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 Chapter 441: Wasp War

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"Shameless! That was a sneak attack!" On the platform built on the hill, Lu Changyang cursed angrily. How could he not when the man under his orders was sent flying in front of Li Yinqiang and Leopard? It was similar to giving him a slap in public. To his disappointment, his curses were useless as Li Yinqiang and Leopard were still observing with wide smiles on their faces in anticipation of what would happen next. Only Leopard glanced at him momentarily to mock him.

Lu Changyang didn't know what to say next, so he simply looked at the Honeycomb Arena again.

"F*ck! How dare you sneak attack me?" The young man cursed while trying his best to stand up. He was overwhelmed by the pain from his stomach, spitting mouthfuls of saliva and cursing furiously.

The punch Jiang Liushi landed on the young man's abdomen was nothing more than a normal boxing knock-down technique. Generally speaking, when the abdomen was hit, a large amount of secreted nerve substances would suddenly flock to the brain, leading to confusion between nerve signals. As a result, the brain would be unable to control the body, and then the affected person would fall directly to the ground. It was indeed a hard and terrible attack. Even though that young man was a paranormal, he could not bear that kind of attack at all.

At the same time, he also felt very confused. 'What happened? Why didn't the wasps under my control attack him? Was it too late? Could the ordinary man have means of avoiding them? Impossible!'

Ever the young man had become a paranormal, he had started looking down on ordinary people, so could he accept that an ordinary person could be stronger than him in combat?

"Hey, when did Doom Walker let such a scumbag join them? Do they dare fight against A-Sheng inside the arena?"

"Continue acting like cowards and be wary of our group!" Black Water's members started provoking them again.

More and more random people joined in the fun as Jiang Liushi's punch had piqued their interest. Initially, they had not wanted to get involved with Black Water and Doom Walker's fight. Not to mention that it was a boring one-sided fight since Doom Walker's members were the ones being suppressed and bullied the whole time. However, the situation seemed to have changed a bit now. It was a rare occurrence to see an ordinary person who was on par with a paranormal.

"Oh? Bring it on! Do you think we're afraid of you? Come on! Who exactly did you call shameless? A-Sheng can control those wasps! How can that man be allowed to enter the arena? What a nerve!" Qi Liang sneered.

"Sneak attack? Are you qualified? Stop with your nonsense. I'll fight you any time! Or are you planning to fight against me with your foul mouth?" Jiang Liushi said slightly.

If Jiang Liushi were to fight against mutant beasts or zombies, he would consider utilizing sneak attacks. However, in his eyes, A-Sheng was too weak.

"Less nonsense! Do you dare to fight me in the Honeycomb Arena?" A-Sheng stared at Jiang Liushi and asked fiercely.

A-Sheng felt a little bit nervous. Lu Changyang had ordered him to make Doom Walker lose face. His hands were tied, and he could only taunt Jiang Liushi, which was the best method to solve his current predicament, to fight against him. If Jiang Liushi were to leave, Lu Changyang would never forgive him.

Although fighting was allowed in the current arena, they would be breaking all rules. Lu Changfei had ordered them not to cause more troubles that would provoke the military.

"If you want to die so badly, be my guest." Jiang Liushi made a leap and rushed into the sealed Honeycomb Arena like a cannonball.

A-Sheng was overcome with unexpected joy. No matter how powerful the young man was, as long as he entered the Honeycomb Arena, A-Sheng was confident of winning. He intended to give Jiang Liushi a miserable death, so he quickly followed him in the arena.

The so-called arena was a sealed cage surrounded by a large iron column. After entering, unless one of the involved parties begged for mercy, or after the iron cage was closed, it would not be easily opened. But how could A-Sheng give Jiang Liushi any chance to beg for mercy? He would let his wasps sting Jiang Liushi's mouth first.


As Jiang Liushi gestured, the iron cage door was slammed closed. The moment that iron-gate was closed, the Black Water's members immediately began to kick up a fuss. They egged A-Sheng on to kill Jiang Liushi.

The crowd shook their heads heavily after seeing that scene. They all felt that the Doom Walker's young man was too naïve. Why hadn't he learned a lesson from Wang Chuanfu and Ling Feng?

"Did you know? Here, I'm 100% confident that I will win. I will let you experience what true pain is," A-Sheng stared at Jiang Liushi and said excitedly.

"Don't talk any more nonsense. I'm in a hurry." Jiang Liushi frowned. He would not waste his precious time on this fight with A-Sheng. He had come here purely for avenging his teammates.

"F*ck!" A-Sheng felt annoyed when Jiang Liushi interrupted him, and on top of that with an impatient tone.

"Administrator, ten nests of wasps!" A-Sheng said to one administrator besides them.

One nest had about 500 wasps. They usually used one nest for training. As for ten nests of wasps? They were deadly.

"Does the opponent agree with ten?" The administrator looked at Jiang Liushi and asked.

"No problem, do something quickly," Jiang Liushi answered.

After hearing his answer, A-Sheng's face twitched.


The Honeycomb Arena's administrator quickly released ten nests of wasps. The overwhelming wasps quickly flew inside with a noisy and terrible buzzing sound.

A-Sheng smiled, and suddenly countless wasps surrounded him, covering the place behind him and creating with a strange and terrible sea of dense black spots. The buzzing sound of high-pitched wings sounded particularly harsh.

"Go!" A-Sheng waved his hand, and countless wasps instantly rushed toward Jiang Liushi.

Everyone outside the arena became excited after seeing that scene. In their eyes, A-Sheng was like a magician who could manipulate wasps.

Little Seven and Qi Liang felt nervous and wondered whether Jiang Liushi could dodge so many wasps at such a high speed.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Liushi stood still and only moved when the wasps rushed toward him. He stretched out his hands swiftly, and then it seemed as if he was holding something. Right after, the densely packed wasps dispersed. Some of them continued flying toward Jiang Liushi, while others started heading toward A-Shang's direction!

Jiang Liushi just stood in the spot to dodge. His speed was too fast!

Many onlookers outside just saw Jiang Liushi move from side to side. A series of afterimages were stacked together. However, no wasp had stung Jiang Liushi at all.

"What fast speed!" Some spectators were stunned.

"What? What is going on?" A-Sheng was totally shocked by the scene. He wondered why the wasps had broken free from his control and scattered in every direction.

'Oh no! It's gone!' A-Sheng thought suddenly. He finally knew the reason.

"Are you looking for this?" While he was searching, a voice sounded out of nowhere. He looked in front and saw Jiang Liushi standing before him with a wasp in his hands. That wasp was different from the others, as it was smaller but with more energy.

"You!" Seeing that wasp, A-Sheng was almost scared to death.

"Oh, it seems that you have several wasps such as this in your pocket," Jiang Liushi said happily.

Before A-Sheng could even react, he felt that his several pockets had been touched in an instant. When tried to check his pockets, he noticed that more than a dozen wasps were lying around Jiang Liushi's feet. He had crushed them all!

"It's fair now. Administrator, add ten nests of wasps!" Jiang Liushi shouted to the administrator suddenly.

"No! I-I don't agree!" A-Sheng screamed.