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 Chapter 278: Did You Get On Well With Each Other

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The survivors were flabbergasted!

Facing that terrible mutant bear, it was too late for them to run away. However, the team with the minibus took the initiative to attack. And finally, they won! It was amazing!

Jiang Liushi's minibus rushed out of those zombies.


The zombies followed the minibus fiercely. At first, they just felt that those zombies had become faster, but later they noticed that the minibus was heading toward them.

"F*cker! They're leading those zombies to us..." One of the survivors shouted. They didn't expect that Jiang Liushi's destination was also Ye County.

The two vehicles sped up at once, but they noticed that they couldn't shake off the minibus. To their surprise, the minibus reached them, and it was about to leave them behind!

"Wait! Please Wait!" The survivors shouted. Obviously, compared to Jiang Liushi's combat effectiveness, or the minibus' defenses, they were inferior. Moreover, they were afraid of the zombies' numbers. So they shouted loudly.

Fortunately, several minutes later, those zombies were thrown off, and the survivors felt relieved. Seeing that running minibus, Li Jun suddenly realized something. "Are they also going to Ye County?"

[This route is for Ye County!] Li Jun was delighted. "If they want to go to Ye County, we could follow them! It would be safer..." Li Jun said to his members.

"Wait! Wait!" Li Jun reached out directly to the steering wheel, and madly horned. At the same time, Li Jun was constantly shouting.

At that time, Jiang Liushi's minibus finally stopped.

"Really noisy! What are they doing?" Jiang Zhuying complained.

Shi Ying Squad's primary purpose was to resolve difficult situations, not to save every survivor they met. That horn was likely to attract those zombies again.

Seeing the minibus stop, Li Jun was excited, so he quickly urged them to speed up. The car had not stopped, but Li Jun quickly got off.

"What's your purpose? Do you want to pick a fight?" Jiang Zhuying opened a gap in the window and asked coldly. At the same time, in Jiang Zhuying's eyes, a small silver-white current flashed.

After consuming the evolutionary crystal, Jiang Zhuying was about to break through and become a level-2 paranormal. At the same time, her temperament had also undergone significant changes. When she released her killing intent, just being a little closer to her, the enemy could feel pain coming from their skin. It was quite uncomfortable.

Li Jun had such a feeling, and it immediately came to his mind the scene of the electrical current covering the mutant bear. If a human were in its place, the current would easily burn him to a crisp.

"It's..." Li Jun was shocked. He didn't expect that the beauty had such a bad temper. "It's a misunderstanding! We don't have such intentions." Li Jun quickly smiled and said carefully, "We mainly want to thank you for your help."

"Thank us?" Jiang Zhuying was speechless. "Okay, we got it, goodbye."

Watching Jiang Zhuying about to close the window, Li Jun said quickly, "There is another thing! Excuse me, are you going to Ye County?"

Jiang Zhuying was annoyed by his question.

"We're also heading to Ye County. And we are familiar with that area, so we'd like to lead you," Li Jun said.

Li Jun guessed that Jiang Liushi's team was not familiar with the area, so he wanted to use that method to approach them. However, he didn't expect that Jiang Zhuying wouldn't be interested in his words at all.

"Beautiful lady, Ye County is not a simple place. It's become a kingdom surrounded by city walls. There's even a palace. I know its Emperor too," Li Jun said.

Jiang Zhuying couldn't help but laugh. And then she asked, "Well, is your relationship with the Emperor good?"

"Of course!" Li Jun said happily. As a matter of fact, he was not familiar with Boss Sun. In his mind, it was an innocent lie.

At that moment, another window also opened, and a man wearing a casual black sweater, with a sniper rifle in his hand, appeared.

The moment the man appeared, Li Jun was concerned about the sniper rifle, and then looked at his face. However, the moment he saw him, Li Jun was dumbfounded!

[How could it be him?!]

Jiang Liushi was silent while looking at the stranger. He would like to let him go, but when he stared at that guy, Jiang Liushi was shocked. That man was looked a little familiar.

"Are you Jiang Liushi?" He shouted at once.

Actually, Jiang Liushi didn't have any obvious changes after doomsday. He had trimmed hair, and he was wearing very clean new clothes. Even Li Jun felt he was in a dream. At first glance, he believed that Jiang Liushi was still that Jiang Liushi before doomsday.

However, Jiang Liushi couldn't tell who was the stranger was...

He thought for a moment and asked, "Are you...?"

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