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 Chapter 489: VIP Room

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Jiang Liushi glanced at the dark-skinned man, while Wei Feifei, who was next to him, touched for the gun holstered at her waist. She looked very vigilant.

However, it looked like that the dark-skinned man had not come for them as a terrible expression appeared on Lin Jie's face and she suddenly hid behind Jiang Liushi.

The dark-skinned man approached Lin Jie and said in a low voice, "Good! Follow me."

Lin Jie said to Jiang Liushi gently, "Captain Jiang, I need to deal with something. Please wait for me, I won't take long." And then, she followed that man to the side.

"I haven't seen you handing the commissions in the past few days," the dark-skinned man said.

Lin Jie answered quickly, "I didn't have any customers the past few days..."

"It doesn't matter. You found a customer today!" snarled the dark-skinned man and looked toward Jiang Liushi.

"Get it out," said the strong man.

Lin Jie showed a distressed look and pinched her bag. "Brother Yan, can you give me two more days? My sister is only 12 years old. She needs to eat to grow..."

"Cut the bullsh*t, hurry!"

Brother Yan reached out his hands impatiently and grabbed Lin Jie's bag. When he opened it and looked inside, his face sank. "Just this little?"

Lin Jie was dismayed as the rice was almost spilled. The amount of rice may not be enough for Brother Yan, but it was necessary for her.

"Brother Yan, could you leave this bag of rice to me first? I will give it to you later," Lin Jie begged.

"Go away. If you want to beg someone, go and tell that to Sister Qian. Besides, if you really want your sister to eat more, you should go and play with some rich masters. How much do you think you can earn by just selling information?"

Brother Yan continued, "You can always choose and come to play with me. You're no longer a little girl, so you should know what I mean." Brother Yan scanned Lin Jie's body from top to bottom.

Lin Jie's body started shaking after hearing those words, and she stepped back quickly.

Brother Yan smiled coldly and asked, "Where are the guests you brought from? I've never seen them before. You could also introduce them to some other forms of business..."

Lin Jie's face turned ugly. Naturally, she knew to what he was referring to. Brother Yan's dealings yielded high profits, and if anyone refused to cooperate with him, he would kill them directly. It was no different from robbing. Of course, he always acted depending on the involved party. He would never try to agitate strong individuals, but any foreign team was his ideal target.

"I am not very good at doing this kind of thing." Lin Jie shook her head desperately.

"Not good at it? I see! You are practically useless. How about bringing your sister here instead? I bet your sister should be able to convince them. We all love young and tender girls," Brother Yan said with a lecherous smile.

Lin Jie lowered her head and trembled uncontrollably. Her sister was only 12 years old!

"Brother Yan, you'd better never say that again. My sister is little..." Lin Jie whispered.

"What?" Brother Yan was annoyed. "Hey, do you think I'm not giving you enough face already?"

Brother Yan raised his hand and slammed it toward Lin Jie. She trembled but did not dare to avoid it. If she tried to avoid the slap, she would only suffer worse. She closed her eyes and waited for the horrible palm to land. However, that slap never came.

Lin Jie opened her eyes and noticed Jiang Liushi standing beside her. He had caught Brother Yan's arm tightly. His five fingers were just like a tong, which almost broke Brother Yan's arm.

"What do you want to do?" Brother Yan's expression suddenly changed. Fortunately, Jiang Liushi quickly released his grip.

"Can you handle your affairs privately? I am still in a hurry," Jiang Liushi said calmly. He guessed that Brother Yan may be Lin Jie's boss, who was responsible for guarding them.

"Oh, Lin Jie, lead your guests to the VIP room as soon as possible. They may be interested with what's in there," Brother Yan smiled and said immediately. He stared at Lin Jie, hinting her about his intentions.

"I am indeed a bit interested. I came from afar and need some resources. It'd be better for you to lead the way," Jiang Liushi smiled and said.

Hearing Jiang Liushi's words, Brother Yan was stunned momentarily, but he nodded with a smile. "Okay, no problem. You don't seem like an ordinary man. How else would so many beauties be following you?" Brother Yan said.

Brother Yan diligently walked ahead of them. Lin Jie led Jiang Liushi and the others to follow. Lin Jie's face was pale. She wanted to warn Jiang Liushi, but Brother Yan was just in front of them, so she didn't dare to say anything.

"Wei Feifei, do you have any experience in this trade fair?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"We are more self-sufficient. We are young, so there are always people who think about taking advantage of the transaction. As a result, we seldom trade," Wei Feifei said.

In fact, her team could just ensure what they needed usually. No extra things could be used for trading at all. Even if they would like to trade, the booths outside were enough for them.

"Oh, you will be able to witness something interesting then," Jiang Liushi said. Weifeifei did not understand what Jiang Liushi meant, but she had noticed that Jiang Liushi was still very calm.

After a while, they entered the trade fair led by Brother Yan. The first floor was like a big market. It had no booth at all, but instead many tables could be seen with guns and ammunition on them. Three or five survivors were gathered in groups. It was obvious that all of them were quite familiar with each other. When they saw Brother Yan leading a group of people, they knew what would follow.

"Come here, please rest assured, you will definitely be satisfied with the things in the VIP hall," Brother Yan said.

"Oh? That's wonderful!" Jiang Liushi showed a smile.

The gathered survivors shook their heads when they saw the unlucky fellows going upstairs with Brother Yan. Some of them even took pleasure in Jiang Liushi and his group's misfortune.

There were several VIP halls in the fair, and the first VIP hall was a long-term package of Yan Laoliu. The VIP room was not specifically used for shady business, and sometimes some serious transactions would take place there too.

However, Jiang Liushi's group was led there by Brother Yan specifically. When they came to the door, Yan Laoliu exchanged a look with the bodyguard standing by the door.

The man suddenly understood and opened the door for Jiang Liushi immediately. And then Jiang Liushi and the others leisurely sat down on the sofa.

"Valued guests, you should wait a moment," Yan Laoliu sat opposite them and said.

"We're in no hurry," Jiang Liushi said.

Ying handed a cola to Jiang Liushi. He opened the cola immediately and began to enjoy.

Seeing the scene, Brother Yan felt exhilarated deep down his heart. He was sure Jiang Liushi was a fat sheep, so they'd benefit greatly.

Soon after, the sound of footsteps came from outside. The bodyguard opened the door and then bowed his head respectfully. A man with a fierce face came in with a group of people.

Jiang Liushi sensed strong energy fluctuations coming from their bodies, and they looked disproportionally fat. Evidently, they were carrying many guns and weapons, which was a pretty common sight after doomsday.

The fierce-looking man looked at Jiang Liushi directly after entering the room. And then he fixed his eyes on Jiang Zhuying and the other girls because he didn't sense any energy fluctuation from Jiang Liushi.

Yan Laoliu quickly said something to him as soon as he entered.

"Good!" The fierce man said in a deep voice and immediately sat opposite. "I am Tiger Wei. What do you want to buy and sell?" Tiger Wei sat down. His eyes were really like a tiger's, revealing the cold light.

"I want to buy a lot of things, but basically all of them are rare metals. Do you have any? In addition, I need a level-2 blood nucleus, which can be found in the chest, where the heart is located, of level-2 mutant zombies," Jiang Liushi said slowly.

"If you want it, you can buy it, but what are you willing to pay?" Tiger Wei asked.

"Do you know the difficulty of obtaining a level-2 blood nucleus? How can you answer so fast?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Of course, I know, but as long as you pay enough, we will naturally complete the task. We will not ask you to pay in advance, but you need to give us some assets as down-payment to proceed with the transaction," Tiger Wei said.

Tiger Wei said so because he wanted to assess Jiang Liushi's wealth. He couldn't kill anyone in the trading market. If Jiang Liushi could give him a satisfying price, everything would be okay. But if not, he should know the enemy's bottom first. If Jiang Liushi was willing to offer enough assets, things would go well. Of course, those assets couldn't be given back. They were the ones making the rules!