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 Chapter 321: Mutual Destruction? Wrong!

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Jiang Liushi had already expected that the Guard would have brought plenty machine guns. As the minibus was getting closer to the hostile vehicles, almost all of their drivers were lying dead thanks to Jiang Liushi's exceptional sharpshooting skills.

Soon, Jiang Liushi could see the tank hidden behind those vehicles. Although it was noticeable through a narrow gap, it was enough for him to shoot at it. They a few hundred meters apart, coupled with the narrow gap, one could imagine how challenging the shot would be!

Jiang Liushi took a deep breath and held it in. Most of snipers would hold their breath before shooting so that it wouldn't affect their accuracy.

Of course, well-trained snipers would regulate their heartbeat by breathing. They'd slow their heartbeat and then concentration, and finally, shoot between the breathing and heartbeat gap.

Jiang Liushi wasn't trained how to do that, as he didn't need to aim at all. The moment he inhaled, his vision extended for a few hundred meters. He could even see, on both sides of the dilapidated houses, some scared survivors that didn't dare to walk out, or the screaming guards...

Through his slow-motion vision, Jiang Liushi could notice everything! At that moment, he pulled the trigger without the slightest hesitation.

"Ah?" Diao suddenly felt a great crisis of life and death! How could it be possible? Diao looked at that minibus with an incredible look. In the meantime, he suddenly burst into tears and jumped.


Diao kicked the tank from the inside with his terrifying strength. The entire tank, along with the people sitting inside, was sent a meter away from their original spot!

A sniper bullet grazed past the tank's armor, creating sparks from friction, as the tank was in the middle of changing locations because of the kick.

"F*ckers!" The tank driver screamed while he was drenched in cold sweat! If Diao hadn't reacted like that, the bullet would kill everyone in the tank from ricocheting!

"Bombard them to death!" Diao shouted!

The machine gun operators were waiting for that order!

Jiang Liushi slightly frowned when he saw that they dodged his shot. However, it was nothing.

"Ran Xiyu!" Jiang Liushi shouted.

"Yes, I know." Ran Xiyu, who was silently sitting on the couch, suddenly opened her eyes.

Ling's heart skipped a beat! And then she suddenly recovered. "Psychic paranormal? Good mental power!"

She knew that Hong Yue was also a powerful psychic paranormal, but she was weaker than Ran Xiyu.

"Even I can feel your mental power! It has become stronger..." Jiang Liushi said suddenly.

Actually, after killing Hong Yue, Ran Xiyu's mental power improved. She may be sitting in the minibus, but her mental power could penetrate the space, and she instantly locked on the tank!

Inside the tank, there were several 'lights' flickering, but Ran Xiyu could easily find her target! Her target was none other than the cannon's operator, who was preparing to shoot. Unfortunately for him, Ra Xiyu used her "Spirit Puncture" attack on him! He felt as if a needle had prickled his brain, and as a result, the cannon operator's spirit wavered.


A deafening explosion followed! However, the explosion's area of damage was not even close the minibus! The operator bombarded his team's vehicles!

A vehicle suddenly exploded, but soon after another followed. The explosion suddenly lit the dark area.

Diao was lying on the tank's cold floor. Those who had no time to avoid the impact were thrown to the ground from the shrapnel.

"F*cker! Where are you aiming at! Ah!" Diao cursed loudly. That operator had just recovered, but he couldn't believe what was happening.

"I ... I do not know!" The operator was scared and felt it was bizarre.

"Are you okay?" Li Yuxin asked Ran Xiyu with concern.

Ran Xiyu held her forehead, and then gently shook her head. "It was my first attempt. I have yet to grasp it."

Originally, Ran Xiyu only needed to startle the operator, but to her surprise, she could slightly control him. It was amazing!

The extent of Ran Xiyu's abilities was horrifying.

"This ability is in its initial stages. The operator wasn't a paranormal, and when he was nervous I was able to infiltrate his mind," Ran Xiyu explained

"You don't have to be modest," said Li Yuxin happily. She admired Ran Xiyu from her heart. Although Ran Xiyu was physically weak, she was critical to the team...

A short moment later, the distance between the minibus and the guards was shortened!

"Ying, accelerate!" Jiang Liushi shouted in his mind and Ying complied at once.


The already fast minibus accelerated again! In the blink of an eye, the minibus had reached the guards!

Diao had already climbed up, but he didn't have time to fire again.

"Such a fast speed! Do they want to commit suicide!? There are a lot of obstacles! Are they aiming for mutual destruction!?" Diao had a myriad of similar thoughts.

However, he was wrong!

Jiang Liushi revealed a cold smile.

"Air Cannon! LAUNCH!"

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