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 Chapter 446: Bad Luck

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"Little Jiang, you don't know the danger of that beast nest. In fact, we have been attacking the beast nest during these days, but the price we had to pay for each attack were graves injuries and the death of a large number of soldiers, and even elite paranormals. You'd better choose a less dangerous mission," Peng Dinglong added, "We will soon expand Xiawu Military Base, so you are welcome to come and clean up several nearby villages..."

"Thank you for the good intentions. However, we've been preparing for the level-5 mission a long time now, and we can't stop halfway," Jiang Liushi explained.

Peng Dinglong started laughing. "Haha! Young man, you sure like challenging tasks. Being courageous is good. I appreciate people like you but don't bite off more than you can chew. Training here is also a good way to improve."

Jiang Liushi just smiled, and Peng Dinglong understood that whatever he said would not change his mind. He advised Jiang Liushi for Li Yuxin's sake, but since the former wanted to do thing his way, Peng Dinglong would naturally not try to persuade him.

At that time Li Yuxin suddenly said, "Grandfather, I have to go back with Brother Jiang to participate in the mission."

Hearing Li Yuxin's words, Professor Su was shocked.

"Yuxin, it is too dangerous. You should not get involved with dangerous matters; after all, you are a girl. Don't make Professor Su worry about you," Peng Dinglong said.

"Uncle Peng, I know you care about my safety, but we've participated in countless battles together. The level-5 mission will not be an exception," Li Yuxin stood up and said with a firm attitude.

She knew how critical that mission was for Jiang Liushi was, as it would help him to wake up his sister, Jiang Zhuying.

Li Yuxin's insistence somewhat surprised Peng Dinglong somewhat. It seemed that he had underestimated Li Yuxin's sense of belonging to the Shi Ying Squad.

"Well, I can let Yuxin follow you to participate in the mission, but I'll let Zhang Gaohe send some elite members of my Eagle Guard to join you, in order to protect Li Yuxin," Peng Dinglong stared at Jiang Liushi and said in a low voice.

Professor Su was delighted with that suggestion as it would increase his granddaughter's chances to return unscathed.

"No, Captain Jiang and the other members are enough to protect me." Li Yuxin shook her head.

"Yuxin, this is my favorite pastime as an elder. Please don't refuse. We will both feel relieved with some of my elite members protecting you," Peng Dinglong said again.

Li Yuxin looked at Jiang Liushi perplexedly.

And then Jiang Liushi just nodded and said, "I don't see a problem with this." In Jiang Liushi's mind, as long as they would not drag down his team, everything would be okay.

"That... okay," Li Yuxin whispered. Since Jiang Liushi agreed, she no longer opposed it.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were thrilled. Although Li Yuxin had only left the team for a day or two, they had already missed her. They were particularly concerned about Li Yuxin, while Jiang Liushi was unconscious this morning.

"Commander, the military government ordered us to make the necessary preparations. In three days, the elite troops will be dispatched to cooperate with us to launch the counterattack on the beast nest," a tall guard rushed in and said after raising his hand in salute.

'Three days later?' Jiang Liushi was shocked but immediately mused. It seemed that the traces of mutant beasts discovered at Rock Club finally had a subsequent impact.

Peng Dinglong furrowed his brow, and soon his eyes shined. He stood up and said to Professor Su, "Professor Su, it's as I estimated, we'll launch the counterattack earlier than expected. I have to leave and prepare for it carefully. I won't be bothering you for any longer."

"Haha, Commander Peng must be jesting. If you want to visit, this old man will welcome you at any time. Attacking the beast nest is more important than me. Commander Peng be careful and don't act rashly," Professor Su answered happily.

Peng Dinglong nodded and then he looked at Zhang Gaohe. "Gaohe, take care of Professor Su and make the arrangements for Li Yuxin's protection."

"Commander Peng, please rest assured. I'll do as you said," Zhang Gaohe replied firmly.

However, when he looked at Jiang Liushi and saw that he was still sitting without exchanging pleasantries, Zhang Gaohe was utterly speechless. He had never seen a person with such a low EQ.

After Peng Dinglong and Zhang Gaohe left, the atmosphere in the room became livelier. Although Peng Dinglong was fairly friendly, it had still virtually put pressure on Zhang Hai and Sun Kun.

"Captain Jiang, that beast nest is indeed dangerous. Please be careful if your team goes there. I can do nothing to help you, but I have a booklet which I want to give you. It contains some findings I wrote down in my spare time, and it's in accordance with the information provided by the military on that beast nest. Although the content is not complete, as I was missing some information, I hope it will be useful to you. You should take a look at it first," Professor Su said. And then he handed a booklet that he took out from a military green cloth bag to Jiang Liushi.

The corners of the booklet were scrolled. Jiang Liushi knew clearly that Professor Su had made painstaking efforts.

Jiang Liushi studied the booklet carefully, and he was moved by its contents. Although he could understand only a few parts of it, Jiang Liushi felt this booklet was quite useful.

"Professor Su, the booklet is very useful to me, thank you! But giving me this, isn't it a violation?" Jiang Liushi thanked from his heart and asked.

"Not at all. This is just my own personal research, and I have not disclosed any military secrets. You can rest assured about that Captain Jiang, and I have backed up those findings. Afterward, it will be handed over to the government." Professor Su laughed.

"Brother Jiang, you can accept it. I have also seen that booklet. It has lots of information inside. My grandfather has spent a long time on it," Li Yuxin also said.

Jiang Liushi nodded and quickly placed the booklet carefully.

"Then now... Captain Jiang, I'd like to ask for your permission to return to the team immediately." Li Yuxin made a military salute to Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi rarely saw Li Yuxin's playful side and smile.

"Welcome back, team doctor Li Yuxin!" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun applauded happily.

Seeing that scene, Professor Su smiled.

Three days later...

The snow had stopped, and it looked as if the world was covered in silver.

In Xiayuan Security Zone, a loud and enthusiastic radio broadcast reverberated, "In this chilly morning the hearts of Xiayuan Zone's soldiers are hot. They will immediately set off to launch our first counterattack on the beast nest! We are proud of our soldiers and everyone else who participates in today's major event. Because of you and your contribution, the fire of hope will never be extinguished!"

In the wild winds, many military vehicles carrying several soldiers were driven out. Jiang Liushi's minibus was mixed in Doom Walker's team, and they followed the long queue.

However, suddenly an engine sound was heard, and three military armored vehicles were driven into the ranks, and then after making a beautiful tail flick, they were stopped and completely blocked Doom Walker's way.

Hou Dingkun was sitting on the first heavy truck. For this mission, he had almost sent all of Doom Walker's elite troops and taken out all the weapons. It could be said that Hou DingKun had done his utmost best to succeed in this mission.

Seeing those three military armored vehicles, Hou Dingkun was shocked. 'Who are they?'

In the Xiayuan safety zone, no matter how powerful the 5th Channel was, no one dared to mess with the military.

Later 20 armed soldiers wearing body armor got off. Fortunately, Hou Dingkun recognized the leading officer and felt delighted meeting an acquaintance. "Captain Gao Fei, what happened?"

Hou Dingkun could not help but wonder why Captain Gao Fei had blocked Doom Walker's way.

"President Hou, let me introduce you. This is Captain Ding Yi, the third captain of the Eagle Guard. This is the Vice Captain Jian Chengjun..." Gao Fei did not pay any attention to Hou Dingkun's greetings and just introduced several people in an official way.

'Eagle Guard!? Isn't it Peng Dinglong's elite troop? Such a team should not be allocated in the mission's early stages, right? Why did they block the road?' Hou Dingkun thought.

"Captain, nice to meet you-" Hou Dingkun wanted to greet them, but he was severely interrupted.

"I'm in a hurry. Where is Miss Li Yuxin? We were ordered to protect her," Captain Ding Yi asked Hou Dingkun directly.

'Li Yuxin? Why is this name so familiar?'

While Hou Dingkun was trying hard to remember, Gao Fei reminded him, "President Hou, she is that lady we were waiting for that night, the granddaughter of Professor Su."

"Ah, Miss Li Yuxin." Hou Dingku was embarrassed. "The lady is in that minibus!" Hou Dingkun's eyes scanned his team and pointed at the minibus that was parked in a corner.

After seeing that minibus, Ding Yi was flabbergasted. "How could you do that? Why is she in that shabby minibus? You arranged for Professor Su's granddaughter to stay in such an archaic vehicle!?" Ding Yi asked angrily. It's no wonder that Commander Pang had ordered them to protect Miss Li. That group of smelly fish and shrimp was really unreliable. Even a mutant zombie could tear that minibus down.

"It- it's a misunderstanding, that minibus-" Hou Dingkun wanted to explain, but the soldiers headed toward the minibus.

'It's unfair! I was wronged!' Hou Dingkun said to himself.

Shi Can had reported to Hou Dingkun that the minibus was in no as simple as it looked; it was a monster. Even a modified heavy truck looked a like a fragile little toy before it. If possible, he wanted to live in that minibus. How was that not a misunderstanding!?

When Ding Yi and others were about to get close to the minibus, he urgently stopped and raised his right hand, "Everyone, stop!"