

Author: Sally_1995
Latest: 5 Secret 2
Intro: These series of story is adapted from a Chinese online TV drama named the soul ferry man season 1. This drama is very popular as a rating of 8.3/10 in Douban. the copyright belongs to iqiyi.However,this drama is not available in YouTube and it dose not have English subtile in other websites. Therefore,i will rewrite the story in literal style. The leading characters are Zhao Li,Xia dong qing...

A long way down

Author: BigHTRecords
Latest: 4 Chloes house

Cruor: The Feast

Author: D_Renee
Latest: 5 Dead Mans Coa
Intro: Cruor: Coagulated blood, the part that forms a clot on a wound. A mysterious box washes up on the shore of Gaudium after a a steamship crashes off the coast leaving behind only its cargo and secrets. Ruby, picks it up, thinking to sell it for a pretty penny but the box, or rather whats in it, has other plans. As the box makes its way into the city, something strange starts to seep...

A Peaceful Ending

Author: AgeOfRevolution
Latest: 1 A Mathematical Study
Intro: There is never a peaceful ending to a story, instead, just a magnificent catastrophe.

Tokens of Sleep

Author: AMcCormick
Latest: 1
Intro: Our dreams belong to us… dont they? Devon can bring back objects she finds in her dreams, but shortly after she finds an unusual coin on one of her nightly excursions, becomes convinced that something sinister has followed her from the realm of sleep. Something that might be responsible for her husbands death and the strange noises she hears in the night. Desperate for answers, she seeks advice from...

Alive n Zombie

Author: EiKing
Latest: 1 They Arrive
Intro: A Log following some of the survivors in the after life.

A Fallen World Is A Wonder

Author: annyeongmelolppp
Latest: 1 All Hope is los
Intro: A horror book about the life of a boy named oh yoongi and how this book ends you decide

Verge Of Extinction

Author: Aalis
Latest: 1 Death to all but one
Intro: Oddly enough when the world turned into a battle for survival she still managed to live her life quite happily making new friends along the way and killing old ones.

The Pebble Fall Theme Park

Author: Keertiga
Intro: "The scream squeaked through by scorched throat. It was a hysterical scream. I witnessed the stars watching from the heavens. Its horrid face looming over mine. Salty tears clouded my eyes. My vision clouded, the world and my Gustin faded away. Blackness."


Author: lolagoldendiva
Latest: 1 Chapter 1 Jack or James?

Her name is Angel but she is a Devil

Author: sharylady
Latest: 1 First date
Intro: Its about a girl named Angel. She looks innocent, kind and caring and yet, theres something that she is hiding from everyone. What could it be?


Author: alexmason
Intro: Hello! To all! Im going to introduce myself, my name is hajime motaro. I am an involuntary participant in the game of death and I am about to die. It is very likely that more than a million people will see my death live and directly, but before that happens. Let me tell you how it ends like this.

Demography and the male versus female power balance

Author: Mat33
Latest: 1 .
Intro: Demography and the male versus female power balance


Author: KeshaDEly
Latest: 1 Episode 1: An Introduction Cold Open
Intro: The son of a renowned geneticists finds himself involved with something beyond his control.

The Wittness

Author: lawliet6230
Latest: 1
Intro: Our glorious kingdom, this cursed world we live in, a great darkness has befallen them. It spreads all over. Consuming us in the process. It feeds on our insight causing more darkness to spread.


Author: MeiMinMin
Latest: 1
Intro: "For everytime I closed my eyes, all I see is darkness. I always feel like Im dying whenever I fall asleep. This is how I got my nightmare."

Truth ~The revenge of a man~

Author: Namie0928
Latest: 51 Chapter 51
Intro: Tanaka Taishi is studying in Fukui high school. His friend Masuda Michio was got bullied and got killed when they are in middle school. After one year Michio died his big brother Mitsuo died in a accident. Someone is seeking a revenge on the person who killed Michio. One day, one person got killed. Ishikawa Takumi and Kato Haruki is holding that case.


Author: bhavana_vutla
Latest: 1 !!!
Intro: Prologue:"Have you ever experienced something strange in your life like the one Ihad?",asked Hailey....Hailey,a calm and simple girl ,basically an introvert was seriously hit by adream, which is not the sort of one we experience everyday.The dream hasmade her feel tensed, worried and helpless at some point of time.The dream created a huge impact and has brought about many changes...

Brother May I

Author: Sulenen
Latest: 1 The Arrival
Intro: When Thomas was a child, his brother died in what people believed to be a tragic accident. Now an old man with a grandchild of his own, what happened all of those years ago is coming back to haunt him. When he gives his grandson a toy belonging to his deceased brother, he unintentionally opens a doorway for his brother to exact his revenge.

Blood Count

Author: ParisOsting14
Latest: 6 Its Love

Nyghtmare Ascension

Author: NitroGoblin
Latest: 50 The Final Conflic
Intro: A civilization controlled through the Templar order, where many species coexist. However, some have less privileges then others. One will rise from the rest, but their intent lay unknown. What path with this Nyghtmare pave, and what will follow?

Russian Fairytales

Author: Coriander
Latest: 6 The Dead Mother
Intro: In the Land of Mother Russia where Putin sleeps, darkness prevails as night falls. Teenagers of different ages stays at midnight in front of a box with light yelling "Cyka Blyat" as they forget about the tales of their ancestors.Lets see what made themselves superior to others when the smash their keyboards and throw the box with light out of their windows.

Fair Play

Author: Tricia_sassy
Latest: 2
Intro: Four friends and a victim.They didnt know.They didnt he was a victim.Until one morning came as another devastating news arise. "Fabio is dead. His mother called," Iris mumbled between her sobs.
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