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 Chapter 384: Soldiering On

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"Aaahh!" A scream suddenly came from below.

Xiang Xuehai, standing on the top of the hill, looked toward that direction. In one dilapidated hut, a skinny paranormal was bitten by a tall zombie. Resilient and robust hair had grown on that man's right hand, which had helped him to kill seven or eight zombies. However, this time, it was obvious that his special ability was growing weak. He could only hit that zombie with his right arm.

With physical exertion, his strength had weakened. As soon as the skinny paranormal was bitten, several of his veins withered. That tall zombie became extremely excited because it had tasted the flesh of the living. The tall zombie's hands clasped the skinny paranormal in front of it. Several other zombies, which had just rushed into the shed, pounced on the skinny paranormal.

Seeing the zombies rushing at him, the skinny man's face changed dramatically. He wanted to use every last ounce of strength to escape, but to his disappointment, there was no energy left in his body. He hadn't eaten mutant meat for a long time. For paranormals, mutant meat was equivalent to gasoline that cars needed to move. When despair was taking over his heart, he suddenly heard a few dull gunshots.

In the next moment, the zombies pouncing at him crashed heavily on the ground. And the tall zombie looming over his head was knocked to the ground.

"Hey brother, are you okay?" Zhang Hai asked while holding a shotgun in his hand.

"I'm okay. Thank you very much." The skinny man looked at Zhang Hai, and he could feel that the latter not only was in top condition, but he was also much stronger than him. How could he know that every member of Shi Ying Squad could eat mutant meat on a daily basis? Wu Shui County's paranormals could not be compared with Jiang Liushi's team.

Many of the people who had been guarding the sheds were either dead or didn't have enough energy. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were indeed prominent among all those paranormals. However, they were only two people, how could they handle all of the zombies rushing toward the city?

At that moment, Zhang Hai noticed the skinny man's wound, which was gradually getting darker. He knew that the skinny man was infected.

"The zombies and virus are constantly evolving..." Zhang Hai's heart sank. The skinny man noticed Zhang Hai's expression, and then he also looked at his wound.

Zhang Hai sighed. Once a zombie bit someone, they could only kill themselves. If they could not do it, others would send them on their way. The battle between humans and zombies was a cruel one.

"Everybody! Don't panic! Retreat to the back of the ridge!" Suddenly, a cold voice rang out behind the crowd. Then a gust of wind struck a dozen ordinary zombies. Numerous wind blades pierced through the zombies' hearts, necks, skulls and other parts. After that, they fell to the ground. Some of them didn't instantly die and crawled on the ground, but they no longer had the ability to fight.

Xiang Xuehai's slim figure appeared in front of everyone. No zombie rushed in. Zhang Hai and other paranormals hunted down the rest of the zombies left in the hut.

"Boss Xiang, your special ability is an excellent one!" Zhang Hai shouted.

"Are you okay?" Zhang Hai suddenly noticed that Xiang Xuehai was trembling slightly.

"Boss Xiang, do you want to rest? We can fortify this place on our own. With some barbed wire and obstacles, we can stop those zombies," Zhang Hai said to Xiang Xuehai.

"Well, I agree with you." Xiang Xuehai nodded. She indeed needed to relax and rest. Ever since they had returned to Wu Shui County, she hadn't eaten and rested at all. As a result, she felt weak.

"Luo Junjiang, you should follow Zhang Hai's orders. And quickly set up a temporary defense system in this zone. Transport the guns and ammunition from the temporary headquarters!" Although Xiang Xuehai was not able to support them with her ability, her head was still clear. She was very decisive in doing things!

Many other paranormals came to help in constructing the defense measures. After a period of time, an imposing building that was more than two meters high and more than ten meters long was finally completed. That shed was also destroyed and formed the first obstacle against the zombies' advance.

'Da! Daa! Daaaa!'

Many members were transferred to fight with zombies. Xiang Xuehai's face was pale as her whole body was in pain. That was the backlash of overusing her power. The effect was similar to exercising too much and suffering muscle soreness. Sitting in a room, Xiang Xuehai felt uneasy.

Wu Shui County was in a dire situation. In the face of the zombies' invasion, their firearms and ammunition were simply not enough. In the temporary warehouse, there were only 20 guns. However, they couldn't persist for a long time. In this mountainous environment, only paranormals were real weapons. Unfortunately, almost all of the paranormals had run out of energy because they hadn't eaten mutant meat for a long time.

"Boss Xiang, you should eat something." Luo Junjiang brought a bowl of noodles, and carefully handed it to Xiang Xuehai. This bowl of noodles was full of meat, and the soup was thick. Upon seeing the noodles, Xiang Xuehai knew that this was a special bowl that Luo Junjiang had prepared just for her. However, even if she that, it wouldn't be enough to replenish her energy. Only by eating mutant meat on a daily basis, would her strength come back...

Xiang Xuehai remembered the days that she had spent in Jiang Liushi's minibus... it was like a sweet dream...

Now, regardless of major events or small events, she should worry about by herself. She felt that she had already hit rock bottom. She was afraid that Wu Shui County would cease to exist... However, Xiang Xuehai was persistent!

"Come on! We should work together. Come on! For our future...Fight!" Loud words of encouragement came from outside. The survivors were trying their best to support and raise each other's morale.

Xiang Xuehai heard everyone's cries. If they didn't finish constructing the lines of defense, their city would become a bloody hell.


Suddenly, Xiang Xuehai heard a strange noise from the front. The vibrating sound caused the people's eardrums to hurt.

It was a mutant zombie!

Xiang Xuehai's heart suddenly sank. She pushed Luo Junjiang's noodles aside and stood up to look at the sound's direction.