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 Chapter 63: Rare Materials

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[The lab option has been chosen. Please add the following materials to construct the lab.]

The Starseed listed a lot of things. Jiang Liushi was really depressed to see that list, but he was not surprised with the number of materials that were needed, as the same happened when he upgraded the fuel tank.

Without materials, those facilities couldn't be constructed; there was no other way to upgrade.

The materials needed to upgrade the fuel tank were common, but in that list, there were some materials that were really hard to find, even before doomsday, let alone now, such as 100 kg of titanium, 1 kg of iridium, 120 kg of nickel and 150 kg of cobalt...

These were all very difficult to collect.


Satellite Town was actually a small camp. The military had made roadblocks. Lots of muzzles and rows of tanks could be seen behind the barricade, which created a strong sense of pressure.

When they closed in the barricades, the motorcade started to slow down. Jiang Liushi noticed there were many zombie corpses. Some seemed to be dead for a long time, because no one had disposed of them, and they seemed to have been crushed again and again under various vehicle tires, so they had become one with the ground.

[Truly an awful place.] Jiang Liushi looked at some soldiers behind the barricades. They were armed to the teeth with a stern look and frostily stared at the minibus and the other three cars that were approaching.

"We're here to exchange supplies. As long as we have what they need, they won't treat us badly. We need and utilize each other," Jiang Zhuying said and opened the window.

She neither spoke nor poked her head out, but stretched one hand. Her slender fingers and tender wrist were exposed to the air.

"Zap!" A spark of electricity leaped over her finger.

Jiang Liushi observed that after seeing this the soldiers quietly moved the barricades to one side and allowed them to move forward.

It seemed that Jiang Zhuying's discharge, just now, was a form of identification.

The town was composed of small streets and some residential buildings along the road. Now these places were enclosed and formed a camp.

As the motorcade slowly drove in, Jiang Liushi saw that a lot of ordinary people were sitting along the roadsides, watching their cars passing by. Blood was leaking from the freezer car, when they saw that they looked horrified. Although they were in the military camp, they hadn't really escaped from the zombies' threat. The appearance of strange survivors from outside reminded them of the horror.

In this military region, there were more than one thousand soldiers and a great number of materials, therefore lots of people were needed to for logistics. So these ordinary people were sheltered by the military, and in return they had to take turns to do logistics. These ordinary people that Jiang Liushi had seen, were temporarily sitting on the sides of the road and rested. Teams of soldiers were patrolling around the camp and gazed at the motorcade while being on full alert and cautious.

"Satellite Town's headquarters is over there. It used to be a school," Jiang Zhuying said, pointing to several buildings ahead. Students' dormitories were accommodating for soldiers now, while classrooms and offices were places to stock supplies and to exchange goods with survivors.

The motorcade stopped at the playground. Jiang Liushi got off the MCV. When he arrived at the teaching building, he saw a bulletin board. The bulletin board was used to post school announcements, in the past, but now it had a lot of odd notices.

"List NO. 71: 100 boxes of aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs can be exchanged for a ton of mutant beasts' meat and 100 bullets, or other required items of same value. This list has no time limit, and the exchanges can be repeated."

"List NO. 92: 10 boxes of AA batteries and AAA batteries can be exchanged for 100 pounds of mutant meat and 10 bullets, or other required items of same value. This list has no time limit, and the exchanges can be repeated."

"These are lists with what the military needs. In this way, the survivors will know what the military needs. It is convenient. The lists are always changing, as all kinds of things are needed." Seeing Jiang Liushi interested in those lists, Zhang Hai had walked behind him, and explained.

"Generally, the military exchanges meat, bullets and weapons with us. Bullets are the most expensive items, while medicine cost less. You see, what they want are items in big quantity, and hard to collect."

"Uh-huh." Jiang Liushi nodded his head, but didn't step away. He continued examining the lists. He had come to Satellite Town, not only because he was worried about Jiang Zhuying, but he also wanted to know if there were things that he needed and could be exchanged. The materials he needed for the lab could be collected more quickly in the military region than by himself or Jiang Zhuying's small team.

"List NO. 109: One mutant core can be exchanged for a ton of meat or other items of same value."

"List NO. 211: 100 quilts, 100 down coats..."

"Zhuying, can I exchange for some rare metals here?" Jiang Liushi asked, as he couldn't find what he wanted on the lists. On those lists, in addition to meat and bullets, the military had only written "other items", but they hadn't explained what the other items were.

"Well... The military is supposed to have everything. Even if they don't, once one can provide what they want, the military can post a list to collect stuff from other survivors," Jiang Zhuying answered.

"Interesting." Jiang Liushi nodded his head.

Zhang Hai looked at Jiang Liushi confusedly and wondered what he was going to do with rare metals. But he did not care much about Jiang Liushi's matters. He talked to him because he was really interested in his minibus. Before he had no chance to ask, but now he couldn't wait any longer.

"Jiang Liushi, where did you get that car? It's so cool! Whoever refitted it is amazing! If I could, I would really want to see that person and consult him! I hope he is still alive," Zhang Hai said.

[Of course he is alive...] Jiang Liushi thought. However it was impossible for him to answer how the minibus had been refitted.

Even he didn't know... It was all thanks to the Starseed...