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 Chapter 156: Breaking a World Record

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[What? What's wrong with me? If I breathe in such a way, I will be like a car ejecting tail gas...] Fortunately, Jiang Liushi returned to normal quickly and noticed that only after taking a deep breath it would happen.

[Inhale! Exhale...] Jiang Liushi took a deep breath and held it; he wondered how long he could endure without breathing. He could hold his breath for a dozen seconds while swimming, it was quite average.

Time passed, Jiang Liushi surpassed his old limit but still didn't feel any discomfort. Five minutes passed, Jiang Liushi began to slowly breathe out. Usually, after such a long time without replenishing oxygen ordinary people would begin to feel dizzy. In fact, although he had not inhaled any oxygen, there was still some oxygen in his blood.

People's bodies have a self-protection function. When the body faces ischemia and hypoxia, skin and other organs or tissue will reduce oxygen consumption to protect some important organs such as the brain. However, brain cells are sensitive to hypoxia, so it will be very uncomfortable. From that moment, irreversible damage can be caused to the brain due to lack of oxygen.

However, no symptoms of ischemia and hypoxia occurred to Jiang Liushi; he blinked in surprise. The oxygen content of his blood was too high, so there was no problem supplying his body and brain. The second hand clicked, and seven minutes passed, ten minutes passed... twenty minutes passed!

Before doomsday, a German was recorded for holding his breath in the Guinness World Records, lasting 15 minutes and 2 seconds; that record was easily broken by Jiang Liushi.

Twenty minutes! A full time of twenty minutes! Jiang Liushi just felt a little dizzy, as he held his breath for so long; it would be really incredible before doomsday.

However, after Jiang Liushi activated his blood vessel through blood, he could do it easily. In fact, Jiang Liushi felt that he could hold for a while, but it was not necessary because the result satisfied him! Evolving the blood cells would change Jiang Liushi's physique by leaps and bounds. Obviously, that kind of evolution had unlimited potential.

After that, Jiang Liushi experimented with his brain domain. He couldn't hold for a long time using his brain to the limits because the blood supply was unable to support it. But now after activating his blood vessel, Jiang Liushi was not only able to persist longer but also felt that his brain domain abilities had also improved! As his eyes were scanning his surroundings, his brain could analyze even more details. That allowed Jiang Liushi to notice the slightest micro change in a battle much faster and adapt accordingly.

Jiang Liushi was very satisfied with that, such an evolution related to enhancing his body's potential was in Jiang Liushi's good graces. However, Jiang Liushi felt hungry; his hunger was the body's signal indicating that blood sugar levels were too low.

"Zhuying, I'd like to eat some mutant meat." Jiang Liushi needed to satisfy his hunger. At first, Jiang Zhuying put the hot meat in front of Jiang Liushi and returned to watching anime. However, as he kept asking for more, she started staring at her brother.

Ran Xiyu put down her e-book silently and started observing him. Her expression gradually became surprised and then shock took over. Ying was the only one not surprised because she already knew that Jiang Liushi successfully activated his blood vessels through blood. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun could only eat about four pounds, but Jiang Liushi ate fifteen pounds!

His blood circulation sped up as well as his metabolic rate, naturally, his digestive ability became stronger! The more mutant meat he ate, the more energy he could absorb. Not only Jiang Zhuying knew this, Ran Xiyu also knew. Seeing Jiang Liushi eat so much level 2 mutant meat, Ran Xiyu's eyes were about to pop out.

"Brother, how did your appetite change?" Jiang Zhuying's eyes widened and asked.

"My mechanical modification ability has been improved a bit, so my appetite increased too." Jiang Liushi said.

"Really?!" Jiang Zhuying couldn't distinguish his brother's improvement, but she was satisfied he had become stronger.

Ran Xiyu did not interrupt their dialogue but felt surprised in her heart. In her mind, Jiang Liushi's ability had undergone a huge change.

"Okay, it's time to go to bed." Jiang Liushi said.

"That's good." Ying directly lied on the sofa without asking Ran Xiyu's opinion. Actually, her well-proportioned legs could not fit the couch and could only curl up sideways; she actually faced Jiang Liushi. That position let the touch of white on her chest become more profound, looking like a mysterious canyon.

Coupled with wearing Jiang Zhuying's underwear her large breast could be seen clearly, which even made Ran Xiyu feel shy. The atmosphere inside the car, all of a sudden, became a little weird.

But, how was she... Had she to sleep on the ground with Jiang Liushi all the way? Ran Xiyu pinched her clothes and lowered her head.


Early in the next morning, they set off to Jinling Port, followed by a military truck!

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Editor's corner; Poor Ran Xiyu, she has to sleep again on the same floor with our MC ;p Ying is ruthless, clearly bullying her xD