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 Chapter 127: Personalized Refitting

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Further evolving the MCV! Finally, Jiang Liushi could achieve his goal! He was really excited, like a little child waiting to open its Christmas presents.

For that evolution, he had spent an immense amount of energy. He had risked his life lots of times since he joined his sister's team for that purpose. In the end, Jiang Liushi decided to use these four mutant nuclei to finish a long anticipated refitting.

Although the base car could initiate a second scan, which he would use on a mine truck, the original vehicle wouldn't be lost. The new mine truck was just the second vehicle that only he and Ying could use. The first vehicle, the minibus would be the most stable, most flexible, but also the most energy-saving one


In the future, most of the time, regardless of traveling or residence, Jiang Liushi would use the first vehicle; the mine truck would only be used in critical moments.

Each of the two cars had their own merits. Do not say anything else, the truck couldn't be used on a general bridge or the general asphalt road. As for the fuel consumption, it could reach more than 1000 liters for 100 kilometers. After its transformation, the fuel consumption may be larger. For Jiang Liushi's ten cubic meters of spare fuel tank, even if it was filled with diesel, it could only last for five hundred kilometers. So the first form of the minibus should be used all the time, because it was useful and efficient.

A series of choices appeared before Jiang Liushi's eyes. Strengthen armor, strengthen the tires, strengthen the 'Air Canon', and add mechanical arms and so on!

Jiang Liushi read ten lines with a glance. What he was most concerned about was strengthening the tires. If they reached level 1, the tires could be upgraded from rubber ones into fireproof rubber. In each tire, there were hundreds of bulletproof airbags. It was the pressing matter of the moment because the tire was his MCV's Achilles' heel. However, Jiang Liushi had an axe to grind. He wanted the personalized refitting function, Jiang Liushi had a deep longing for it.

This was a new function obtained after the MCV's second form was completed. Jiang Liushi could refit his own MCV in accordance with his own aspirations. It needed one mutant nucleus, which was didn't sound much, but after that each transformation needed another mutant nucleus. However, Jiang Liushi didn't want to lose this hard-won chance. He would like to build a stronghold for himself. He was simply delighted.

[I choose the personalized refitting option!] Jiang Liushi put the first mutant nucleus into the bridge groove. That crystal nucleus was just used to activate the function. He had to put the other mutant nuclei into groove one by one.

[It's really expensive! I can't afford...] Jiang Liushi muttered something to himself. At the same time, the mutant nucleus had been swallowed by his MCV. This scene was blocked by Jiang Liushi's body, so Sun Kun, Zhang Hai and so on could not see what he was doing.

"Diiii-"A light sound occurred in Jiang Liushi's mind, [The function of automatic transformation is available. Needed time: one hour, during which the use of the MCV will not be influenced. All the necessary metals have been detected in the storage space. Will the host continue or cancel?]

[Continue!] Jiang Liushi commanded without a second thought. It was so cool that he had a ten cubic meters storage space.

[The transformation starts, now.] Starseed's transmission came.

The MCV's appearance would remain the same, only Jiang Liushi and Ying would know about the changes that were about to happen. After that, Jiang Liushi had more important things to do.

He began inspecting the "price list" offered by the Starseed. That was, the cost of transformation. Seeing that, Jiang Liushi was left speechless or breathless. Before doomsday, a modified car belonged to the rich. But after doomsday, it was still very expensive owning one. It was a long process, in which the consumption of mutant nuclei was very scary. It was in accordance with two standards. One was the degree of the transformation, which needed special alloys.

The alloy used had a higher strength. Each synthesis of 500 kilograms needed one mutant nucleus to be used in exchange. Adding alloy modification, would increase the MCV's weight.

The other one had to do with the transformation of strength. Special alloys offered by the Starseed were also divided in levels.

In the future, the level 2 alloys could be made by a level 2 mutant nucleus. Of course, the level 2 alloys were much better than level 1 in many aspects. If Jiang Liushi had a level 2 mutant nucleus, he would absolutely use it to make the alloy.

[Expensive!] If he wanted to extant the interior space of his MCV with that special alloy, then it would need almost one mutant nucleus just for every expansion of five square meters.

In the interior space of Jiang Liushi's MCV, the bed in the bedroom could be folded, and its kitchen was connected with the living room without a door in between. After all, it was just a bus. How much space could it have?