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 Chapter 237: Hypnosis

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"That...let me try!" Ran Xiyu said.

Although Su Guangqi didn't know about Ran Xiyu's special ability, but after hearing his granddaughter could be rescued, he became excited. "Miss Ran, if you save my granddaughter, I will be indebted to you forever."

"Grandpa Su, I will try my best," Ran Xiyu said.

"Xiyu, you should start," Jiang Liushi said. Actually, Jiang Liushi felt powerless. And he realized that in this terrible post-apocalyptic world, there were no absolutely safe places.

Su Guangqi also wanted to say something, but at that moment, his old face convulsed. "I..." Su Guangqi's voice seemed to be stuck in his throat. And then he grabbed the sofa's armrest before slowly collapsing.

"Su...Professor Su ...!" Jiang Liushi shouted. Jiang Liushi became flurried because he didn't know what's wrong.

"Zhuying, you are responsible for Xiyu's protection. We don't know what happened to Professor Su!" Jiang Liushi said to his sister.

At present, they could neither advance nor retreat. Su Guangqi was twitching more and more seriously. And at the same time, Su Tong originally lying on the sofa suddenly opened her eyes with her pale lips trying to say something. And then she had the same symptoms with her father!

"It...is terrible!" Jiang Liushi suddenly realized that the pills they had swallowed weren't vitamin tablets! The lack of vitamins, especially vitamin B2, would affect the complement of mucosal skin cells. But those vitamins offered by Song Qianwen had been replaced by that monster.

Jiang Liushi's mind was very confused. He felt everything was crumbling apart.

"Notebook...notebook..." Su Guangqi said exerting his full strength.

[Notebook?] Jiang Liushi suddenly understood that it was the diary with all their samples and findings. Although the study was interrupted by that monster, they had found a lot of valuable information. However, Su Guangqi and Su Tong's value surpassed that of a mere notebook. As long as they were alive, the loss of the notebook would mean nothing.

[Could it be that the terrible monster fed them with two fake vitamin tablets to kill them?] Thinking of that, Jiang Liushi felt it was a terrifying scheme. It was obvious that monster advanced steadily and entrenched itself at every step.

At that time, the military had already been informed about the accident from the walkie-talkie.

"Captain Jiang, what should we do?" Lin Yaoshan asked impatiently standing beside Jiang Liushi's minibus. Regardless of Ran Xiyu, or the two scientists, they all were very important.

"Do not open the door," Jiang Liushi calmly issued an order. At that critical moment, letting other people get on the minibus would only make the situation worse.

"Xiyu, you should save Li Yuxin first. Ying is taking care of the two professors temporarily, but if they're really suffering from variation..." Jiang Liushi didn't continue his words, but Ying had understood his meaning. And then Jiang Liushi felt that Ran Xiyu was like a statue, and she seemed to convey her power in professor Su.

"What are you doing?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Mental repression...Suppressing the mental activities of both professors Su to a minimum, which is equivalent to deep sleep or hypnosis," Ran Xiyu explained. And then Jiang Liushi noticed that the two professors were actually asleep.

"It's much more powerful than a simple hypnotizing ability," Jiang Liushi said.

"Although I've assisted their metabolism to slow down, it cannot save them but can help them feel comfortable. We don't have much time," Ran Xiyu said. She used her power, which turned in a white light, and guided it between Li Yuxin's eyebrows!

After the white light passed through Li Yuxin's eyebrows, it was as if Ran Xiyu was drained of all power, and her whole body was covered in sweat, but she kept pressing forward with all her might.

[Wake up, wake up!] Jiang Liushi was chanting in his heart.

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