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 Chapter 464: Gravity Cannon... Gravity Cannon!

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On the battlefield, Yao Yuan didn't know there was an enemy fleet heading towards the City of Light Moon, and the loss of the vanguard unit wasn't as large as he expected. In fact, the vanguard unit had been fighting.

The battle at the ambush circle was reaching its critical moment. In the Black Star Troopers' death march led by Yao Yuan, even though there were only 100 plus of them, the amount of damage they could create was enormous. They were practically unstoppable as they overwhelmed and collapsed the enemy fleet.

Space Combat Jets with explosive arrow bullets that could burrow through energy shield, especially when piloted by Homo Evolutis, were undefeatable by any spaceships from level 3 space civilizations. If not for the great difference in numbers between the two, even though these spaceships were from a peak level 3 space civilization, the group of Black Star troopers would be able to destroy them easily.

It was due to the Black Star troopers' superhuman combat capability and the cross-generation weapons designed by a Whisperer that the result of the battle could be so wonderful.

However, the enemy wasn't as weak as they hoped. After all, they were a giant spaceship fleet from a peak level 3 space civilization. Their number was about several ten thousand times the number of human spaceships. Since the battle started, in just several minutes, the Black Star troopers had lost more than 30 members, and as the battle continued, in the foreseeable future, the number of fatalities would only continue to increase!

Similarly, the New Solar System first fleet, who were stationed far away, as well as the gravity cannon spaceships who had been hiding, also suffered great losses. If this was a conventional war, humanity was already on the losing side. If there was no trump card or tactical weapon, then the complete wipe-out of humanity was only a matter of time... Even with Yao Yuan's Steel Ball, Real Lighting or more than 100 Black Star troopers, the result wouldn't change.

Yao Yuan wasn't dumb, he hadn't lost his sense. The reason he opted for this ambush that was like using an egg to fight a rock was because of humanity's biggest trump card... a trump card that was able to change the direction of the battle in a moment, the gravity cannon!

At that moment, all the gravity cannon spaceships were hiding in ECS systems. They didn't attack the enemy. In fact, even after they were attacked, they didn't move from their positions. They suffered their deaths patiently. The leaders who controlled these gravity cannon ships were beyond anxious. The fulcrum of the war was heavy on their shoulders. If they made a small mistake... then the history of humanity would be over!

Perhaps the citizens at the City of Light Moon could still warp away, but after losing 90 percent of the Black Star troopers, almost all the Defense Unit soldiers, the space combat jets, all the military experts, and humanity's greatest leader and his successor, the fate of the survivors was dim. Whether they could survive in space after this was an unknown. At least... the hope of becoming a middle-tier space civilization was impossible, and the renaissance of humanity... would be hard to achieve!

"Fast! Quicker!"

Finally, after waiting for second minute, which felt like ages, the charging of the first gravity cannon was completed. After that followed the second ship, third ship... in less than several seconds, all the remaining gravity cannon spaceships were fully charged. Then, following the decision that was made earlier, all the gravity cannon reexamined their target and then...

All the cannons fired at the same time!

The widest area of effect attack was unleashed! The overlapping of the effect zones caused heavy gravity tidal effects!

When the gravity cannon was used, he whole battlefield was shaken by an unusual push and pull of gravitational forces. This was not something the creator's particles could conceal. These curious points of gravity appeared at several hundred locations all over the battlefield. Each point of gravity was equal to the gravitational force of a small planet. This was made even scarier by the fact that there were hundreds of them active at the same time.

Middle to large spaceships definitely couldn't get too close to too many small planets at the same time; this was a truth most low tier space civilizations understood. This was because no matter the shield, be it electromagnetic, energy, or even a middle-tier space civilization's space distortion shield, they couldn't withstand the most common force in space. It would be fine at a distance, but if they got too close, it would be a tragedy because the tidal effect caused by the ship being affected by the gravitational force at different point would deconstruct the ship immediately!

This was common knowledge in space, just like how everyone back on Earth knew that a day consisted of 24 hours each day and 365 days a year. The enemy might've been an AI, but this didn't mean that they don't have such common knowledge. After the AI had taken over all the technology, knowledge, and information of its creator, how could it not know about the scary consequence of wandering too close to too many points of gravity?

Almost the moment the fleet of gravity cannon ships used the gravity cannons, the mess of light rays covering the battlefield stopped completely. Other than the human fleet, who was still attacking. The several ten thousands AI fleet had completely stopping attacking. Then all the spaceships started to turn with the highest speed to head towards the edge of the battlefield, away from the zone of the gravity fields.

Of course, that wouldn't be so easy!

They were in the middle of the ambush circle!

For this battle, for this ambush circle, for this moment, humanity had given up so much; cosmic adapters, Defense Unit soldiers, vanguard unit and even several million civilians... All these sacrifice was for this moment, wasn't it?!

When they were hiding in the ambush circle, the coordinates of the gravity cannon ships was already calculated. Each coordinate was recalculated and recalibrated again and again. To prevent the possibility of friendly fire, this had to be done. This was the most scientific way of conducting a war. The location of the gravity cannon ships had covered the whole battlefield in layers.

Even though they had lost one-third of the ships, this didn't create such a big weakness in the formation of the gravity fields. The AI fleet was already trapped within the ambush circle, so leaving such a large gravity field was not going to be easy, at least not something doable within seconds or minutes. In that stretch of time, the gravity cannons were enough to send them into hell, to return them to the state of star dust!

As humanity expected, when the AI fleet started to escape, in just 20 seconds, the first spaceships to deconstruct were those enormous motherships. They were torn open by the tidal effect of gravity. Such a sturdy mothership, one that even Yao Yuan's Red Lightning was unable to lay a scratch on, was torn open like paper before everyone's eyes. Then their energy systems exploded in space.

Several ten thousands alien spaceships of varying sizes were crumpled by an imaginary large hand. As they turned around, every second there was a new spaceship being torn open. This was not one point of gravity but more than a hundred points of gravity layering on top of each other. The loss of gravity cannon ships from the previous attack caused the gravity field to be uneven in gravity distribution, but this in turn had sped up the collapse of the alien fleet.

After they managed to turn around, the amount of spaceships that had been deconstructed was more than ¾ of their total number. The remaining spaceships were mostly extremely small-size battleships or combat jets. Even they were affected by the gravity field. However, the biggest damage that came to them was from the explosion of the large spaceships. These small-size battleships had weak shields, so when they were caught in both the gravity field and the explosions of their bigger counterparts, they collapsed fairly easily...

The whole AI fleet was over. The fleet that was large enough to steamroll humanity in just several minutes had been reduced to about 10 percent of its original size after the gravity cannons were fired. The gravity cannons took less than several minutes to bury these spaceships from a peak level 3 space civilization. The human beings who operated these gravity cannons were in shock. Many of them still hadn't recovered from the sight they saw. It wasn't until later that their shock was replaced by euphoric joy...


Humanity had won!