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 Chapter 439: Speak of the Devil

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Jiang Liushi reassured them while playing with a Type 64 pistol in his hands. To be precise, he was constantly disassembling and reassembling that Type 64 pistol. Every finger of his right hand was moving at a breakneck speed.

Zhang Hai could only catch the afterimages of Jiang Liushi's movements.

'The pistol's magazine, sleeve, recoil spring and trigger...'

Jiang Liushi disassembled and reassembled the pistol with lightning fast speed and a happy expression on his face.

"Amazing!" Zhang Hai was astounded by the whole process. As a paranormal, he could naturally judge how terrifying Jiang Liushi's current speed was. If Jiang Liushi aimed at an enemy, he could kill his target from several different angles within a second.

Such a fast speed, coupled with the sharp friction between the joints even with body fluids, ligaments, etc. still put an enormous load on the skeleton joints. However, Jiang Liushi was actually unscathed, showing how tough his bones were.

They all could tell that Jiang Liushi's strength had improved yet again.


Suddenly, the sound rushing footsteps came from outside.

"Zhang Hai, Zhang Hai!" Sun Kun rushed into the carriage, and when he saw Jiang Liushi, he became surprised and happy, "Brother Jiang, you are awake? Great! Brother Jiang, Wang Chuanfu was beaten by some people. Little Seven and Qi Liang came to ask for help," Sun Kun said.

"What happened?" Jiang Liushi asked in his low voice.

"Uh, I don't know. But Little Seven and Qi Liang are waiting outside," Sun Kun answered.

Jiang Liushi opened the curtains and looked in the direction of the entrance of Area B. Sure enough, he saw Little Seven and Qi Liang standing there poorly.

'Foolish people, why didn't they go to ask Hou Dingkun for help?' Jiang Liushi thought. After all, Hou Dingkun was the Doom Walker's president. However, it was the right time for Jiang Liushi to test his strength.

"Well, we will help them. Did they tell you about the place?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Yeah, Rock Club."


In the Xiayuan Safe Area, there were many clubs. However, the Rock Club was undoubtedly very unique. It was a ruthless place instead of a place for fun as countless bloody battles took place on a daily basis. Some grievances between individual teams and individuals could all be solved in an open duel. At the same time, there were a large number of instruments and artificial arenas that could be used to challenge paranormals. Some paranormals even believed that this place was crueler than the military's training schedule.

The specific address of the Rock Club was in a village not far from Xiayuan safety zone. The original buildings of the village had all been transformed into a variety of arenas by relying on the nearby hills and rivers. In addition, barbed wire had been installed around the place, and new buildings had been built, turning it into a large arena. There were also the Blackwater, Honeycomb, Doom and Cage arenas, in which only people with the corresponding VIP cards could enter. And each month, they needed to provide 100kg of mutant meat as dues.

The Rock Club was built on the highest area so the spectators could observe all the major arenas clearly.

"The club is doing better and better now. There are actually a lot of living mutant beasts in the Doom arena. It's a big deal," a man standing in the highest position with a pretty uniform looked down and said. The man's hair was meticulous, but his face exuded a majestic radiance that did not match his age at all.

Inside the Doom arena, fierce groans of mutant beasts, which could make one's hair stand on edge, could be heard.

"Captain Li, despite my efforts, if we hadn't received help from the soldiers under you, we would not have gotten that many mutant beasts," a slightly chunky middle-aged man with a grin on his face said standing behind that young man. He was dressed in a suit and looked more like a businessman.

"I've long wanted to expand the club's training content, hoping to train stronger and more aggressive paranormals and then send them into the military," the middle-aged man added.

"I have heard that the Black Water Organization also sent you several mutant beasts." At that time, another soldier on the side said indifferently. That person was Leopard, who was the First Captain of the elite team in the military.

"Yes, they've sent us several beasts." That middle-aged man nodded.

"Don't they have their own club? Why did they run to get in touch with you?" Leopard asked.

"This...our Rock Club is a public training ground where all people can come. Everyone knows that I will certainly purchase the mutant beasts they send me. After all, I am just a manager," the middle-aged man said with a smile, and he suddenly looked at a particular direction.

'Speak of the devil.'

A man and a few others walked through the corridor. That man was Lu Changyang.

"What a coincidence! You have also come." Lu Changyang smiled and walked over with enthusiasm.

Leopard glanced at him and snorted coldly but didn't say anything. In his mind, Lu Changyang was entirely different from his brother, Lu Changfei.

"Captain Li, you came here to inspect, right?" Lu Changyang asked again. Actually, he didn't mind Leopard's attitude at all. At the same time, Lu Changyang was quite respectful toward Captain Li, who was none other than the military's heroic figure, Li Yinqiang. Lu Changyang that Captain Li was his Lu Changfei's role model.

"I've been under stress recently. You should tell your brother to return to the military. The 2nd Platoon's leader, Jin Fangding died tragically in the last beast tide. Since then, I've been planning to invite your brother back," Li Yinqiang said. Actually, Lu Changfei was once a comrade in arms with Li Yinqiang and Leopard. They had fought together in several battles.

"Captain, Changfei has flown away from the army for a long time and has fallen. Last time, he even confronted an ordinary man with a gun for a long time. In the end, he did not make..." Leopard could not help but say in a low voice.

Hearing those words, Lu Changyang felt awkward. It was indeed a disgraceful matter. Lu Changyang wanted to explain, but he didn't know what to say.

"Leopard, don't say that. Jiang Liushi is not an ordinary person. He recently completed some missions and found some useful information which alerted the higher-ups. The military government decided to keep a close eye on him and observe him in secret," Li Yinqiang said. And then he looked at Lu Changyang and said, "I know that your brother didn't try his best. Otherwise, the result would be different..."

Suddenly, Leopard looked toward the entrance's direction. It seemed that things were going to be interesting as Jiang Liushi had also come.