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 Chapter 271: Iron Tyrannosaurus

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"We found it! It's the villa No.6!" Ran Xiyu locked its position. As a matter of fact, the ranking of all the villas in CMC was exquisite. The CMC Chairman lived in the No.1 villa, and the rest, Vice Chairman and members, followed by the other number of villas one by one.

At this point, they were about six 600 meters away from Chu Chongshan's villa, and a small artificial lake separated them. From their location, they couldn't clearly see the villas as there was no electricity.

"It's a three-story villa with a total of 20 people inside and ten people in its small courtyard, who are all walking back and forth. There are two people on the roof, and they should be sentinels. Also, amongst the eight people in a room, five are paranormals!" Ran Xiyu said. As long as her domain was active, nothing could escape from her eyes.

"Five paranormals? But how about Chu Chongshan? Where is he?" Jiang Liushi asked. Ran Xiyu could only judge their direction and strength, but she couldn't see their faces.

"The remaining three people seem ordinary. Two of them are probably butlers who are responsible for taking care of Chu Chongshan's everyday necessities. As for the last group, though their energy fluctuations aren't strong, they seem dangerous. Probably, Chu Chongshan is there, and his location is in...basement!"

"Basement?" Jiang Liushi frowned because concrete walls were protecting the basement. It was challenging to assassinate him.

"Oh, someone detected my probing!" Ran Xiyu said suddenly!

At that moment, in the 6th villa...

A man sitting on the villa floor suddenly opened his eyes! In the darkness, his eyes looked as sharp as lightning. His eyes were directly piercing the darkness and staring toward Ran Xiyu's direction. He was not a paranormal, but he had a very keen sense, so he realized that someone was spying on them!


He jumped suddenly like a wild beast, and all wooden floor at his feet shattered.

"What's going on?" There were two other men beside him. But they hadn't detected Ran Xiyu's probing.

"Some people have infiltrated the villa area! Inform the garrison to search for them!" The military garrison in the villa area was the most elite team. They did not belong to any faction, but they were a mix of CMC's security forces, including General Zhang's subordinates. However, General Zhang had taken all of his subordinates to accompany him on the mission.

"They want to inform the garrison. If they ring the alarm, it'll be troublesome!" Ran Xiyu said quickly. And then Jiang Liushi shouted, "Act immediately!"


Ying sped up at once. It was just a few hundred meters, so they only needed a few seconds!

The roads in villa area were narrow, and darkness covered them due to the lack of electricity. Moreover, that artificial lake was there. However, it was just a piece of cake for Shi Ying Squad.

At that moment, the alarm reverberated in the villa area!



The garrison soldiers, armed with automatic rifles, rushed out and warned loudly. However, nobody listened at all.


Fierce gunshots sounded. However, the bullets would just spark brilliantly for a moment and then fall to the ground.

"Launch the second form!" Jiang Liushi shouted.

At that moment, the minibus started transforming. The originally loud engine made a slightly high-pitched roar out of a sudden. The minibus' second form was completed! The mining truck weighed 160 tons. It was running in the night like an Iron Tyrannosaurus! All the roadbed in the villa area were completely crushed to powder. The Iron Tyrannosaurus rushed to the 6th villa!


Rifle bullets poured down again, but they were useless.

Suddenly, Ran Xiyu had an ominous feeling!

"Nine o'clock direction, on the side." Ran Xiyu shouted about the unusual attack's direction!

Jiang Zhuying was the first to react! Electricity's speed was much faster than bullets. Moreover, Jiang Zhuying could attack from any angle thanks to the gunner room's 360-degree-range. It was the fastest attack! Dazzling blue lightning lit up the dark villa area, and a man holding an RPG rocket launcher twitched before falling on the ground.

In less than 20 seconds the mining truck had reached Chu Chongshan's villa! It was amazing! The garrison didn't even have the time to counterattack! They didn't even dare to use heavy weapons!

Chu Chongshan reacted fast. He got up from the bed immediately, putting on his clothes, however, it was still too late!

At that moment-


A loud noise came, and the villa's gate was sent flying!

"Who!? Zhang Tianyu?!" Chu Chongshan was scared and angry. The first person that came to his mind was Zhang Tianyu since they were enemies. But Chu Chongshan didn't think Zhang Tianyu could be so courageous. But who could it be?

He opened the iron door in the basement, but he was astounded with the scene before him; debris and broken furniture covered the floor while the villa's walls were full of cracks.

A paranormal rushed his way and shouted, "Comrade, do not go out!"

Chu Chongshan was pushed back to his bed.

"Who are they?!"

"A truck! A huge truck crashed into the villa..."

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