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 Chapter 269: Military Order

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Initially, Chu Chongshan was in charge of the armed police, and his Sixth Army was mainly responsible for maintaining Shenhai Island's security. Whenever the earthworms attacked, the Sixth Army stationed in the city also played a significant role. On the other hand, General Zhang's subordinates were all elite soldiers. Their combat expertise was the highest amongst any other troop in Senhai Island.

It was an entirely reasonable suggestion that General Zhang's Third Army should complete that mission. Chu Chongshan's words enraged General Zhang, but he had no way to refute them.

"Comrade Zhang, what do you think..." The Chairman of the Central Military Commission said.

The Chairman was the one who had proposed Shenhai Island's creation, in other words, he was its founder. Although not many soldiers were under his command, over 80% of heavy weapons, including primary battle tanks, rocket vehicles, and armed helicopters, were in the Chairman's possession. As a result, he was Shenhai Island's supreme decision-maker.

"I understand your concerns. Since the Chairman has given the orders, then I, Zhang Tianyu, will follow them," General Zhang said.

He had no other choice other than accepting the most dangerous mission. It was an opportunity, but at the same time, a considerable risk. Unavoidably, a few sacrifices needed to be made for the greater good. If all of his subordinates were to die, then he'd become a leader without any followers.

"It's my honor undertaking this mission! I won't return until the mission is completed!"

At that moment General Zhang's heart was filled with passion. Although he knew that this mission wasn't as it seemed, since power struggles were involved, he was too lazy to scheme as the others. After all, he was a soldier first. Protecting other people with everything he had was his bounden task!

"Comrade Zhang, you are our hope!" The Chairman of the Central Military Commission said solemnly. "I will send the tank forces to accompany you, but when you reach that cave, it will all depend on you! Be careful!"

"I know! Take it easy and believe me!" General Zhang had decided to fight to the very end.

Seeing that scene, Chu Chongshan's eyes flashed with a mixed glint of happiness and pleasure. Zhang Tianyu and Chu Chongshan couldn't stand each other. After all, it involved the power struggle of the Central Military Commission. Moreover, Zhang Tianyu was supporting Jiang Liushi!

Chu Chongshan couldn't live under the same sky with Jiang Liushi. In his eyes, it was a heaven-sent opportunity which would lead to the annihilation of General Zhang's military power.

During the entire siege period, the military was on standby 24/7. As a result, after the emergency military order was issued, it took only two hours for Zhang's third army to gather.

Chu Chongshan was standing on the roof of a tall building while holding a pair of binoculars to see the large number of troops. When they left, he sneered. If Zhang Tianyu perished together with the earthworm-mother, it would indeed be the best outcome for Chu Chongshan.

"Director, it's difficult to predict what will happen. What should we do if General Zhang completes the mission?" A thin man asked standing behind Chu Chongshan.

If Zhang Tianyu completed the mission with a few sacrifices, then he'd be the ultimate victor. Chu Chongshan didn't say anything after his subordinate's question.

At that moment, that man spoke again, "Commander, Zhang Tianyu took all of his members and even his guards, so his villa was empty! With my abilities, it's not difficult to break into it! Several weeks ago, when our people went to the Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, I had ordered my brother to bring some radioactive substances back. As long as you let me put a milligram in his tea set, he'll die. We should take this opportunity..." The man seemed to be hesitating, so Chu Chongshan did.

After pondering a bit, Chu Chongshan shook his head and said, "Shenhai Island is still facing a crisis...If the other members take note of our actions, they'll kill us..."

Although Chu Chongshan wanted to remove all dissidents, or even monopolize power slowly, Shenhai Island's safety came first.

At night, Shenhai Island was deathly silent, but outside its walls, faint gunfire sounds could be heard, indicating that the night was not calm at all. In order to prevent the earthworms' attacks, Senhai Island's entire military and police were dispersed throughout the country. As a result, Shenhai Island's protection was weak.

In the CMC villa area, there was a small building lit with dim lights. It was Chu Chongshan's villa, which was next to Zhang Tianyu's. Chu Chongshan sitting in the dark house lit candles on the table. During wartime, all the power was used for any incoming battles. So even the villa district's electricity, belonging to CMC, was also stopped.

Chu Chongshan looked out of the window and stared at Zhang Tianyu's building, revealing a cold smile. He took a delicate metal box out of the drawer with a crystal nuclei within. He took the nucleus out, put it in a teapot and then poured hot water. It was an Evolutionary Crystal! It was quite rare, so the military had strict protocols about their circulation. Even a strong survivors' squad couldn't get their hands on them, no matter how much they were willing to spend. Presently, evolutionary crystals would only be distributed to the military's strongest paranormals.

Chu Chongshan, of course, was not a paranormal, but he had used his privileges to get two evolutionary crystals for himself.

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