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 Chapter 380: Walking Into A Trap

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Shang Qiangjun, holding the pair of binoculars, kept observing for any movements for any movements from Jiang Liushi's minibus. He was a quite cautious individual, so he had changed his location to a more secure one. He noticed that Liao Feng's classmate had accepted the bag of mutant meat and brought it back with her to the minibus. After that, the minibus was driven to the river in the northeast. When he saw them going out to collect water and lighting a fire to roast the mutant meat, Boss Shang became excited.

"Boss Shang, what's going on? Did they eat the meat?" Liao Feng asked.

"Little Liao, you did a good job! They are eating the poisoned meat. We can set off in ten minutes!" Boss Shang shouted excitedly.

In Shang Qiangjun's eyes, Shi Ying Squad was a fat sheep. Through careful observation, he had found that there were only two males, one young and one old, while all the other passengers were beautiful girls. The moment Boss Shang thought of those girls, he could not control his urges...

"I knew it would be a success! My classmate had been infatuated with me for a long time... There is no way she would ever doubt me. In order to dispel their alertness, I also took a bite of the poisoned meat," Liao Feng said excitedly in order to earn more merit. When he returned, Shang Qiangjun had praised him and absorbed the toxins from the poisoned meat he had eaten. His performance had surpassed his boss' expectations.

As long as they could capture that group of people, they could enjoy life for some time. For Liao Feng, he would have the chance to torture Jane Ling. Liao Feng was quite annoyed when thinking that she had become a paranormal with a lofty expression.

After a while, the sky became darker. Everyone from Jiang Liushi's team had already eaten their fill, so they returned to the minibus. Shang Qiangjun kept observing the minibus, from his cave, until it became eerily quiet. He licked his lips and wiped his bald head. And then, he was excited. "Set off!"

Liao Feng was at the forefront, followed by Shang Qiangjun and others, rushing to Jiang Liushi's minibus. Along the way, everyone was a little excited.

"Boss Shang, you are sure that each of them has eaten the meat I gave them, right?" Seeing that quiet minibus parked beside the stream, Liao Feng did not know why he had a sense of uneasiness in his heart.

Shang Qiangjun answered, "You don't believe me?" Shang Qiangjun was displeased with Liao Feng. "Even if they didn't eat the meat, as long as I approach the minibus, my toxins can kill them all with a wave of my hand."

"The poison I used was not a lethal one. It only paralyzed them as I want the girls alive." Shang Qiangjun was confident

Hearing his words, Liao Feng calmed down. Liao Feng had witnessed Shang Qiangjun's strength several times. Several paranormals had fallen under Shang Qiangjun's this special ability. He could release a colorless and odorless poison, which could be diffused to 15 meters. Moreover, its toxicity could be divided into several types. It could numb the nerves, or erode the muscles...

Presently, the ambient light was dim, and the sky was already dark. Fifteen steps away from that minibus, Shang Qiangjun stopped. It was too quiet.

Shang Qiangjun had contaminated the meat with nerve paralysis toxins, which was hardly noticeable and it and directly penetrated into the texture of the ribs. Generally speaking, they should have already fallen into deep sleep, but why was there no sound?

Shang Qiangjun was undoubtedly a very cautious man. "San Ke, go and see what's happening," Shang Qiangjun said to a man beside him.

"Boss..." That man shivered because he had heard from Liao Feng that there were several paranormals inside that minibus. However, he was stunned by Shang Qiangjun's murderous eyes. He could only scratch his head and move toward the minibus. But when he approached the minibus' door, he couldn't open it at all. The door seemed welded to the car. Then he placed his ear to the door to check if there was any movement.

At that moment, the door slightly opened and a flashing dagger penetrated his left temple all the way to the right temple.

The poor guy didn't even have the chance to shout, and then he fell down to the ground.

Ling jumped, and Jiang Zhuying followed.

"You guys really came," Ling said coldly. She wiped the blood off the dagger.

Shang Qiangjun was stunned. 'Why? How could it be true? I saw them eating the meat!'

"How is it possible? You guys... you guys..." Liao Feng stuttered while his eyes almost popped out of his head.

"Why weren't we poisoned? Did you really believe that I would trust you?" Ling stared at Liao Feng with disdain.

"We pretended to eat the meat you gave us to lure you out and kill you." Jiang Zhuying sneered. "Ah, yeah. We also have a beautiful sister in our team who can detoxify the poison."

When Ling had delivered the bag of meat to the minibus, Li Yuxin had used her healing ability and scanned the meat for any toxins. Actually, they hadn't eaten Liao Feng's meat at all.

"You guys are not worth our trouble. We had just to wait for you to come," Jiang Zhuying added.

Seeing Linlg's contemptuous look, Liao Feng instantly understood everything. He was a fool and was actually cheated by a woman, but he still felt good along the way.

"It's too bad that you didn't eat it. I'm afraid, you'll experience a world of pain. You won't be able to escape. Wait until you fall into my hands, Jane Ling. I want you dead!" Liao Feng said fiercely.

He hated that woman. He decided to let his boss make Ling, who didn't know her place, taste what real pain was.

Ling just raised her dagger and stared at Liao Feng when he cursed at her. The spineless man shut his mouth immediately after being stared.

The bald-headed Shang Qiangjun became angry from embarrassment.

"I want you all dead!" Shang Qiangjun roared, as he was about to make his move.

Suddenly Jiang Zhuying slapped in the air, and then a dazzling fan-shaped arc illuminated the dark surroundings and revealed a stunning beauty. Right after, Shang Qiangjun was hit by the electrical attack. At the same time, a few of his lackeys fell to the ground.

The horrifying and powerful electrical currents stunned their bodies. Shang Qiangjun's heart sunk. Let alone using his toxins, he couldn't even move.

Ling rushed toward them lightning fast, and her dagger stuck high into Shang Qiangjun's chest.

Liao Feng, beside him, was scared to death. "Boss!" His throat couldn't help but cry out. In his mind, Shang Qiangjun was very strong. If Shang Qiangjun died, he would be doomed.