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 Chapter 463: Start of the Final War! (2)

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Steel Ball, Red Lightning was three times the power of a normal Steel Ball and 72 times the power of normal Space Combat Jet; it was almost as powerful as a guardian spaceship. It was a scary thing having so much power within such a small body. This not only required the energy technology of a peak level 3 space civilization, but also the metallurgy of a peak level 3 space civilization. At least this was a technology currently unavailable to this AI civilization. Humanity was lucky enough to come across the alien plant, which produced such alloys, or else designing the Steel Ball would've been impossible.

The moment Yao Yuan entered the energy shield of the enemy mothership, the surface of the Steel Ball was instantly covered with three times the amount of weapons a normal Steel Ball would have. In just the blink of an eye, the side of the mothership facing the Steel Ball was coated in fire. At the same time, a large light saber appeared around the Red Lightning as it rushed towards the mothership.

When everyone saw the Red Lightning next, it was 20 seconds later, and the gigantic enemy mothership was starting to explode and collapse in sequence. This was the most powerful weapon available to man, a trump card alongside the Gravity Cannon...

But... there was only one Yao Yuan and only one Steel Ball, Red Lightning...

As the group covered Yao Yuan on their way to the second mothership, several rays of purple light shot at New Solar System's first fleet. After another space collapse, nothing remained...

"F*ck, f*ck, f*ck..."

In a main ship the size of the Hope, Barbie was shedding tears like her life depended on it. Her face was covered with snot and tears, completely unlike her usual collected, aloof, and professional image. At that moment, she was as helpless as a child, sitting with tears in her eyes while watching the 3D image of the war before her. The intensity of the war was much greater than she expected. The war epic movie produced by mankind was only 1/10000 percent its actual intensity. Lives were disappearing one after another before her eyes and despair was spreading, but she couldn't do anything...

"You have to win, Yao Yuan, you have to... If there is a God, please hear my call, please let Yao Yuan win..."

This prayer, or rather, cry of desperation, was spreading throughout the battlefield and even the City of Light Moon. In fact, even among the vanguard unit whose fate was an unknown, most people were feeling the touch of the same despair. Some were staunch believers of faith, some were atheists, some were strong, some were weak, some were cowardly, some were fearless, but everyone had the same thought on their mind... Yao Yuan, you have to win.

For some inexplicable reasons, perhaps it was illusion from exhaustion or really something did happen, Yao Yuan, who was piloting the Red Lightning, suddenly felt refreshed. Technically, the exhaustion from piloting the Red Lightning was much greater than piloting a normal Steel Ball. It should've been around now that he started to feel tired and light-headed, but in contrast, he felt energized... perhaps this was just another illusion before fainting, Yao Yuan thought bitterly.

"In any case, let me fight it out before I collapse!"

At the same time, among the sea of spaceship debris, the vanguard unit was still struggling to stay alive. In fact, both Yao Yuan and the military at the City of Light Moon had guessed wrongly. The vanguard unit wasn't ambushed, more accurately, this was a contact battle. The vanguard unit had stumbled across the enemy unit who was hiding. This enemy unit appeared more like they were waiting for deserters and not a whole main fleet.

"What? They're changing directions?" Guang Zhen asked in a roar.

Before him, several observers answered darkly, "Yes, Commander, from the calculations provided on screen, the fleet's trajectory has gone way beyond the ambush circle. Their target is... the City of Light Moon!"

Guang Zhen gritted his teeth angrily. He paced left and right before ordering, "Send out this order: have all the Black Star troopers return to the main ship immediately to conduct a final maintenance and energy recharge. Have them rest for 30 minutes. At the same time, order all the battleships and guardian spaceships to halt the movement of the enemy fleet. Get them to stop the enemy from heading towards the City of Light Moon, no matter what. Tussle with them for at least 40 minutes. This is the order from the highest commander. Then... tell them to follow my ship!"

Back in the City of Light Moon, Yue Xuan was taken by the military-use hovercraft towards the Hope under the protection of two Black Star troopers. In just several minutes, Yue Xuan found herself standing at the entrance to Bo Li's lab. She got down from the craft and took a deep breath. She tapped herself on the face and told herself under her breath, "You can do it, remember, revenge!" Then she moved into the lab.

Inside the lab, several hundred workers and engineers were busy recording and calculating stuff. In the middle of them, Bo Li was ordering an AI robot and a bunch of people around her to build something. When Yue Xuan got closer, Bo Li said directly, "You're too late now, I don't need your psychological control system anymore... at least not until this war is over, you sinner of mankind..."

Yue Xuan's tears fell down immediately. She bit on her teeth until blood flowed out of the corner of her mouth. Several seconds later, she forced herself to say, "I know, I understand... but it's not too late. I have another weapon that we can design to add to the war...

"I've already finished the design. I only need to perfect the design for the energy source and the ammunition, and those are your specialties. The name of the weapon is...

"Psychokinetic floating cannon!"