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 Chapter 309: Fate

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Little White, and the other zombies enjoying the poor ex-guard's flesh, suddenly turned around and looked at a certain direction. Hong Yue also turned around and looked at the entrance. Previously, she had ordered the guards to remain at their posts. Even if they had heard the poor man's screams, they still wouldn't dare to approach.

What happened?

Hong Yue felt that some people were walking toward them, and soon, their footsteps became clear. Hong Yue said coldly, "Kill them." The blood-covered zombies stood up and dashed to the entrance.

Hong Yue would give such an order no matter who those people were. Even her guards would follow the fate of becoming Little White's food if they dared to disobey her orders.

"It's here," said the unlucky spy that Jiang Liushi caught earlier.

The unlucky spy tried to struggle, but Jiang Liushi was more powerful than him. Betraying Hong Yue may result in torture, but not being truthful with Jiang Liushi, he'd be killed on the spot. Of course, he chose the former option. Through his connections with the patrols, they soon knew that Hong Yue had come to the arena.

"Don't forget your promise. I'd bring you to find Hong Yue, and you'd let me go," the unlucky spy said.

As they were getting closer to Hong Yue, the spy started to feel nervous. He wanted to run away as far and fast as possible. As for Jiang Liushi and his team? He believed they'd die miserably, and their corpses would be thrown into the cages to feed the zombies and mutant beasts. Who asked them to mess with Hong Yue?

"Of course, but I can't let you leave right now. You should be honest," Jiang Liushi said.

Jiang Liushi wouldn't let the spy leave, because he might call for support, which would create unnecessary trouble for them.

At that time, they entered through the entrance...

As soon as they saw the scene inside the arena, Ran Xiyu and others frowned. Li Yuxin even felt uncomfortable. She suddenly turned pale, and an angry expression appeared on her face.

How could Hong Yue be considered a human being? She was a beautiful and passionate woman, but with a viper's heart.

"You?!" When Hong Yue saw Jiang Liushi's team, she was stunned for a moment.

Hong Yue could have never expected that Jiang Liushi had come to Fallen City for her Little White.

According to common sense, even if Jiang Liushi had learned her secret, he should spread the truth and bring Fallen City's residents with him. After all, once people knew, they'd force her to leave, or even kill her. That's why she'd kill whoever found out her secret.

It was the first time she met such a strange person, Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi stared at Little White. It was standing behind Hong Yue like a shadow and gave off an air of danger.

At that moment, the Starseed detected the special energy again!

"I found it," Jiang Liushi said in a low voice. And then he looked at Hong Yue and said, "So it's true, you are raising zombies."

"What?" Hong Yue's brow twitched. She sneered, and the said, "You must be really stupid. Since you know, why would you come here?"

"You never know what fate has stored for you. I wanted to give it a try," Jiang Liushi said directly.

Suddenly, Little White jumped!


It was just like a shell, rushing from a narrow passageway with a strong pressure!

The spy's eyes immediately widened! In his pupils, Little White's reflection was constantly expanding. It revealed its palm with the sharp nails, and then it scarlet eyes...

It was a zombie!? The spy was astounded!


At that time, a white light flashed, followed by the sound of electricity. A terrible sizzling silvery electrical attack blocked Little White. Its reaction speed was fast, and it grabbed a cage next to it to stop. It then tore the sturdy cage like it was made of tofu.


Inside the cage was a mutant dog, with a chain around its neck, which immediately rushed out when the cage was destroyed. Compared with a human body, that mutant dog was too large; just a bite from it could tear a person in half.

The mutant dog was about to attack Little White with its sharp jaw, but the zombie was faster and shoved its arm in the dog's mouth! Then, it ripped the mutant dog's bloody tongue out of its throat! What's worse, Little White's arm was still intact!

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