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 Chapter 222: Ran Xiyu's Special Ability

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Jiang Liushi's sudden question caused Jiang Zhuying's interest too. She immediately rushed Ran Xiyu's, and she started staring at her.

"I'm also curious about it. Let me guess. Can you read someone's mind? Or can your psychic power manipulate weapons and attack someone?" Jiang Zhuying blew her mind with her sheer imagination.

However, Ran Xiyu just shook her head.

"How about mental control...?"

Ran Xiyu still shook her head. "It's quite difficult for me to describe it... I had said that I could see a spirit world..."Ran Xiyu tried her best to explain. And then Jiang Liushi nodded his head. He knew that in Ran Xiyu's spiritual world, everything would transform into some simple lines, completely transparent, and only spiritual life would be colorful, like a mass of burning flame. Mankind's spiritual power was like a burning flame, and the stronger one was, the more powerful the flame was. Zombies had mental reactions too, but their color was gray. With such an ability, Ran Xiyu could do a no-dead range 360-degree search. Nobody, including zombies, could escape her search.

"In the middle of the spiritual field, there is a white circle which can expand with my thoughts, like this..." Ran Xiyu said and slightly closed her eyes. Suddenly, Jiang Liushi felt an invisible wind blowing past him. But his clothes did not flutter as if it was only an illusion; it was an indescribable feeling.

"This white circle, which can be magnified and shrank according to my wishes...it's my field. I feel like a fish swimming in my spiritual world...freely and fast..."Ran Xiyu said. And then Jiang Liushi noticed her eyes became brighter. In the end, her eyes were like a white sun.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi frowned, and he felt his head was a bit heavy. And Jiang Zhuying had a similar reaction. She couldn't help but take a step back. "This is..."

"I'm sorry, this is another function of my ability, Mental Suppression." Ran Xiyu felt very sorry. "Its power is weak. What you felt was due to my limited power... If I try and suppress only one person, the power can be stronger. I may even control someone."

"Oh?" Jiang Liushi's eyes lit up. Ran Xiyu could suppress him and his sister at the same time, making them feel uncomfortable. As a result, Jiang Liushi was sure the Ran Xiyu's ability could control a person if she wanted to. That sounded perfect!

"If there are many people in your field, can you choose just one person to control with your ability?" Jiang Liushi asked at once.

"Yes. No problem." Ran Xiyu nodded her head.

"How about the range of your field?" Jiang Liushi asked again.

"It's very wide...if I try my best, it can reach..." Ran Xiyu closed her eyes as if she was testing it. After a while, she opened her eyes and said, "It was about three to four kilometers...but I couldn't insist on...one kilometer, is my most effective range..." Ran answered.

Jiang Liushi admired Ran's special ability.

"Can you control whoever is in your field?"

"Yes, but my power will weaken the further away someone is. However, I can transmit my thoughts to everyone in my field. Moreover, I can notice everyone's spiritual fluctuations in my field. It's like they live under my eyes." Listening to Ran Xiyu's introduction, Jiang Liushi became excited. Ran Xiyu's special ability had become a long-cherished goal for others. There was no doubt that Ran Xiyu would play a decisive role in this battle. She would be Jiang Liushi's trump card.

If we regarded Jiang Liushi as Shi Ying Squad's heart, Ran Xiyu could be regarded as the team's eyes.

"My dear brother, I'd also love to consume a few evolutionary crystals!" Jiang Zhuying said acting cute. She also realized the importance of Ran Xiyu's special ability. Although Jiang Zhuying's ability was stronger, compared to Ran Xiyu, her contribution to the whole team was lacking.

"Evolutionary crystals...rest assured you'll get the chance." Jiang Liushi knew that his MCV also had the ability to make energy crystals, so he wanted to open the evolutionary laboratory and get energy crystals in exchange for mutant meat and nuclei. He also wanted to know the peak of his sister's ability would reach after consuming evolutionary crystals.

According to the data offered by Starseed, his sister could be regarded as a level 1+ paranormal. That meant his sister could reach level-2 easily. Of course, the military also could develop level-2 paranormals, but Jiang Liushi believed that his team would be stronger.

At that moment, Lin Yaoshan shouted in the walkie-talkie again, "In front of us, there is a tide of zombies, among which are several mutant beasts. Everyone, don't get disheartened!"

In the current situation, only the armed vehicles could push forward. However, it seemed that some soldiers had been hurt...

"We found mutant zombies...Sniper group, please help us." Someone shouted in the walkie-talkie.

"Boom!" A loud gunfire came.

That Type 99 tank opened fire! The power of heavy artillery was extremely terrible!

Jiang Liushi was watching everything from the gunner room. But he noticed that the Type 99 tank didn't affect their predicament. Only when the targets were concentrated in one places, could the Type 99 tank show its devastating power. The moment the shell left, those zombies ran in different directions, and only 20 or so zombies were killed. Compared to the steady stream of zombies, it was indeed a drop in the bucket.

When the tide of zombies surrounded them from every direction, the scene was indeed terrifying! However, the weapons carried by the military were limited.

It seemed that the situation was perilous...

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