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 Chapter 346: Entering the County

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After a few hours of driving behind the spectacled paranormal's vehicle, Jiang Liushi's minibus reached a small county.

Outside the county, there were many deep trenches, with sharp logs in them, but also a row of vertical barbed wire set around the perimeter. One net of barbed wires was clearly repaired after it had been torn open. In the deep trenches, the soil's color looked strange, like it had been soaked in blood. They could also see a lot of bones in some of the trenches.

Next, to the county's entrance, there were a lot of parked vehicles, while a few ordinary survivors were sitting in the roadside with dull eyes. They looked skinny because of long-term malnutrition.

When they stopped, they were immediately surrounded by some survivors, who begged for food in weak voices.

"Go to the side, we didn't need your help. Get away you are dirty!" A paranormal pushed the door open and squeezed out from the car. He used a long iron bar to drive the survivors away.

"Xiang Xuehai is in control of this area. The width of the road in this county is limited, and your minibus exceeds it. You should better park it here. You can drive the Hummer inside," the spectacled paranormal said.

Jiang Liushi had important things to do, so he did not want to cause any trouble. Also, he did not have to worry about the situation inside, as he could use Starseed to summon the minibus and drive on its own to their location.

"Let's get off," Jiang Liushi said.

"Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, you are responsible for guarding the minibus. The others will come with me."

The Hummer had a few seats, and bringing everyone would be useless. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun didn't have an objection at all. Jiang Liushi reconsidered and ordered Ying to stay in the minibus too. Jiang Liushi would be the Hummer's driver.

The survivors were astounded when so many beautiful girls got off the minibus.

No wonder he was driving a minibus, he had a lot of beautiful girls by his side! In their minds, Jiang Liushi was really cool.

The spectacled paranormal could not help but look at those girls. He had never come in contact with such beauties before doomsday, so...

As soon as the girls appeared, even the beggars at the roadside were charmed by the beautiful sight.

Jiang Zhuying was carrying a large black case, which attracted the spectacled paranormal's attention. Although the black case looked light, he could hear a dull metallic sound coming from it every time it was shaken. It sounded like there were a lot of things in it.

If the spectacled paranormal could introduce them to Xiang Xuehai, she would at least remember him in the future. He also believed that Jiang Liushi's team was strong so they could benefit from it. He also wanted to gain better information, regarding beast nests, the overall situation, etc., from Xiang Xuehai after they came to an agreement.

Generally speaking, almost all the information was gathered by her. And then she would distribute the pieces of information to her own people. For any survivors, information was the most critical factor because it could help them to hunt. And to get Xiang Xuehai's attention, except from having a strong team, providing ample resources, like introducing buyers, was also a good method.

The spectacled paranormal thought of that and couldn't help but smile.

"Although the strength of our team, Blue Sky Squad, is average, we know of Xiang Xuehai. I will the way for you. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself earlier, I'm Luo Junjiang, Blue Sky Squad's Captain," the spectacled paranormal said.

"Oh, thank you. I am Jiang Liushi, Shi Ying Squad's Captain." He knew that Luo Junjiang wanted to get on their good side to benefit. As long as he didn't harbor ill intentions in his heart, Jiang Liushi was too lazy to care about what he thought.

Luo Junjiang walked back to the paranormal who held the iron bar, and then said with a smile, "Blaker, come with me."

"What are you saying? It has nothing to do with me. I'm tired, and I don't want to go. I want to rest," Blaker said

"F*cker, your only interests are beautiful women. What better can you do? Forget it, I'll go alone!" Luo Junjiang glared at him and then left.

Blaker was annoyed with Luo Junjiang's attitude in front of their team members. He shouted at Luo Junjiang, "F*ck you! You'll always look like a Pekingese!"

Then, Blaker turned to look at Ying inside that minibus. Through the window, he noticed Ying was quite beautiful. Her tight clothes showcased perfectly her hot figure as well as her indifferent expression. However, when he glanced at her, the minibus moved to an open area because it was blocking the whole road.

Blaker jumped in his car and launched it. "I want to have some fun..."

After doomsday, ordinary survivors had it worse. Generally, the males would do strenuous jobs, such as laborers, while women would offer their bodies for other to vent on, in exchange for food.

Blaker went straight to an inn, which had been transformed into a "place for entertainment," but he did not have much interest in seeing those women who delivered the tea. Those women were pale from lack of food and rest.

He felt they were boring compared with the beautiful girls Jiang Liushi had by his side. Originally, Blaker thought that as long as he had power, he could do anything he wanted. But later, he found he was wrong. He couldn't achieve his dreams.

Moreover, he didn't like Luo Junjiang, who was a CEO before the doomsday, at all. Luo Junjiang chose to cooperate with him just to benefit. But now, he went to help others for more benefits....

Blaker felt sick with him.

He even doubted that Luo Junjiang could win Xiang Xuehai's good favor. He thought that she would kick him, and then, he, Blaker, would kick him off Blue Sky Squad!

However, that was unfair. After all, Blue Sky Squad was established by both of them. Thinking of such a possibility, Blaker could not help but hit his fists.

"Boss Blaker, how come you are not in a hurry this time?" The innkeeper, a woman named Sister Ma, looked Blaker's dark expression and hurried to please him personally.

"Leave me alone!" He was not in the mood to talk with that woman, so he impatiently shouted.

Sister Ma was startled, and she quickly walked away.

"What's wrong!?" Sister Ma whispered in her heart.

At that moment, Sister Ma saw a group of people coming in, and then her eyes lit up. She quickly welcomed them, "Brother Wu? I haven't seen you for a few days now. Your harvest must be rich, right?"

Brother Wu was the leader of that group of people, bald, and his scalp had more than a dozen crisscrossed scars, making him look very fierce.

Sister Ma was quite good at pleasing him, so Brother Wu smiled and said, "Yes, you are right. We hunted down two mutant beasts. One of them almost weighed eight tons!"

"Eight tons!? You are so cool!" Sister Ma said with a surprised expression, but Brother Wu was delighted with it.

Blaker also saw Boss Wu, who he knew, as they played cards together. That team had a total of six paranormals with a lot of firearms, so they were in the top five teams.

Boss Wu didn't have any other hobbies, except playing with women. Many women were tormented to death by him. Fortunately, Boss Wu would compensate those poor women. However, those girls were all scared of him.

The pale-faced women were scared that they'd have the bad luck of being picked by him.

"Well, do you have any fresh goods?" Boss Wu asked.


Suddenly he saw Blaker approaching him.

"Boss Wu, I have some fresh goods...!" Blaker roared.

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