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 Chapter 299: Lei She (2)

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Ying pulled out the tri-edge bayonet and kicked at Zhang's belly, sending him to fly; his blood splashed everywhere.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The baldie rolled down the steps like a ball made of fat.

Seeing that, the spectators started cheering!

Ying, holding the bloodstained tri-edge bayonet, looked like a Datura flower 1 . Everyone was stunned by Ying's prowess! None of them could have expected that such a beautiful maiden would be so powerful and cruel.

Baldie Zhang was also a powerful individual, but he was still slaughtered like a pig.

"Kill all of them," Jiang Liushi said coldly.

The spectators heard that order and were scared at once!

Lei She was infuriated and roared, "Who do you think you are!? I'll send you to meet your Creator!"

Lei She jumped and pulled out a whip, an extraordinary one, which was equipped with poisonous thorns! Once it wounded anyone, they would die.

What's worse was that the whip was three meters long, and it was of the soft attribute. The moment Lei She chose to attack, nobody could predict the attack's pattern. That was the whip's biggest advantage; it was hard to avoid it. Hence, nobody was reckless enough to fight against Lei She.

The spectators started retreating as far as possible. They weren't scared of bullets in the least, but they were dreading Lei She's terrible whip attacks.

[This weapon...] Jiang Liushi noticed that it gleamed with a copper-green luster, and he guessed that it carried a toxic attribute. After doomsday, it was rare to find toxic or poisonous compounds, as most chemical laboratories had been abandoned.

"It'll be your funeral today!" Lei She roared.

The whip was as fast as the wind. Everyone thought that Jiang Liushi would try and run, but contrary to their expectations, he rushed toward the whip's blindspots!

Everyone was dumbfounded. Did he want to die that bad!?

However, the unexpected happened. Originally, they all thought that the whip would land an attack on Jiang Liushi, and he'd die from the poison. After some time, not only Jiang Liushi wasn't injured, he even seemed like a fish in water. He ran past the whip's attacks like it was nothing, and his speed kept accelerating at a terrifying rate. Some people couldn't even see his figure clearly!

"How is it possible!?" One of Fallen City's paranormals shouted in surprise.

"He can easily deflect the whip with a pin if he wants to!" Someone amongst the crowd exclaimed.

It was just a conjecture because Jiang Liushi did the impossible. Most of the spectators watched the ongoing battle without breathing. Unlike them, Lei She became anxious. At first, he was confident, but then shock replaced his confidence. He noticed that Jiang Liushi was getting closer, so he decided to create some distance. Unfortunately, to him, Jiang Liushi didn't give him the time to do so.

In others minds, Lei She's whip was extremely dangerous, but it was nothing to Jiang Liushi. He had activated his brain domain, so all of the whip's attacks were in slow motion and clear to him. Naturally, he had plenty of time to react.

Jiang Liushi burst forward and jumped! Lei She came in his line of sight; they were almost face-to-face! For some top-level capable fighters, that was a good opportunity to fight.

At that moment, Lei She had an ominous feeling about his impending doom. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and released a green mass of smoke from his throat! He was really proficient in the usage of poisons! That's why he called Lei She. She' meant snake. He could spray poisoned liquid from his mouth; it was his trump card. As long as Jiang Liushi came in touch with even the slightest amount, he'd immediately die!

However, Jiang Liushi's speed surpassed the poison's release speed by far! The moment Lei She opened his mouth, and the first sign of smoke appeared, Jiang Liushi pierced Lei She's throat with his tri-edge bayonet!

There was a temporary silence before Lei She's body crashed on the ground!

"Dead..." Someone from the crowd shouted immediately.

Everyone had acknowledged the fact that Lei She was Fallen City's number one regarding battle prowess. However, Jiang Liushi still killed him in less than a minute.

It was unimaginable!

Who was Jiang Liushi? How could he be so horrifyingly strong?

At that moment, Jiang Liushi's image was carved in everyone's mind as deep fear took over their hearts. They decided to leave as far as possible and not get in his way.

Ma Hao was scared sh*tless. He was so afraid of Jiang Liushi that he couldn't even move. Naturally, the smart Ma Hao decided to discard Jiang Liushi's debt...

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