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 Chapter 221: Vision and Feeling

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After introducing each other, Lin Yaoshan discussed all the tasks and requirements related to the sniper team with Jiang Liushi and Wang Jianlang. Lin Yaoshan emphasized the importance of cooperating with each other.

Bewilderment rooted Wang Shiqi to the spot. She felt like a contemptible scoundrel.

[Why? Why has my brother to listen to his orders when it comes to sniping?] Wang Shiqi couldn't find an answer to that question. After all, she was really proud of her brother.

"Well, that's all the intel and details we could provide. You should interact with each other. I'll have to take my leave as there are some other things I have to attend to." Lin Yaoshan said, and then he left.

Wang Jianlang felt unhappy standing next to Jiang Liushi. Although obeying orders was a soldier's doctrine, Wang Jianlang was unwilling to follow that order.

"Captain Jiang, I wonder which type of sniper rifle you usually prefer to use. 3 × 20mm, or 3-9 × 40mm?" Wang Jianlang casually asked Jiang Liushi. A scope was critical to any sniper.

It was common knowledge that Huaxia's most revered sniper, Zhang Taofang 1 , could shoot without the help of a scope. But that had happened half a century ago. Modern warfare was different. If a sniper didn't have an accurate scope, they'd be unable to do anything, just like a bird without wings.

Wang Jianlang asked Jiang Liushi that question because he wanted to test whether the latter had any professional knowledge.

To be frank, he still didn't believe that Jiang Liushi had the aptitude for shooting. As long as Jiang Liushi answered his last question, he would ask how to measure the distance from the target with different sights. If the corresponding moving target's location was calculated after estimating the moving speed of the target, could he know the error margin on the X-axis? Also, a sniper should be knowledgeable about a lot of things like; different models of firearms, different specifications of bullets, etc.

However, Wang Jianlang did not expect Jiang Liushi's answer, "What do 3 × 20mm, and 3-9 × 40mm mean?" Wang Jianlang was dumbfounded, and he didn't know if he should keep asking.

He almost stared at Jiang Liushi, and he made sure that Jiang Liushi indeed didn't know what that was so he explained carefully, "20mm and 40mm refer to the scope's diameter, and the leading figure means 3 times the focus sight, with 3-9 times zoom sight... If you do not know this, how can you aim and shoot at the target?"

"I'm relying on my vision and gut feeling." Jiang Liushi answered. He actually knew that snipers needed to master a lot of complicated formulas, but in fact, in a real battlefield, those formulas were useless. The reaction time was just about a few seconds. Did they have the time to react? As for Simo Häyhä 2 from Finland and Zhang Taofang from Huaxia, they also didn't rely on any formulas, but they were all excellent snipers.

The human body was a sophisticated machine. When the brain and body muscles were in perfect coordination, a sniper could estimate the location of bullets. Moreover, Jiang Liushi had a powerful brain domain. The brain was the most mysterious and complex human organ. As far as shooting was concerned, Jiang Liushi could be regarded as a talent.

"Relying on your vision and gut feeling?" Wang Jianlang almost couldn't believe his ears. It was simply nonsense! This was a mission concerning Shenhai Island's future. What a waste! Wang Jianlang felt too lazy to keep talking with Jiang, so he turned away.

"Brother!" Wang Shiqi quickly followed up.

Jiang Liushi touched his chin, and he guessed that Wang Jianlang ran to inform Commander Lin. But he wasn't concerned about it.

"Well...you...when did you learn how to shoot with a sniper rifle?" Li Yuxin asked hesitatingly. In fact, Li Yuxin was puzzled about many things...

"After doomsday." Jiang Liushi responded, "The two siblings have quite interesting names. One is a word, and the other is a poem. The following characters all mean 'jade'..."

Li Xunxin didn't know what to say anymore, and she felt Jiang Liushi's behavior was peculiar. It was evident that Jiang Liushi was no longer the one she knew. In other words, he was completely different from their school years.

At that time, the mission was about to start...

It seemed that Wang Jianlang's protest was fruitless because Jiang Liushi saw Wang Shiqi's angry return. When she got on that ambulance, Wang Shiqi also stared at Jiang Liushi. She initially thought that Jiang Liushi couldn't see her because she was far, but in reality, nothing could elude Jiang Liushi's eyesight.

Of course, Jiang Liushi was too lazy to give a damn about Wang Shiqi's feelings.

"Set off!" The convoy quickly left the area of the first district of Shenhai Island. A large amount of smoke and dust rose on the road, due to the lack of road maintenance workers and cleaning machinery.

Ying was responsible for driving, and Jiang Lishi holding a walkie-talkie stayed in the gunner room. Ran Xiyu was on full for any potential danger. However, Jiang Zhuying was lying on the couch, and she was watching anime. She looked like going on a road-trip.

Suddenly, a sound came from the walkie-talkie, "A zombies' group was found in front of us."

Jiang Liushi didn't respond. But he looked at Ran Xiyu and asked, "Xiyu, have you noticed any differences ever since your special ability evolved?"

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