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 Chapter 177: Say It Again!

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'Om! Om!' Two Xiaolong off-road vehicles stopped next to Qiu Wenlong's off-road. Although all of them were off-roads, the two cars had been modified, so they looked better. As soon as they saw the two cars, Qiu Wenlong's face stiffened, and he couldn't bother with Jiang Liushi anymore, just looking at him fiercely.

"Oh, good! What a luxurious pool party. Truly amazing!"

A man wearing a jacket and cross-country combat clothing underneath jumped out of the car, and five people followed behind; they were all skilled.

"Duan Dingbang, what are you doing here?" Qiu Wenlong walked up and asked with a gloomy face.

Duan Dingbang was also a member of Wolf Fang's Special Brigade, but he belonged to another branch. Seeing him arriving, Song Feng had a really bad feeling.

Duan Dingbang's fame spread far and wide as he was an old member of Wolf Fang's Special Brigade. Actually, he even carried out many dangerous tasks before doomsday. Although he had an ordinary appearance, his abilities couldn't be underestimated. At the same time, he was also known for his viciousness. Song Feng once heard that he had a conflict with Qiu Wenlong, so Song Feng felt terrible.

"Childe Duan, welcome!" Said Song Feng quickly with a forced smile.

Duan Dingbang pulled his belt with a cigarette in his mouth; his eyes swept around before speaking with a wide smile, "You could come, why couldn't I?"

"What do you want?" Qiu Wenlong warily asked.

"Nothing, in particular, I just wanted to swim with a few of my brothers. How come we didn't receive any invites for this party?" Duan Dingbang said, looking at Song Feng and then asked, "What does it mean?"

Song Feng's expression suddenly became stiff. It was obvious that this group of people was wanted to ruin their party.

Hearing their conversation, Jiang Liushi shook his head and said to Li Yuxin, "It seems that we shouldn't have joined today's party. Let me escort you back home first."

"Childe Duan, you see, today it's a joyful event. I will treat you all drinks. Give me some face, please." Song Feng said carefully.

"Oh, I've heard of you. You're called Song Feng, right?" Duan Dingbang asked.

Song Feng suddenly showed a faint smile, and nodded, "Yes..."

However, before Song Feng's voice had died away, Duan Dingbang's smile suddenly disappeared and he severely ground out his cigarette on Song Feng.

"Who are you? How dare you ask me to give you face!? Even your dad has no right!" Duan Dingbang said ferociously.

Song Feng stepped back with a pale complexion, but he didn't dare to say anything.

"Duan Dingbang! Your behavior is unforgivable!" Qiu Wenlong snapped while reaching out to Duan Dingbang.

At this time, Duan Dingbang punched and heavily hit Qiu Wenlong's shoulders and arms. Qiu Wenlong was forced to take a few steps back.

"What?" Qiu Wenlong rushed forward, kicking at Duan Dingbang's temple.

"Nice kick!" Duan Dingbang made a fierce and fast punch. It could be regarded as the strong versus the strong. Qiu Wenlong immediately felt as if his leg bone was hit by a solid iron scale, and was soon in great pain.

"Qiu Wenlong, are you holding back or something?" Duan Dingbang mercilessly laughed.

At that moment, a terrible sound came behind his back.

Duan Dingbang's pupils contracted, and his body suddenly twisted, using his waist's power, he ruthlessly punched behind and two powerful fists met head-on!

Luo Donghai had attacked. After all, Qiu Wenlong had invited him.

However, his power was weak. Moreover, nobody was allowed to use guns at Shenhai Island, so he couldn't show his ability.

Duan Dingbang was a powerful paranormal. He was quite good at hand to hand combat and his attacks were like a storm. Luo Donghai barely blocked a few times, but he failed quickly.

"Still not pleased?" Duan Dingbang asked with a smile.

Qiu Wenlong clearly knew that he was inferior.

"What? Why don't you come again?" Duan Dingbang roared loudly,

"Get out at once!"

Those girls were all shocked. Duan Dingbang had said he wanted to swim, naturally, everyone else had to leave the pool.

After doomsday, the stronger one would be the king.

Duan Dingbang was determined to humiliate them and reminded them.

"Quickly get out! We want to swim." A team member of Duan Dingbang stepped forward to intimidate them.

"Get out, quickly!" Some girls were scared by his words, when did they suffer such humiliation? Seeing some girls not moving, another man came over and said with a smile, "You can stay with us and swim together." In fact, because those girls were all daughters of elites, they did not really dare to do anything, but it wouldn't matter if they scared them.

Some girls could not help but want to cry. Li Yuxin just sighed and revealed an embarrassing look. She had just taken off her long skirt, revealing a white swimsuit, but now she had to leave...

"Let's go," whispered Li Yuxin.

Jiang Liushi took off his coat, and let her wear it.

"Thank you." Li Yuxin was really grateful to Jiang Liushi's chivalry.

At that moment, that man said again, "At a moment like this, you still flirting with a girl?"

Jiang Liushi looked up, but that man continued, "What are you looking at? Leave quickly... fool."

"Why aren't you leaving?" The man sneered, holding a gun in his hand aiming at Jiang Liushi. "I do not mind helping you."

Of course, he would not shoot, and even the safety was locked. He wanted to frighten Jiang Liushi.

At that moment, a smile bloomed on Jiang Liushi's face.

"What are you smiling for?" That man suddenly became angry. He was about to scold but suddenly felt his wrist holding gun heavily twisting. He suddenly made an "Aaaah" scream, and the next moment, the gun had fallen into Jiang Liushi's hand.

He placed the cold muzzle on the man's forehead! In the blink of an eye, the safety had been released with bullets loaded.

That man was petrified!

Jiang Liushi smiled, putting down the muzzle.

That man was relieved, however, Jiang Liushi didn't wait for him to talk. He punched the right side of that man's face; it was extremely painful!

Blood mixed with a few teeth directly surged out from the man's mouth.

Then, Jiang Liushi grabbed him by his collar staring at him coldly and said, "Who? Who would you force to leave?"

"F*ck ..." The man cursed.


Another fierce hit! More blood surged out dyeing his clothes red.

"I'll ask you once again. Who would you force to leave?" Jiang Liushi asked once more looking at the man's miserable figure.

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