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 Chapter 385: Return

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At the large gap, which the mudslides had created, the reddish female zombie, with skin peeling off its body and blood dripping off its hands, was standing. After it let out that weird sound, a large number of zombies started rushing alongside it. Each and every zombie was holding a piece of mudstone filled with silt while letting out growls of excitement. Then, they aimed at a group of guards on the boulders' side!

"Lie down! Behind the boulders!" Xiang Xuehai understood their intentions and shouted hurriedly to her members.

Before the sound of her voice faded, the overwhelming rocks zoomed through the air. Although many people had heard Xiang Xuehai's words, a dozen or so of them failed to dodge. Among them, four had their skulls broken. The zombies were so powerful that the rocks they threw could only deliver devastating blows.

They could all hear a buzzing sound coming from behind the construction site. A large number of zombies was getting closer with rocks in their hands. They did not immediately attack. But under the control of that mutant zombie, they kept a certain distance from the construction site.

Within such a distance, guns couldn't kill them at all, and the difficulty of targeting them had increased. The wounded zombies were in a frenzied state. Even though their intestines had been spilled out, the zombies could still fight.

As Xiang Xuehai observed that scene, her heart sank. She knew what the mutant zombie wanted to do. The zombies were quite powerful, and as long as their numbers kept increasing, the workers' morale would plummet sooner or later.

"This monster!" Xiang Xuehai gritted her teeth and stood up. A rush of wind lingered around her, spinning...

"Boss Xiang, don't use your special ability! If you keep overexerting yourself, the backlash will be severe!" Zhang Hai looked very nervous and quickly advised.

Paranormals could even die if they overexerted their power. The symptoms were similar to excessive physical exhaustion; acute renal failure, and even shock death.

"Don't say that! I must do it!" said Xiang Xuehai. She had to stop that mutant zombie. Otherwise, everyone would die!


At that moment, the mutant zombie roared and gave its orders.

Suddenly, from the far-reaching floodplain along the eastern side of the mountain, bustling sounds came. It was like someone was beating a tight drum.

The guards hiding behind the construction site suddenly saw something they would not forget for the rest of their lives. The row of zombies in front of them was swept by a strong force. Some were torn apart, while others were smashed to a bloody pulp. Even that mutant zombie was swept away!

Xiang Xuehai was shocked, but then her exhausted face suddenly became radiant. 'It's him! Jiang Liushi came back!'

Sun Kun used his special ability to climb on a really high tree. After ascending the tree, he looked at the gunfire's direction. "It looks like...It seems that Brother Jiang is back...excellent boat!" He clenched his fists and looked excited.

In his field of vision, a blue ship, crossing wave after wave of water, was approaching the mudslides' area, where the zombies were located. The naval position of that ship gave Sun Kun a familiar feeling because it was similar to the minibus. There was a huge V-shaped ram at the ship's front, which was larger than that of the minibus.

At the top of the ship, there was something even stranger. He could see a bunker, more than a meter high and completely sealed, with six metal barrels extending out of it.

Fierce gunfire continued to spurt out from the metal barrels. The machine guns swept every crawling zombie along the hillsides and turned them into a bloody paste.

Sun Kun was surprised. "So powerful! Finally, are saved! Boss Xiang, we found a missile boat."

'Brother Jiang wants to know about Wu Shui County's current situation. Why have so many zombies appeared on the mountain?' Ran Xiyu's voice sounded suddenly in Xiang Xuehai's mind.

Xiang Xuehai felt warm, even though these words came from Ran Xiyu, she could feel Jiang Liushi's emotions.

'He is finally back!' Xiang Xuehai felt relieved. She felt as if all the accumulated pressure of the past few days had disappeared into thin air just like that. She didn't dilly-dally and told everything to Ran Xiyu.

'Inform Captain Jiang to deal with that mutant zombie. As long as the zombies' leader is dead, we can easily deal with the rest of them. Don't waste bullets...' Xiang Xuehai said.

She deliberately concealed her body's condition because she didn't want to be a burden to Jiang Liushi.

In the missile boat, Jiang Liushi, sitting in his small gunner room, received all the information from Ran Xiyu. Hearing Xiang Xuehai's words, he nodded. It seemed that Xiang Xuehai was still okay, but Wu Shui County's situation was dire. If they hadn't come back in time, he was afraid that the mudslide area would become the zombies' vantage point to storm through Wu Shui County.

At the same time, Xiang Xuehai's reminder was spot on. He didn't have enough time to fight against all the zombies. Fortunately, his ammunition would last him to kill that mutant zombie.

'Xiyu, lock on that mutant zombie!' Jiang Liushi said.

'Okay,' Ran Xiyu answered, and then a strong spiritual force swept away to the top of the hill in the direction of mudslides. The dense red spots suddenly appeared in Ran Xiyu's spiritual field, and then she locked on the shiniest red spot.

Jiang Liushi looked through the small gunner room's observation hole at the mountain. As he looked ahead, the small gunner room quickly was turned clockwise and adjusted to the best angle to facilitate Jiang Liushi's observation.

Jiang Liushi was very satisfied with the small gunner room. He had spent three mutant nuclei for it, but it was totally worth it. The current gunner room was not the same with the minibus', which had been expanded several times.

The small gunner room was connected to the bridge, and by adding a chain chassis, it could move by 360 degrees. The AK-630, consisting of the ship-borne AO-18, six-tube 30mm Gatling gun, MR-123-02 fire-control radar system, and the SP-521 electron-optic tracker, was mounted in a sealed structure. Of course, the fire-control radar and electron optical tracker were currently unavailable because there was a lack of materials, so it was entirely dependent on Jiang Liushi's artificial operating system. On both sides of the barrel and above, there were observation holes and firing holes.

The moment Ran Xiyu locked on that mutant zombie, Jiang Liushi had already extended the sniper rifle out of the shooting hole. At the top of the mudslide, that mutant zombie was in a state of madness. Part of its arm had disappeared because of the gunfire's terrifying power. This directly caused a lot of harm to it. Not only that, other zombies around it were almost torn apart by the firepower. Instead of rolling down, they fell to the ground and turned into chunks of meat and blood. Out of instinct, the mutant zombie had jumped down on the ground. However, the moment it got up, a spiritual force suppressed its will, and then its skull burst open.

"Dead! The mutant zombie was killed!" Zhang Hai, hiding in the darkness, noticed what happened and could not help shouting.

The workers, who originally had been hiding behind the construction site, heard Zhang Hai's shout and they got excited. As long as the leader was dead, they could deal with the normal zombies easily. If they could complete the fortifications in time, they could delay the ordinary zombies for a long time.

As soon as the mutant zombie died, a huge burden was lifted off Xiang Xuehai's chest. Jiang Liushi was trustworthy!

She swiftly stood up and shouted to the survivors, "You should not panic! Don't be afraid. We've stopped the zombies at the top of the hill. We will eliminate them sooner or later!"

"I have another piece of good news. Shi Ying Squad is back! The man who promised us that he was going to help eradicate the water monsters is back with a very powerful missile boat!" Xiang Xuehai's words were spread in every direction!

"They finally came back!"

"We will be rescued!"

"They found a missile boat? Great! Ah, that monster can't beat them!"

Many people climbed up to various buildings on the hillside, even on big trees, to look around.

"It's true! A navy warship is in the floodwater!"

In fact, the survivors were really depressed after seeing that Jiang Liushi and his team had yet to return. They had thought that Jiang Liushi had either abandoned them or encountered difficulties. After all, the road was very dangerous. They didn't expect that Jiang Liushi could actually keep his promise!

Jiang Liushi, sitting in the small gunner room, felt relieved after making sure that the mutant zombie was dead.

At that moment, he heard a roar from the side of the mountain. Taking a deep breath, Jiang Liushi didn't dare to delay.

The missile boat made a big turn on the water, bypassing the blocked area formed by the debris flow, and drove to the flooded area where the mutant pufferfish was located. It took less than ten seconds for the missile boat to cross that distance.

Ran Xiyu said, 'Brother Jiang, I found the mutant pufferfish! Lots of small water monsters are surrounding it...'

Jiang Liushi looked, and he indeed found a dazzling red spot. Around the red spot were dense red dots. The flashing light of these little red dots was stronger than ordinary zombies. At a glance, the little monsters were more than a hundred!