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 Chapter 473: Jiang Liushi's Requirements

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Jiang Liushi astonished everyone by his perfect marksmanship. All the soldiers admired him from the bottom of their hearts because he not only saved all of them but also reduced the pressure on them. They saw the infected people that were rushing toward them falling down one by one. At the same time, the military vehicles were driven beside Jiang Liushi's minibus. The soldiers on the military vehicles jumped out of the cars one by one, sweeping the infected people not far away. They were also extremely uncomfortable before, and when they were chased by the infected people, they were almost scared to death. Finally, it was their turn to fight back. The intensive gunshot sounds were intertwined with the buzzing sounds of the infected.

"Dear professors, get off first," a soldier pulled the door open and said to the experts in the car.

"Okay, okay."

The experts went off one by one. In fact, all the cars were full of flesh and blood, so the pungent bloody smell got into their nose. All the experts were scared, and they helped each other to walk down. Mr. Li also came down, but this time he just stood silently behind the crowd and closed his mouth without saying anything.

When all the experts and professors walked behind the line of defense, Mr. Li followed and tore the clothes around his neck sneakily, revealing a trace of despair, resentment, and panic! There was a wound in his neck!

On the way to the hospital, he had been sitting beside the window, and due to the infected people's constant attacks, the fragile glass could not withstand the violent impacts. And thus, he was injured, which only now did he discover! Everyone was aware that as long as someone was injured, it was equal to being infected.

Not long from now, Mr. Li would turn into a mindless infected, and the soldiers would open fire unhesitatingly. However, Mr. Li was unwilling to die. He wanted to use the experts to protect himself.

The frenzied and bloody massacre lasted for a little more than ten minutes. Everyone's gun barrels had become red and felt hot, and the roads, as well as the debris from the collapsed building, in front of them were filled with corpses of the infected! Some of the handicapped bodies were still twitching as they struggled to continue their advance to the hospital.

As the battle came to an end, some of the soldiers relaxed from a highly concentrated state of mind, but they immediately felt that their bodies were sore and their arms were about to break. Looking at all the bodies on the land, even if they had been through many battles, they still had a feeling of their scalps going numb. The battle was really too intense.

"The counterattack was awe-inspiring!" Peng Dinglong swung his fist hard, and his face was full of excitement. He had already participated in many battles, but this time they were snatched from the jaws of death. Peng Dinglong looked at that figure holding two guns, and his eyes were fixed attentively on him. "Let's go downstairs!"


At this time, Jiang Liushi put down the two guns and jumped from the roof. He saw that many soldiers were looking at him as if he was their idol. Be it Jiang Liushi's minibus or his marksmanship, everything that Jiang Liushi had done was attractive to those soldiers.

Peng Dinglong also saw this scene, so all sorts of feelings welled up in his mind. Although Jiang Liushi wasn't a soldier, his prestige in the hearts of those soldiers may have reached a very high level. He originally thought that Jiang Liushi was a young man who was not down-to-earth, but it seemed that he could not be more wrong.

"Captain Jiang!" Peng Dinglong strode over and gave a military salute to Jiang Liushi. "Thank you. This time, you saved us all."

Jiang Liushi had also seen Peng Dinglong. Although Peng Dinglong was not young, he was still full of vigor. Jiang Liushi had refused Peng Dinglong's invitation before, but that was not because he hated the Commander.

"Uncle Peng." Li Yuxin looked out from the window. Peng Dinglong looked at Li Yuxin and also saw Su Guangqi and Su Tong. And then he looked at Jiang Liushi and said, "I had sent a team to protect Yuxin. I hope they didn't become a hindrance, did they? Of course, it seems that I was overthinking back them..."

"No. We knew you did it out of kindness and consideration," Jiang Liushi replied.

"In any case, you rescued these experts and professors. You are great heroes!" Peng Dinglong extended his hand to Jiang Liushi and said sincerely. He now no longer regarded Jiang Liushi as a member of the younger generation. He now respected Jiang Liushi from his heart.

Jiang Liushi did not have any bad opinion about Peng Dinglong, so he also reached his hand out and shook hands with Peng Dinglong.

In the corner, Mr. Li looked at Jiang Liushi, but his eyes betrayed all the negative feeling he had. However, he quickly bowed his head and concealed his eyes. He looked at his palm as his hands had begun to tremble slightly; he had no control over them.

"No... I don't want to die...it's Jiang Liushi's fault!" Mr. Li murmured. At this time, Mr. Li also saw Zhang Gaohe, who was following Peng Dinglong closely.

Zhang Gaohe looked at Jiang Liushi with a bit complicated expression. "Captain Jiang," Zhang Gaohe greeted Jiang Liushi. He still remembered clearly that he had let Jiang Liushi wait in the snow for two hours. Ingratiating himself with Jiang Liushi was impossible.

'What a pity!' Even Peng Dinglong admired Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi glanced at Zhang Gaohe, but he just nodded faintly, and then said to Peng Dinglong, "I came to the hospital because I'd like to find something."

"What's the matter?" Peng Dinglong asked cheerfully. Now, no matter what Jiang Liushi needed, he would try his best to satisfy him.

"I need the serum that can assist in the evolution of a level-2 paranormal. At the same time, I hope the doctors related in this project can help my sister," Jiang Liushi answered straightforwardly.

"Serum...Oh, I know about this." Peng Dinglong pondered over it. The serum's value was very high, but if it were not for Jiang Liushi, they would still be trapped, and their prospect would not be optimistic...

Peng Dinglong turned to Zhang Gaohe and said, "Look for Dr. Wei and Dr. Joe, and let them come over."

"Yes!" Zhang Gaohe turned and went upstairs.

At this time, Mr. Li, who was in the corner, looked at Zhang Gaohe and sneaked up. "Gaohe, Gaohe." Mr. Li said in a low voice.