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 Chapter 418: Girl's Weakness

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

The minibus passed through Yangxin, Ganhua and other suburban counties until they completely left the scope of Jining City.

They had encountered several petrol stations on the road, but they were empty, and in some supermarkets on the way, they had only found some cans of beer.

Jiang Liushi was sad as he knew that it would be more and more difficult to find resources. Thankfully they had collected enough resources in Shenghai Island and Wushui County.

"Brother Jiang, if I'm not mistaken, the little beast's IQ is similar to a 5-years-old-child." When they were relaxing along a river, Ran Xiyu said. She grabbed its two long ears and sent it to Jiang Liushi.

"This guy is very crafty, just like a child. I named it Luoluo. How does it sound? It can understand what Ling and I are talking about," Ran Xiyu said excitedly.

It seemed that cute creatures had great destructive power on any kind of girls at any time. Even Ran Xiyu was no exception.

"Luoluo?" A delicate name, but it was a mutant beast.

Jiang Liushi smiled and answered, "It's up to you. As long as you are happy, it's good."

Luoluo's big eyes blinked and stared at Jiang Liushi. However, Jiang Liushi would never be deceived by its harmless appearance.

The previous day, it had been noisy all day long. No matter what it did, it could not open the minibus' bullet-proof glass. In the end, it gave up breathlessly.

Suddenly, Luoluo stretched its pink tongue, licking its mouth, and stared at the things at the foot of Jiang Liushi. It was a glass trough with a thick layer of black sandy soil. There were many rare metal fragments in the sand, and some pieces of copper and iron and some pieces of mutant beasts. Eight gold flowers that slowly released bio-active metals were planted inside. And five mutant plant seeds were buried deep under the sand. Combining the information provided by Ran Yunsha, Jiang Liushi had already known about those plants.

"Ling, guard this little thing carefully. It can't eat the mutant plants," said Jiang Liushi coldly.

If it was an ordinary beast, Jiang Liushi would have long used it as fertilizer, but it was quite specials. Moreover, Ling, Li Yuxin, and Ran Xiyu seemed to like it.

Noticing their smile, Jiang Liushi had given up the idea of baking it, but he had ordered Ran Xiyu to monitor it all the time. As long as it had any weird ideas, Jiang Liushi would kill it at once. The little mutant beast had become extremely docile today.

"Brother Jiang, we've baked the meat. Let's drink some beer!" Sun Kun said happily. Jiang Liushi nodded. Although he didn't like drinking beer, in this terrible post-apocalyptic environment, he came to enjoy it.

When Jiang Liushi opened the door, he heard a scream. And then he saw that little beast rushing beside him quickly and running toward those delicious pieces of mutant meat.

Sun Kun was enjoying his beer, but then he was shocked by the following scene. The little beast was even chewing the iron plate with the mutant meat.

"This... This is my meat!"

"Let me... I will fight with you!" Sun Kun became angry!

Zhang Hai was also shocked. All the mutant meat baked by them were eaten by this little beast...

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun stared at each other, and then rushed to Luoluo suddenly. However, the Luoluo was quite alert. As a result, it did not wait for them to rush at it and Luoluo jumped to the minibus' roof.

"Little f*cker, I don't believe that I can't catch you!" Sun Kun's activated his power and climbed on the car's roof, but when he was on it, Luoluo jumped onto a nearby tree...

Sun Kun and Zhang Hai were at a loss, but Ling was smiling,

Seeing Ling's smile, Jiang Liushi was shocked. After all, Ling rarely laughed or smiled. Sure enough, women had little resistance to such a cute thing.

Jiang Liushi returned to his minibus and quietly watched his sleeping sister. And then, after carefully covering her with a blanket, Jiang Liushi returned to his cab. Then he placed two brightly colored level-2 mutant nuclei into the groove.

'Starseed, construct the Diverse Plant Breeding Research Laboratory!'

'Two level-2 mutant nuclei as well as some metals such as titanium and manganese... and four different types of plants... opening conditions match!' Starseed's notification echoed in Jiang Liushi's mind.

'Diverse Plant Breeding Research Room is under construction... countdown...'

Six days later. In Luojia City, a sudden snowfall came. Grey snow covered the entire desolate and lonely city in a kind of eternal twilight. The cold currents from Siberia screamed, and from time to time great trees fell hard in the wind.

'Oh, my God! Why are those people coming our way?" Zhang Hai muttered to himself while holding his gun and leaning against the window.

Although outside was cold, they felt warm inside the minibus. After all, the alloy shell and reinforced bulletproof glass could prevent cold. Although there was a temperature control system in the minibus, Jiang Liushi hadn't opened it to save fuel.

"We will arrive at Xiayuan City in two days." Jiang Liushi stared at the road where snow flowed forward. The corner of his mouth finally showed a smile.

The east side of Luojia City was Xiayuan City. In addition to eating and resting, they had been driving non-stop for 24 hours. Shi Ying Squad had already cut the distance by half.

"Brother Jiang, something is wrong in front of us," Zhang Hai reminded suddenly.

Jiang Liushi looked at where Zhang Hai was pointing, and he suddenly saw eight cars approaching them. Those cars were shabbily reinforced with nailed boards and plastic parts to fend off the cold. Only the three SUVs in the lead seemed okay. Although not modified, at least they didn't have much damage.

Jiang Liushi could see through the gaps of the boards that the cars were full of people. Some of them looked poor with complicated and frightened expressions.