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 Chapter 287: Don't Bother

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"After your physical examination is over, someone will come and be responsible for arranging your accommodation. Later, some people will visit so that you can cooperate on other tasks," said Xia Xun.

However, after Xia Xun finished talking, Jiang Liushi remained silent and stood motionless. He had no intention to hand over all the scientists.

Xia Xun frowned at once. "I've apologized."

Jiang Zhuying stared at that officer. That officer was annoyed, but unfortunately, he didn't have any other choice. "I was impulsive, and I hope you can forgive me."

"Oh." Jiang Liushi smiled.

"My gun," the officer said.

Jiang Liushi did not intend to fight against these people, so he threw the pistol back to the officer and said lightly, "Don't be impulsive next time."

The officer caught the pistol, but he didn't say anything.

"Sister Zhuying..."Qin Nannan was still reluctantly holding Jiang Zhuying's cloth. Along the way, she was always watching animation with Jiang Zhuying. After all, she was just a kid.

"Don't worry. Let them tell you our address, and you can come and play every day with me."

Hearing those words, Xia Xun frowned. Although the inventories were filled with food, they couldn't afford to allow all of them to eat their supplies. Moreover, during the turmoil, the ones who betrayed the military had taken away a lot of resources.

However, those scientists were very stubborn, so she had no other ways to stop Qin Nannan. At the same time, she had to be polite with all those scientists.

After walking a long distance, that officer's heart was still resentful, but he also felt very shameful.

"Those survivors were insatiable," Xia Xun said coldly. "After doomsday, all kinds of paranormals have appeared. Don't bother with them..."

She had met many people like Jiang Liushi. In her mind, she shouldn't waste time to be bothered with them at all.

Hearing her words, that officer nodded.

After Xia Xun left, Captain Li's attitude changed at once. "You, come with me." Captain Li used an official's tone; he was no longer cordial.

Zhu Changqing noticed that Captain Li's attitude changed, so he sighed in a low voice. "Brother Jiang, we have offended that woman. Maybe she doesn't want to deal with us, but her faction will surely to make things difficult..."

Zhu Changing said, "You don't know her identity. Actually, she is the granddaughter of a famous General."

"Granddaughter?" Jiang Liushi nodded. In fact, he had expected that her identity was unique, but he didn't expect she was just a General's granddaughter. He even dared to kill a Commissioner's son, not to mention just a granddaughter.

"We should be careful for the next few days and assess the situation first," Zhu Changqing said.

They didn't intend to return to Shenhai Island anymore, so it was likely they'd stay in Star City Base in the future. However, Star City Base's situation was not good.

Star City Base's quarantine station was in a gigantic shop next to the gate, around which reinforced welding bars had been installed. Across the fence was where they'd check people, once someone had signs of infection, they'd be killed on the spot.

Not only survivors who had struggled to arrive from other places but also survivors who had just returned to Star City, they all had to accept the examination. Jiang Liushi saw the other two survivors' team there with many supplies.

"I feel that the survivors here are stronger than those in Shenhai Island." Zhu Changqing was whispering to others. Those soldiers all had experienced many battles, so they could identify almost everyone's power.

It was obvious that such large mutant beasts couldn't be found nearby, so Jiang Liushi asked others to know about the situation. According to other survivors' description, there was a famous forest park nearby. Naturally, wildlife was thriving.

"If there are so many mutant beasts in that forest park, we can go hunting. It'd be great if we meet some level-2 mutant beasts..." Jiang Liushi said to his members. At first, he just wanted to complete the mission, but he was interested in Star City Base.

"After the military's collapse, many undercurrents are surging. It's possible that some people have level-2 nuclei in their hands," a man said to Jiang Liushi after hearing their conversation.

"Go to that area for your check-up. I have to go back because I'm responsible for guarding the City gate," Captain Li said coldly.

The quarantine station was divided into several areas, and Captain Li just brought them to a region casually. Seeing such a large number of people arriving, other survivors in the quarantine station suddenly looked toward them.

All those soldiers were very eye-catching, but Ran Xiyu and the other beauties were more attracting. Some survivors were looking at them with interest. If not such a large army of soldiers beside them, they'd like to talk with those beautiful girls.

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