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My Nightclub Landlady

Author: Yu Zhong Wu Tong
Latest: Chapter 131 The relationship between us
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National School Prince Is A Girl

Author: 战七少
Latest: Chapter 100: Jealous, Is Fu Jiu Gay or Straight?
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Why Did You Summon Me?

Author: Sixteenth Basket Of Mantaos
Latest: Chapter 266: The Plot Thickens
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Return of the Swallow

Author: Beautiful Clear Moon After Snowfall
Latest: Chapter 235: The Prince in a Rage (I)
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Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress

Author: MS Lotus
Latest: Chapter 473 “The Mistress of the Phoenix Manor
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Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

Author: Master Devil Dont Kiss Me
Latest: Chapters 425-426
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So Pure So Flirtatious

Author: Fishman The Second
Latest: Chapter 412: Deserve a Beating ...
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Seized by the System

Author: Mu Heng
Latest: Chapter 209: Even If He Acts Like a Pig, He Was Still a Descended Pig!
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Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me

Author: Master Devil Dont Kiss Me
Latest: Chapter 5
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Prodigal Alliance Head

Author: Hua Zi
Latest: Chapter 5: Beauty is a Dangerous Thing
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Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao

Author: Little Plum Fruit
Latest: Chapter 256: The Grand Preceptor is Supreme Commanders jinx
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Still Wait For Me

Author: Xiang Tingsheng
Latest: Chapter 409: Three years are very difficult
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My Youth Began With Him

Author: Baby Piggie
Latest: Chapter 568: Qin Chu’s Retaliation (8)
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The 99th Divorce

Author: Wan Lili
Latest: Chapter 330: An Unprecedented Surprise For Her
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Little Prodigal Alliance Head

Author: Hua Zi
Latest: Chapter 319.2: Do You Mind It?
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Extraordinary Genius

Author: 穷四
Latest: Chapter 314 - Get Sony out of China
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Living With a Temperamental Adonis 99 Proclamations of Love

Author: Ye Fei Ye
Latest: Chapter 671: The Person He Likes Is You (5)
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Release that Weak

Author: Kedaruge
Latest: 1 Ending that started Something
Intro: In a blink of an eye, Nos Ukog, a Universe second to none top fighter is reincarnated as Dlanor Weaklington, the 3rd prince of Stronghold Kingdom. But this world is different, a world set in stone age. Yes this is a new world for him whereas there exists human with unmeasurable abilities, skills and magic, but of course there are some with useless abilities known as Weaks and Dlanor is one of them. What kind of experiences and glory awaits for him in this world?

Dimensional Supremacy

Author: Weismann
Latest: Prologue
Intro: When a normal guy is sent to the world of Marvel what will happen?Gems of infinity?Technology?Immortality? ...Follow James on his journey !!!

A Witch's Promise

Author: Merkes
Latest: 1
Intro: " />

Release that Witch : The First Battle of Divine Will

Author: LupusreginaBeta
Latest: begining of an end
Intro: Lann Lindenbaum the king of The Kingdom of Winter facing the destruction of humanity joins his hand with the witch in front of the first batlle of divine will. Watch as the history unfold.

Chaos Cream World Warriors

Author: BurntCabbage
Latest: 1 Barov Mons
Intro: e an anthology fanfic series of other RTW characters being thrust into their own dream worlds later if I feel like it but right now this is mostly just to satisfy the minimum requirements to get the badge.

Release That Witch: Sylvie EE-2

Author: Gwynblidd
Latest: 1 Sylvie EE-2
Intro: It's Divine year 1056, The young king Alexander Wimbledon II ascendance, Neverwinter United won the Kingdom's Cup, The Fjord state hosted the Wimbledian Games, it was an eventful year for reports and there's more, on Neverwinter-Taquila Highway travels a young Majin reporter from Clearwater Magazine to cover a very important event, join the young protagonist for this short journey to witness history.

Discord Writing Contest

Author: Millman97
Latest: 29 GRAND PA
Intro: Discord server periodically. After each contest finishes, the entries will be posted here so that those not on Discord have a chance to enjoy them!The link to join the official Webnovel Discord server is: https://discord.gg/AeYDMQw

The Anime Game

Author: Hangatyr
Latest: 29 Announcement
Intro: Have you ever wanted to enter an anime?Have you ever wanted to fight against or with your favorite characters?Have you ever wanted to get the abilities that your favorites characters have?But what if you had to kill your way there?What if you had to keep doing missions to get it?What if every time you enter an anime you could die?What if you had to face distress decisions?What if you had to fight against 100 hundreds humans to survive in every anime?Every time 100 persons are summoned into the game. Will they survive? Will they die? Will they discover the secrets of the game?No ones knows, not even the Gods nor the reader and obviously nor the author.

Release that Anti-Witch

Latest: 1 The Anti-Witch, Dust
Intro: As far as Dust knows, he doesn’t have parents. He was raised in a tube-like cage and a room by the people called ‘The Church.’ But one day, a woman who call herself Nightingale appeared and save him.Who is this woman? What is the Church wants from him? Why do he need to kill this women called witches? Only one thing he knows.-He needs to find the man they called ‘Roland Wimbledon.’

Spring Sunshine: Sweet & Spicy

Author: Tsukiyoru
Latest: 15 Beloved Younger Sister
Intro: e deeply captivated. I didn’t look away and stared at him with a smile. “Is that so?” I leaned up to close the rest of the distance between us. He had just finished smoking his favorite cigarette brand. According to him, it was his first time in a while and his last. But because of it, his kiss tasted of tobacco.It was a kiss that tasted sweet and spicy....Release Schedule: (Starting June 18) 1 Chapter a day = 6 chs / weekNext Mass Release Date: June 15 (10-15 Chapters)Milestones for Bonus Chapters: (Starting June 18) 10 Power Stones / 50 Power Stones / 100 Power Stones / 160 Power Stones / 230 Power Stones / 300 Power Stones (A limit of 6 Bonus Chapters a week)

Elon the Just Devil

Author: Millman97
Latest: 3 Plant Shoot
Intro: Elon, a devil powerhouse from ancient times, awakens from its slumber, revealing the truth about the witches and why it must fight to crush them all.(I really want the contest's rules to be fixed.)

Rebirth of An Angel

Author: Abeini
Latest: 1 Chapter 1 : My name is Astaroth?
Intro: e the king of the demons or in his words... the 'Fallen Angel Astaroth!'
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