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 Chapter 249: Scream At Night

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It was nothing during the day, but when night came, Jiang Liushi felt quite embarrassed when he was stared at by five females and one little girl. Jiang Liushi touched his chin unconsciously when he felt the awkward atmosphere. Although his minibus' internal space had just been upgraded, it immediately became crowded...

"We should arrange the sleeping space..." Jiang Liushi reluctantly said.

Professor Qin and her daughter were assigned to a bed. Jiang Zhuying and Ying slept on another bed together. Li Yuxin and Ran Xiyu used the rock-paper-scissors to decide where they'd sleep. Finally, Li Yuxin slept on the sofa. Ran Xiyu and Jiang Liushi slept on the floor together.

The car's space was limited, but it was well-ventilated, so they didn't feel weird at all.

Hearing various rustling sounds, Li Yuxin closed her eyes lying on the sofa... It was hard for Li Yuxin to fall asleep in the minibus. After all, it was her first night staying there. However, Li Yuxin knew that their living conditions were quite good in this terrible world. As a result, she felt very happy. She looked out of the window for a moment and saw a soldier standing guard in the distance, lying there motionlessly. She almost thought the soldier had fallen asleep, but as soon as another soldier approached to replace him, he immediately stood up.

Jiang Liushi's minibus was parked at the other end of the camp, which was away from those soldiers. Unconsciously, Li Yuxin fell asleep. This was the first night after joining Shi Ying Squad...

At that tall building, Yan Fangfei didn't sleep for the whole night. She kept her eyes open and looked toward the direction where the convoy stationed. It was a precious chance; she couldn't miss it!

"I think, we should find ways to break through the zombies!" Yan Fengfei shouted. Her shout awakened everyone in the middle of the night. Truth be told, they were unable to sleep, as their hope of survival was right outside. But to break...

"I have made detailed calculations, in fact, the distance between us and the military is not long," Yan Fangfei said. "If we cross the distance in a straight line, it'll be less than a kilometer."

"But the zombies..." A survivor said suddenly.

"The number of zombies is insignificant!" Yan Fangfei immediately interrupted him,

"Most of the zombies are on the street, but there are only a few in the alleys. Also, I have a solution," Yan Fangfei said, taking out a cell phone.

She had found that phone in the building a long time ago. Fortunately, its battery was still charged!

"As long as we set the phone's alarm to ring every five minutes or so, and place it in the opposite direction of our route, then the zombies' attention will be on it. It'll be much easier for us to escape," Yan Fangfei said.

The survivors glanced at each other. They were unkempt and did not have enough food for many days. They looked deep into each others' eyes and saw the reflection of their thin skin and chapped lips. A zombie looked much better than them.

Zombies were their biggest fear, so under such circumstances, who would have the guts to carry that cell phone?

"The phone will ring once before a zombie destroys it," one survivor said.

"Yeah, and the other zombies on our way will be alerted too. We'll suffer big losses!" Another survivor said.

Yan Fengfei felt annoyed with those people. "Okay then, let's give up on the cell phone plan. It was only a suggestion." Yan Fangfei put that phone down with an ugly expression on her face.

"Then we'll break through directly, and I will use my special ability to protect everyone," Yan Fangfei said. "There is no way to continue living here. We've already collected all the food we could find. We have a chance to escape from this place..." Yang Fangfei said again while thinking how to stay alive and cross that distance.

She was staring at these people with her red eyes. Finally, all those survivors agreed with her idea. Yan Fangfei became happy and excited immediately. She controlled her emotions and said, "We don't have much time. We should hurry up."

After that, all the survivors went to the building's door. They gently removed the obstacles blocking the entrance, and the iron door appeared in front of them. After opening that door, they had to face countless zombies!

Yan Fangfei was nervous and afraid. When did she suffer from that before doomsday?

As a special paranormal, Yan Fengfei started hoping for a brighter future. That was the day she had been waiting for...

When Li Yuxin was about to fall asleep, she suddenly opened her eyes. In the meantime, Jiang Liushi also jerked up from the rug next to her.

Even though Jiang Liushi awakened suddenly, his face didn't have the slightest sleepy expression; it was as if only a second had passed since he had closed his eyes.

Almost the same moment, Ying also stood up. Jiang Zhuying and Ran Xiyu immediately woke up.

"There is a disturbance in our surroundings."

Jiang Liushi got up and put on his clothes. They had heard a shrill scream from afar!

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