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 Zhang Hai felt conflicted after Jiang Liushi made his intentions clear. After a brief moment of hesitation, he said, "Brother Jiang, I need to tell you something."

"What's up?" asked Jiang Liushi while looking at Zhang Hai curiously. He noticed that Zhang Hai had his eyes fixed elsewhere, so he turned around to look and saw a girl standing not far away from them.

'Isn't this Zhuying's friend, Song Helu?'

Currently, Song Helu looked tense and shy. Upon studying both Zhang Hai and Song Helu, Jiang Liushi pretty much understood what was happening.

Then, Jiang Liushi smiled and patted Zhang Hai's shoulder. "Good fellow! Zhang Hai, it's really great that you found the meaning of love again. Congratulations!"

"Thank you, Brother Jiang, but it's not like that. I'm still in pursuit of my love," explained Zhang Hai immediately.

"It doesn't make a difference. Let me just congratulate you. You're an old tree, which is still blossoming," said Jiang Liushi laughingly.

Zhang Hai said hurriedly, "Brother Jiang, I'm still in my thirties!"

Naturally, Jiang Liushi could understand why Zhang Hai was hesitant. It was a difficult choice for him to make. The journey to Japan would be a dangerous one, and it was not convenient to take Song Helu with them. Moreover, her father was still there, so Song Helu was unwilling to follow them.

Jiang Liushi pondered for a while and then said, "Don't worry. You and Sun Kun can stay here."

They had no way to ship the Type 99 tank to Japan, and at the same time, it would be a big waste to leave it there.

"Stay here?" Zhang Hai was stunned as he had never considered that option.

Jiang Liushi nodded and explained, "Yeah, we will come back soon, so don't worry."

"Excellent! Zhang Hai just stay here and take good care of my sister," said Jiang Zhuying, appearing behind Jiang Liushi suddenly. She winked at Zhang Hai meaningfully. Jiang Zhuying knew Zhang Hai well, so she felt happy for Song Helu from the bottom of her heart.

"Okay!" Zhang Hai nodded. Since Jiang Liushi had said so, Zhang Hai accepted it happily. Moreover, Zhang Hai was confident in Jiang Liushi's strength and knew that the help he could provide was limited.

"Thank you, Brother Jiang. I will stay here to establish a base for you," said Zhang Hai.

"Good idea." Jiang Liushi praised. If they could establish a base, they good invite all their acquaintances, family members and friends to live there.

At this moment, Jiang Liushi noticed another person, who was in a miserable state. It was none other than Luo Jiafeng. The once powerful man was now so dirty that it was almost impossible to recognize him.

"You can deal with him as you see fit," said Jiang Liushi to Zhang Hai.

"No problem!" Zhang Hai promised. As for what Zhang Hai intended to do with Luo Jiafeng, Jiang Liushi was too lazy to ask.

After making the necessary preparations, Jiang Liushi and the others left for Shenhai Island, leaving Zhang Hai and Sun Kun with the Type 99 tank.

The first time Jiang Liushi had traveled with his team to Shenhai Island, he had been utterly shocked. However, the situation now was different as his team was way more powerful now than in the past. As they were heading for the Safety Island, all they could see were debris, dilapidated buildings, and countless skeletons. After Shenhai Island's fall, myriad people had run away, but most of them died on the road.

Shi Ying Squad's primary destination was not really the Safety Island but Tokyo, as according to the information they had from the file, one of Genesis' headquarters was located there. Therefore, Jiang Liushi had decided to travel to Shenhai Island first, and then take the sea route.

After a few hours of driving, the tour bus reached Shenhai Island's pier. Freighters could be seen everywhere but their containers were all empty. After leaving the Yangtze River, they would enter the East China Sea. When Jiang Liushi saw the wide river surface, he remembered the huge sea monster he had seen back in Jinling. Fortunately, his MCV could fight on the water, so Jiang Liushi was confident.

"Well,...Do we have people who know how to sail?" Xiang Xuehai suddenly asked. In fact, she wanted to ask this question for a long time now, but she hadn't found any chance. She initially thought that Jiang Liushi would find someone to sail for them, but even before setting off, she yet to see anyone.

Jiang Liushi smiled mysteriously and pointed at Ying. "This is our captain."

As the MCV's assistant, Ying was not only good at driving a car, but she was also good at sailing.

"Ying, you are so cool!" exclaimed Xiang Xuehai.

As a new member, Xiang Xuehai had acquainted herself with everyone in the team, but Ying remained an unsolved mystery. Although Xiang Xuehai did not know much about the mysterious and laconic girl, she did not mind it as Jiang Liushi trusted Ying very much.

Currently, everyone was out of the MCV. At this moment, the tour bus' engine left a deafening sound, and it was driven to the water quickly.

Upon witnessing that, Xiang Xuehai was stunned. "Our car..."

"Sister Xiang, don't worry." Jiang Zhuying laughed, covering her mouth.

As the first half of the tour bus had entered the water, it started to transform into a streamlined boat, which slammed into the water and splashed countless waves.

"This...is amazing!" Xiang Xuehai looked at the missile boat in amazement, and soon after she was thunderstruck as she had seen it before. That missile boat had made it possible to defeat the mutant pufferfish, but it had disappeared into thin air. Finally, she got to know what had happened to it, which made her feel amazed.

Now that the missile boat's transformation was completed, it could be the first boat about to sail on water after doomsday.

Everyone was excited but also a little scared as water was a strange and dangerous territory for humans now. After some time, they all calmed down as Jiang Liushi's vehicle was the safest place on Earth.

Soon, with a loud roar of the motor, a long white line was drawn on the water. Before doomsday, many cruise ships and freighters sailed back and forth between China and Japan. From China to Japan, it usually took two to three days of traveling, but now, the situation in the water was very complicated.

Once they were on the open sea, Jiang Liushi turned more vigilant than usual. Ran Xiyu also monitored their surroundings attentively. Fortunately, the water could not affect Ran Xiyu's powers, so she could clearly perceive the underwater situation. Due to Ran Xiyu's warnings coupled with the boat's flexibility and high speed, they avoided many dangerous areas.

There were even indescribable giants in the sea, and even Ran Xiyu didn't dare to probe them with her power in order not to alarm them. Jiang Liushi's MCV quickly and quietly passed through the sea, slowly approaching Japan.

Japan consisted of four large islands and thousands of small islands with a population of more than 100.000.000. Tokyo was the largest city in Japan, which was an economic and political center with a population of nearly 40 million. It was one of the most populous cities in the world. Before doomsday, the population of 40 million sounded like a symbol of high prosperity. However, after the outbreak, it only made people think of one word - zombies! Countless scary zombies!

Genesis had actually set up its headquarters there, which meant that it must have sufficient strength to be able to stand their ground.