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 Chapter 435: Special Discoveries in the Nest

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

At this time, Qi Liang discovered that Wang Chuanfu had opened his mouth wide. "Wow! It- It's here!" Wang Chuanfu screamed.

"What? What?" Qi Liang asked curiously.

"Little boy, look carefully. The legend in the modified car industry! Oh, no, it is a miracle!"

Everyone looked at the minibus with puzzled looks.

Shi Can wondered in his mind what that thing was. Was it a powder keg? Shi Can thought it was impossible, although he believed Shi Ying Squad was mysterious.


Everything was possible. An earth-shattering sound exploded violently, and a hole seemed to have been formed in the air as the air turbulence extended forward, rushing to the worm's soft belly. Originally, many wounds caused by gunshots were there, and they split open again because of the air cannon.

The mutant worm roared in pain and thundered on the ground. Many buildings around it were destroyed because of its crash.

"What's that? Is it an air cannon? Extremely cruel!" Shi Can was totally shocked after seeing that scene. It was the first time to witness such a grand scene. That mutant worm was seriously hurt. Shi Can never expected that this shabby minibus could have such a powerful weapon. At this time, he noticed the air cannon going back in the minibus. After all, it needed a period of time to recharge.

"Why did they retract it? Once again!" Some members wondered. The air cannon was their only hope. What a pity! But immediately afterward, a new weapon stretched out from that minibus. It was a thinner metal pipe!

At that time, that mutant worm rushed forward again just within twenty or thirty meters. In such a short distance, everyone felt terrible. Many people were ready to run, but that minibus was immovable as a mountain.

"Is there still hope? What is that?" Some people wondered.

"Amazing! A new one!" Wang Chuanfu became quite excited. Originally, he thought that the minibus would transform into a Big Mac, as he had seen it before. But he did not expect that a new weapon would appear. In his mind, Jiang Liushi's special ability was incomparable.


A fiery snake sprang out of the minibus. Wherever the fire snake went, even the snow would melt and evaporate. Even the grass under the snow became charred. This raging fire snake, in an instant, swept over that mutant worm. In the heat, the body fat of the mutant worm was burnt and splashed, sparking flames from time to time. The flame struck directly into the deepest part of the worm's abdomen!


A loud sound came!

The mutant worm exploded suddenly, and even some of the near paranormals were affected from the heat wave and retreated.

At that time, the flamethrower's fuel injector was retracted, and the minibus became normal again.

"Wow! It's amazing! I couldn't believe my eyes. Captain, it was even stronger than what you had told me," Qi Liang shouted.

Wang Chuanfu was quite excited by just staring at Jiang Liushi's minibus. He had determined that no matter what he would ask Jiang Liushi to help him upgrade his car. As long as he could have a similar car, he would never need to worry about this terrible world.

Shi Can felt a sense of relief as if a heavy weight had been lifted from his mind. 'Fortunately, Shi Ying Squad was here...' he thought. However, in the beginning, he had adopted a skeptical attitude. And now, he had an entirely new appraisal of Shi Ying Squad.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi drove his minibus toward them and finally stopped in front of Shi Can. Seeing Jiang Liushi, Shi Can showed a smile.

"Captain Shi, I want to have half of the mutant meat and its mutant nucleus," Jiang Liushi said directly.

"No problem, you deserve them," Shi Can answered without any hesitation. He knew clearly that without Shi Ying Squad, they couldn't kill that mutant worm at all.

"Well, then our team will go to the hospital first. Please follow us. I feel there's something wrong with that place." After leaving that sentence, Jiang Liushi left at once. Shi Can was touched by Jiang Liushi's warning.

"Come and clean up all the mutant beasts as well as mutant nuclei. Half of them should be given to Shi Ying Squad., Shi Can said to a squad not far away from him.


"No problem." Nobody had any objections about Shi Ying Squad's spoils.

Jiang Liushi's minibus rushed toward the depths of the town. All the way, no matter what obstacles, his minibus kept rushing fast.

'Notification: Detected special energy fluctuation-' the cold sound of Starseed echoed in his mind. Jiang Liushi paid great attention to every notification. Starseed sent him because it could bring him good fortune.

When Jiang Liushi made a sharp turn, a deserted white building appeared in sight, hiding in the winter night. In front of the five-story white building, one deep hole looked startling. In the accumulated ice and snow, there were gully traces all around. This must be the mark of a giant mutant beast or worm as it crawled out.

"Hmm?" Jiang Liushi observed carefully.

"Brother Jiang, there is a special energy fluctuation in it, but there is no danger," Ran Xiyu said.

Jiang Liushi nodded and then he went off. He saw a green army vehicle inside, which was surrounded by thick liquid. Jiang Liushi had a very strange feeling in his heart. This was the nest of the mutant beast, but why would a wrecked green jeep be inside?

Jiang Liushi returned to his minibus, and then a pair of robotic arms were extended out of his minibus and pulled that green jeep out of the hole. The whole car was completely decomposed, and Jiang Liushi saw three skeletons. It was as if all their flesh and blood had disappeared.

Two of them appeared to be soldiers, both wearing military uniforms. The other was in a white coat. Jiang Liushi guessed and felt he was somewhat similar to the scientist missing on the military vehicle.

Jiang Liushi also noticed that there were some holes in the skin sacs of the three corpses. Thinking carefully about Doom Walker's bald man, Jiang Liushi could guess what had happened. The corpse in a white coat was tightly holding box even after his death. The special energy detected by Jiang Liushi's Starseed was coming from that box.

Jiang Liushi carefully opened that box, and several strange things wrapped in bottles and cans with labels occurred in front of them. Inside was a Kraft paper bag wrapped in a special package. Inside one of the bottles was a pigeon-sized egg. The bottle had a hole, from which an egg-white liquid had dripped and dried up.

Seeing this liquid, Jiang Liushi frowned. This mucus was similar to the fluid secreted by that mutant worm.

'Arthropoda, Insecta, Hymenoptera, Formicidae...'

'A sample of the mutant eggs of the queen ant. Two. The observation found that the DNA chromosome reverse trend mutation, the result of variation is unknown...'

Jiang Liushi carefully read the label on top of the bottle and felt shocked. Obviously, those things belonged to the Science Lab.

'Mutated human brainstem specimens.'

'Skin tissue of a mutant zombie.'

'The eyes of a mutant beast.'


There were lots of detailed data, but Jiang Liushi could not understand them.

Jiang Liushi became slightly excited, and he could no longer maintain his calm. And then he quickly opened the Kraft paper bag. Inside was a copy of the research materials. There was a striking line above the research data-Special Research Group of the Institute of Biology of Jinling University. Group leader Yang Guanqing!

'Professor Yang Guanqing?' Seeing that name, Jiang Liushi was shocked.

Before doomsday, that name was known to every household. At that time, there was a human genome project in the world, and Professor Yang Guanqing was in charge of the Great Sub-region. He had also won many international science awards.

Facing the information in his hand, Jiang Liushi was excited and could not help opening it up. After reading carefully for a while, Jiang Liushi looked gloomy.

'The zombie virus' origin is unknown, and its structure is complicated. We have to go to the permafrost in the Far East to examine the virus' site to reveal the truth. The zombie virus do not just kill host's nerve tissue and replace them; they are symbiotic with human cells, absorbing energy from outside through a series of chemical reactions, such as sunlight, to form a source of mutated energy that supports action. A zombie can live for a long time without eating. The symbiotic relationship between the zombie virus and the host will make...'

It was obvious that the further he read the more obvious the researcher's emotional state became, as the results were not rigorous. Apparently, in the course of the study, Professor Yang's personal intelligence was severely impacted.

'...The more I study, the more scared I am. The more the zombie virus completely covers the earth, the faster animals and plants will evolve, and the more mutated zombies are born with basic battle intelligence...'

'...this will never end. The only hope for mankind is to evolve faster!'

'...this is an evolutionary struggle. Humans must work hard and win!'

On the last page of the document, the handwriting was scrawled. Jiang Liushi could feel the despair the scientist was in while writing that line.