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 Chapter 140: No Corpse!

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"The laboratory can create energy crystals?" Jiang Liushi felt very happy because his MCV had many more features that he had yet to unlock. Not to mention that there were infinite paths for the MCV's evolution.

Jiang Liushi wanted to use the laboratory to create energy crystals. The energy offered by mutant meat after three meals every day was indeed really poor. It was impossible for them to just rely on mutant meat to further evolve.

If he could have an energy crystal... Jiang Liushi thought that once it was created, it would be the world's top luxury. Compared to mutant meat, it was more convenient to store and easier to carry. Jiang Liushis's mind ran wild with various thoughts, but his senses remained sharp.

At that time, Bai Pinghai said again, "How about it? I can tell you that the research on the Evolutionary Crystal is still in the experimental stage. We, the armed police force, are still communicating with the military through radio frequencies. Our current leader comes from military. If you want to buy an Evolutionary Crystal, you can exchange for it with weapons and mutant nuclei. It's a good deal!" Bai Pinghai said.

However, Ran Xiyu's frowned and said suddenly, "Jiang brother, he is lying!"

"Oh?" Jiang Liushi knew she had a special spiritual ability, but in fact, he already knew that Bai Pinghai was trying to stall for time.

Jiang Liushi was still holding the Type 95 machine gun. As he was listening to Bai Pinghai, his strong brain field could process everything around him in less than a few seconds. At the same time, with the gunner room's 360 degree range, he had a clear view; even the slightest change in the environment could not be missed.

He had clearly seen that in the trading room's corner a 'majestic' man was carrying a bag, and from within, he had taken out quietly a string of grenades.

He was Bai Zhanshan, who had changed into his half-bear form. He had tied all the grenades together, so he could pull these rings at once. His arm's strength was like a cannon's, he could easily hit the MCV with the grenades.

If so many grenades exploded together, even if the MCV could bear it, it would be turned over. The consequences were unthinkable.

That should be the last time they would be fighting against each other. Bai Pinghai and his brother cooperated well, but Jiang Liushi couldn't let everything go according to their wishes.

Jiang Liushi took his hands off the Type 95 machine gun and picked up a Type 81 Automatic Rifle. Although he did move in the least, he placed all of his focus behind him. His fingers were on the trigger, but he didn't aim because he knew that paranormals could feel approaching danger thanks to their keen senses.

Noticing Bai Zhanshan holding a bunch of grenades, Jiang Liushi just sneered.

"Friends, as long as you let us go, this transaction can be carried out later. Even if you kill us, you won't have any gains..."Bai Pinghai was trying his best to attract Jiang Liushi's attention, his brother had already pulled all the grenade pins. He had a hideous expression on his face; he had a crazy smile.

"Go die, boy!" Bai Zhanshan roared. But at that moment, an inexplicable sense of danger took over his heart! The moment Bai Zhanshan pulled the rings, Jiang Liushi immediately shot. He almost simultaneously aimed and pulled the trigger!

'Bang! Bang!'

Bai Zhanshan had no chance to avoid incoming bullets! Even if Bai Zhanshan could feel the danger, he didn't have the time to react. The rifle's terrifying power, in close range, was fully displayed! The bullets were penetrating like crazy Bai Zhanshan's flesh, he didn't even have the chance to throw the grenades.

"Ah!" Bai Zhanshan screamed. The Type 81 Automatic Rifle's bullets directly destroyed his left shoulder! If he was not able to dodge, the bullets would have destroyed his heart.

"Bang!" Blood splashed everywhere. It was impossible for him to maintain his bear form after such devastating blows. He was so weakened that he was about to faint. In the end, he fell on the ground barely conscious...

"Dung!!" The bag full with grenades without their pins also fell to the ground! Bai Zhanshan's eyes were red, his vision distorted. There was no way he could throw the grenades, not to the MCV, but away in order to protect himself! At that moment, he felt the whole world slowing down, everything became deathly silent. He madly struggled, but the grim reaper had already descended its sickle.


The tied grenades exploded together. The shock wave instantly spread throughout the trading room and scorching flames covered the blast's area! Even Jiang Liushi felt the shock wave. As for Bai Zhanshan, he was directly blown to pieces.

"BROTHER!" Seeing his brother being swallowed by the explosion, Bai Pinghai's heart ached! He had witnessed his brother's death, and not even a whole corpse remained.

"Little beast! F*ck you!" Bai Pinghai was barking. While Jiang Liushi's muzzle was turning around, he suddenly jumped out from the bunker, rushing toward Jiang Liushi's MCV.

At that moment, Bai Pinghai's whole body was glowing with a metallic luster, like being poured by copper juice. In his hands, he was impressively holding a thick steel column!

Bai Pinghai used that thick steel column, which was about 500kg, as a spear. He rushed toward Jiang Liushi's MCV. For every step he took, the ground would cave in! The thick steel column in his hands was aiming at the MCV's windshield.

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