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 Chapter 460: Lu Changfei's Invitation

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

After exiting the Diverse Plants Breeding Research Laboratory, Jiang Liushi lifted a cage that was behind the co-pilot's seat. Zhang Hai had made it by twisting scrap steel that they had found on the roadside. Within the cage was a huge hairball, Luoluo. After swallowing the mutant queen's egg, Luoluo was still in deep slumber just like Jiang Zhuying. Naturally, Jiang Liushi could not put Luoluo in the storage space since it was a living creature. Moreover, Ran Xiyu could pay attention to it all the time since it was in the cage.

Staring at the hairball, Jiang Liushi didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Before doomsday, humans raised dogs and cats as their pets, but after it, those pets had evolved to mutant beasts.

'Starseed, show me the current state of my MCV,' Jiang Liushi said in his mind.'

Models: Mobile Construction Vehicle (Ordinary Edition)

- First form: Ordinary Minibus

- Second form: Mining Truck (Caterpillar 793D)

- Third form: Stealth Missile Boat (022)

Space configuration: upgraded bedroom x1, kitchen x1, bathroom x1, small living room x1, and small gunner room x1 as well as secondary storage space function.

Weapons: Primarily Compressed Air Cannon, Collision Ram, Primary Fuel-Type Flamethrower.

Functional Equipment: Biological Laboratory, Energy Crystal Extraction Laboratory, Diverse Plants Breeding Research Laboratory, Primary Mechanical Arms, Car Radio, Particle Beam (automatic energy absorption)

Hull: Level-2 special alloy.

Evolutionary Direction;

Option 1: Upgrade Collision Ram...

Option 2: Upgrade Fuel-Type Flamethrower...


Option 9: Upgrade Biology Laboratory...

Option 10: Construct Grade-1 Military Factory System...

Option 11: Upgrade MCV...


Seeing all the data displayed on the panel, Jiang Liushi's mind was in a whirl. Compared to his old MCV without any refit, the current state of his MCV could be regarded as a deluxe edition.

'Amphibious models are indeed cool.'

Except for flying in the sky, Jiang Liushi's minibus could go everywhere. But thinking about the mutant bird which had appeared above the Xiayuan Safety Area, Jiang Liushi gave up all his intentions to make his minibus fly in the sky.

' The current damage status of the MCV is as follows;

MCV's Body: 21%

Mechanical Arms: 10%

Tires: 5%

Collision Ram: 17%

Gunner Room: 30 %. '

'It's estimated that the total consumption of resources is... Whether to repair or not?' The notification of Starseed sounded.

That was the accumulated damage caused by the battle with the mother beast. Jiang Liushi didn't have time to repair it because immediately after the battle, they had received the emergency assembly order. After summing it up, Jiang Liushi suddenly realized the cruelty of the mother beast.

'Repair everything,' Jiang Liushi ordered.

'The repairing process will take 67 minutes. During the restoration, none of the MCV's functions will be affected.'

Jiang Liushi looked at the evolutionary projects for a long time, but he was sullenly aware that although he had a large number of mutant nuclei, he couldn't proceed on choosing any of the evolutionary projects as he lacked one or two materials for each option. That kind of feeling was quite similar to that of a person who had enough money to buy a house, but they met the limit purchase. It caused infinite sadness.

'Well, I can produce some evolutionary crystals,' Jiang Liushi said to himself while putting seven level-1 mutant nuclei in the groove. The seven mutant nuclei's purity was low, but it was enough to produce evolutionary crystals.

When Jiang Liushi came out from his cab, Ran Xiyu and the other girls had already started cooking. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun had decided to go around and get any information related to the current situation. Li Yuxin was sitting on the bed and examining Jiang Zhuying.

"Is Zhuying's condition still the same?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Li Yuxin looked up and nodded. Afterward, she quietly stepped to the side and gave her position to Jiang Liushi. She knew that every night, Jiang Liushi would look at Jiang Zhuying for a while before sleeping. Li Yuxin was very familiar with this kind of unique feeling of worrying about loved ones in this post-apocalyptic world.

Jiang Liushi sat down. Jiang Zhuying in her sleep was calm as if she was an ordinary pure and beautiful girl. Only when scanning with Starseed, Jiang Liushi could feel the existence of the overbearing forces in her body.

"Zhuying, take it easy. Your brother has completed the level-5 mission. Once we return, we'll send you to the best hospital." Jiang Liushi was touching his sister's head gently, putting up her hair.

Jiang Zhuying was still motionless. Only her body temperature distributed on the forehead made Jiang Liushi feel relieved.

"Brother Jiang, a member of Black Water Organization, is looking for you," Ling said suddenly.

"Black Water's member?" Jiang Liushi was shocked.

After getting off, Jiang Liushi saw Lu Changyang immediately. However, Lu Changyang's expression was a bit unnatural.

"Captain Jiang, my eldest brother would like to invite you." Finally, Lu Changyang said with his stiff smile. Before this mission, Lu Changyang was greatly unhappy with Jiang Liushi. He had even decided to fight with him, but his brother and Li Yinqiang's attitude, as well as Jiang Liushi's extraordinary strength, made him drop all funny ideas before it was too late. He felt timid not that he met Jiang Liushi.

"Your eldest brother?" Jiang Liushi thought for a moment and nodded. "Well, lead the way."

"Brother Jiang, I'd like to go with you," Ling said.

"I will also go with you. I haven't walked for a long time," Ran Xiyu also said.

"Well, let's go." Jiang Liushi said. Although Jiang Liushi didn't like Lu Changyang, he thought Lu Changfei was an openhearted man.

Just like the Doom Walker, Black Water Organization had also parked its huge fleet in the rural town. At night, in the 'wind wall' consisted of various types of vehicles, the delicious smell of barbecue from time to time could be smelled from the bonfires.

Jiang Liushi walked all the way, and apart from a pistol holstered on his waist and the sniper rifle on his back, and the two girls who were behind him, he hadn't taken anything else with him.

Being petite and petty, Ling and Ran Xiyu were all wrapped in a coat, looking fragile. With those two girls, Jiang Liushi did not seem threatening in the least. However, all of the Black Water Organization's members sitting by the bonfires were staring at Jiang Liushi and the two girls vigilantly.

"What are you looking at? Eat your meat!" Lu Changyang noticed and shouted. In Lu Changyang's mind, it was shameful that his members were looking at Jiang Liushi and the two girls like that.

"Well, Captain Jiang, this is the car, please." Lu Changyang brought Jiang Liushi to the front of a car.

Jiang Liushi had already caught a whiff of a strong smell of blood. Ran Xiyu frowned and then nodded to Jiang Liushi. When Jiang Liushi stepped on the car and saw Lu Changfei, he was shocked by the person's vitality. The spikes on the mother beast's tail had pierced Lu Changefei's body, but the small holes were already scabbed and had started to heal.

Jiang Liushi had used the genetic serum to evolve his blood, and his healing ability had become stronger, but Lu Changfei didn't have such an ability.

Lu Changfei was sitting on a mattress in the carriage. Although he was seriously injured, he was still like a crouching tiger. The swiftness of his body had not diminished in the slightest.

"Jiang Liushi, how about we set a temporary offensive and defensive alliance?" Lu Changfei said while throwing an evolution crystal into his mouth. For seriously wounded people, evolution crystals were helpful as they could replenish energy quickly and increase the body's healing speed. Naturally, Lu Changfei, a level-2 paranormal, had plenty of evolution crystals.

"Do you really want to form an alliance with me?" Jiang Liushi was surprised.

While competing for the level-5 mission, Lu Changfei had been treating him as his opponent, so why the sudden change? Moreover, the level-5 mission was over, why would they need to cooperate?

"Truth be told, I'd like to invite you to join us as the Vice President, but I didn't think you'd be interested," Lu Changfei explained.

"You're right, I'm not interested. However, if you're willing to appoint me as your president, then I might think about it," Jiang Liushi replied as he sat on a cushion next to Lu Changfei.

"What?" Lu Changfei felt annoyed. "I refuse to lower my head to other people. It's simply impossible!"

"How about my proposal? Are you interested in forming an alliance? Didn't you feel that there was something wrong with this emergency assembly order? I have sent people to check. Although the town center is guarded by soldiers, we can see the general situation of our army. The losses are serious." Lu Changfei explained, "Although they couldn't let us participate in the main events and battles, they still gathered us here. If I'm not mistaken, they'll give us missions with high rewards..."

"Rewards?" Jiang Liushi was indeed interested in rewards. He wanted to get more materials so he could realize his dream.

All the resources Jiang Liushi needed were not easy to find. Whether they were exchanged with mutant meats or weapons, the price would not be low. In this terrible post-apocalyptic world, if one wanted to find rare materials, they'd have to pay a high price. However, it was not necessary for Jiang Liushi to cooperate with the Black Water.

"If you are willing to help me with something, I can cooperate with you." Jiang Liushi suddenly changed his attitude.

Lu Changfei was surprised, and then he asked,"...Tell me. If you want to fight with me, you'll have to wait for some time."

Jiang Liushi revealed an expression of amazement as he looked at Lu Changfei's wound. 'He's a battle maniac!'

"No fighting," Jiang Liushi said. He just thought that Lu Changfei could lend him a hand.