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 Chapter 79: Biological Laboratory

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"We can try rushing out with the minibus." Sun Kun proposed. He didn't know what Jiang Liushi was doing. Running to the second floor, hiding in the skylight, Sun Kun monitored the situation outside; he got flurried.

In Sun Kun's point of view, the minibus was bulletproof, although it may not be able to completely protect them against everything, they still had the opportunity to rush out.

But Sun Kun also knew that Blood Wolf's team would never let them off. Outside, there were many roadblocks waiting for them. Sun Kun looked helplessly at the MCV. Its door was closed, and it was quiet inside without any sound.

In fact, although the MCV was in the middle of constructing the biological laboratory, its normal functions had not been affected. If there was a sudden change, then Jiang Liushi had already considered rushing out.

Since the biological laboratory could be built first, Jiang Liushi naturally wanted to enhance his own strength first. As a result, his ability to respond would be much stronger.

Blood Wolf could escape the Air Cannon in advance, and could also issue a warning, which was like foretelling whenever a dangerous situation would occur. Actually, it was a very unfavorable thing for his MCV.

Time went by. Starseed transmitted the biological laboratory's construction process in Jiang Liushi's mind.

[Biological laboratory's construction that has been completed: 10%. Remaining construction time: 54 minutes...]


"What was that?" Outside the warehouse, Blood Wolf and so on were still suffering from the shock. If it was some hot weapon, they would not have such a big reaction, because they could understand it.

The survivors' style could be described as crazy. In addition to hunting mutant beasts, any ordinary survivors encountering them would be really unlucky. Men could choose to join them as cannon fodder, but women were often slaughtered, even children wouldn't be spared.

Frankly speaking, these people relied on crazy actions to paralyze themselves, covering up their fear. But the Air Cannon had indeed shocked them. For such an invisible attack, which they could not understand, they suddenly felt scared.

"How can we fight with them?" A team member asked, but he was kicked on the ground by Blood Wolf. He was still wearing casual clothes, but his headset was lost in the explosion. His face looked gloomy.

"Are you cowards? Do not worry about that. It cannot be used all the time. Otherwise, why would they shut the door?" Blood Wolf cursed.

[Those powerful weapons, such as heat weapons like a rocket launcher, could often only be used one time. That installed cannon, although I do not know whether it can be used one time or not, it must certainly have many restrictions. Otherwise, there might be a problem with the energy source.]

Hearing Blood Wolf's words the members gradually recovered. As long as they made the necessary preparations, coupled with their boss' ability to sense danger in advance, they would be fine.

But the current problem was that the door had been closed and locked. If they stormed to the enemy's position, the door could be opened. But after that, what if they suffered another attack by that strange and powerful weapon, how could it be dealt with? Wouldn't they be doomed to die?

Blood Wolf was naturally aware of that problem. They had been caught unprepared by enemies.

Originally, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun as well as Jiang Liushi were Jiang Zhuying's biggest constraints. The three guys would be killed first, but the current situation was different.

"Brother Wolf, we could find some ways to bomb the warehouse. A turtle in a jar can certainly be caught..." The woman said gently, but she was interrupted by Blood Wolf, "You are really smart, others must be fools! How can I swallow Jiang Zhuying's ability using your method? And we only have a few grenades, how can we bomb the warehouse? Do you think it is filled with gasoline? I can just bomb the door, would you like to go first?"

Those words let that woman speechless. "What do we do?" She asked.

"We'll just stay here. It is certain that they will try to find a way out. This is our base, what are we afraid of?" Blood Wolf said impatiently.

Blood Wolf was in a bad mood. He originally intended to obtain Jiang Zhuying's ability, and then kill all the people following her. But now, he decided to slowly torture those people to death.

As for that young ordinary man, he had not paid much attention to him. He believed that he could kill him just like killing an ant. But now, Blood Wolf had decided to cut off his flesh little by little, feed it to zombies, and then throw his body into the zombie group.

[Biological laboratory's construction that has been completed: 70%. Remaining construction time: 18 minutes...]

"Biological laboratory's construction that has been completed: 80%. Remaining construction time: 12 minutes...]


Jiang Liushi became calmer, until the progress reached 100%...

[The biological laboratory's construction has finished!]

Jiang Liushi suddenly opened his eyes, taking a deep breath, and his eyes were full of excitement.

[Yes! Finally it's completed!]

The biological laboratory was extremely important to Jiang Liushi! In an post-apocalyptic world, any external force was only an external force. If he was not strong enough with his hands to tie a chicken fast, he could be killed easily just by a knife. That was the reason why he didn't dare to enter any building.

[The biological laboratory's construction was successfully completed, the host can choose to configure the gene evolutionary fluid! Yes or No?]