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 Chapter 263: I Was Forced

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"Who!?" Yan Fangfei was scared by the strange voice. She suddenly jumped from the sofa as if a fire was burning her.

"What are you doing?" The owner asked. He thought that Yan Fangfei was crazy.

"Didn't you hear that?" Yan Fangfei looked around in surprise. But no one was around other than them.

"I didn't hear anything. My hearing can't be better than yours. What did you hear?" He stared at Yan Fangfei, and he felt that she was doing nothing more than showing off her special abilities!

"You didn't hear..." Yan Fangfei felt puzzled. She was sure that she hadn't heard that voice thanks to her special ability. She also felt that all her secrets had been exposed!

"Miss Yan, When will we detonate the bomb? Did those people return that house? We should quickly finish the task and then report on everything that happened," The owner said impatiently.

"Bomb? Then that should be the bomb's remote control in your hand!" That voice sounded again in Yan Fangfei's mind.

Yan Fangfei thought she was getting crazy!

How could they have found her? She had an unparalleled hearing, so nobody could escape her ears.

At that time, Jiang Liushi was boiling with rage. He didn't expect that Yan Fangfei would use such means to deal with him. If a paranormal were using a sniper rifle to attack, they'd exude a strong killing intent before pulling the trigger. However, by using a remote control to trigger a bomb, from such a long distance, it would be impossible to feel the murderous intent in the air. As a result, it was extremely difficult to pinpoint them.

Thankfully, Ran Xiyu was there, or else, Shi Ying Squad's members, as well as Jiang Liushi's aunt and cousin, would have died.

Taking into consideration all kinds factors, Jiang Liushi was able to guess their enemy's identity- Chu Chongshan, it could only be him!

They had already collected information about Ran Xiyu, but their information was lacking, so they only knew about Ran Xiyu's accomplishment at that nuclear power plant. Luckily, Ran Xiyu didn't demonstrate all of her abilities at the nuclear power plant, mainly because the monster was too weird.

Not to mention the military, not even Jiang Liushi and Ran Xiyu knew how useful her abilities would be in the end. Jiang Liushi's decision not to reveal Ran Xiyu's range of detection was excellent! Otherwise, the consequences would be unthinkable!

Thinking of these, Jiang Liushi didn't feel lucky, but he was angry. He couldn't accept that he was able to keep his life thanks to a series of lucky encounters!


A loud sound came from the cottage's door lock, and then it shattered. A frigid tri-edge bayonet shot through the door, destroying it, and stuck on the opposite wall.

"Who?" All the people in that room shouted at the same time.

At that moment, a dazzling blue light lit up the dark room!

"Ah! Ahhhhh!"

Two men shouted because a powerful current struck their bodies. They had lost any ability to resist.

That moment Yan Fangfei was rushing down the stairs, but Jiang Liushi appeared like a ghost in front of her!

Jiang Liushi grasped Yan Fangfei's soft but somewhat dirty hands and grabbed the remote control.


Jiang Liushi was no gentleman and twisted Yan Fangfei's hand until the bone broke!

Yan Fangfei let out a miserable scream-


And then she fell to the ground. "Jiang Liushi, you...you..." Despair had taken over Yan Fangfei. She wondered how Jiang Liushi could have found them.

"We meet again!" Jiang Liushi clutched Yan's neck.

As Jiang Liushi tightened his grip, Yan Fangfei struggled hard in fear and hopelessness.

After a few seconds, Jiang Liushi threw her directly on the concrete floor. Yan Fangfei was scared to death by his terrible strength.

"Jiang...classmate Jiang, I...can...serve you...any way you want." During their time in school, Jiang Liushi was a mere fly in Yan Fangfei's eyes, but now, in order to live, she was more than willing to serve him.

As long as Jiang Liushi accepted her proposition, Yan Fangfei believed she would have a chance to get revenge in the future.

"Are you really willing to serve me?" Jiang Liushi smiled.

"Yes...Yes, I'll obey your every command. I want to devote myself to you...I...I just want to live..." Yan Fangfei pleaded.

Jiang Liushi gently pulled out the tri-edge bayonet from the wall.

Yan Fangfei was shocked with, and her face turned ghostly pale at once. "I am just a little dirty...if you let me take a bath..."

Yan Fangfei tried her best to persuade Jiang Liushi at any price. But before her voice had died away, Ran Xiyu appeared and whispered, " Brother Jiang, she's lying."

"Yes, I know," Jiang Liushi said while playing with the tri-edge bayonet in his hand. His face expression was icy.

"Kill that cheap woman!" Jiang Zhuying said angrily.

Li Yuxin also came. As a classmate, she had never expected that Yan Fangfei's personality would be so terrible.

"Yuxin...save...help me..." In Yan Fangfei's heart, Li Yuxin was her only hope to keep her sorry life. She knew that Li Yuxin was a softhearted person.

However, Li Yuxin changed after all the terrible sufferings brought by doomsday. She had accepted the reality.

Suddenly, a black light flashed, and the tri-edge bayonet struck Yan Fangfei's throat.

Blood splashed everywhere!

Yan Fangfei clutched her own throat, as she wanted to stop the continuous flow of blood, but she still slowly fell...

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