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 Chapter 126: To Pursue, or Not to Pursue?

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

As an assistant, Ying's driving skills were top-notch. After the MCV finished its second form, it had become a special unmanned MCV. Like a sophisticated machine, although it was capable of many things, it was in lack of adaptability and wisdom. So if Ying drove it, all these shortcomings could be made up. As for Jiang Liushi, his brain had evolved. So his driving skills were equally matched to Ying's. Just in the twinkling of an eye, the minibus had rushed out of the black market.

"Stop! Stop!" The guard before the black market carrying his gun tried to stop them. In fact, they didn't know what had happened in the trading room. They had just heard the gunshots. The MCV was about to drive past them, so they had no choice but to hurriedly escape.

"Whoosh-"Like a jet, the MCV passed through and the wind it produced almost blew them down. They were stunned and looked at the passing MCV. Actually, they were rendered speechless.

"What happened?" There was total chaos in this black market. Only five paranormals among the 7 Gods were staying in the black market, including the first boss-Bai Zhanshan, the fourth Hei Dao, and the third that college student, whose name was Su Yang. The other two were ordinary paranormals. Under Bai Zhanshan's leadership, they directly jumped on their off-road vehicles. Bai Zhanshan was still maintaining his bear state.

"Pursue!" Bai Zhanshan jumped up in a rage. After doomsday, he had never suffered losses, but today, he was thoroughly discredited.

He didn't want to lose face, so he had to try his best to pursue them. They launched their modified SUV, but as they were ready to squeeze through the black market's gate, Jiang Liushi's team was leaving as fast as possible.

"That car...why is it so fast?" Bai Zhanshan's face was ghastly pale. He had lifted his bear form and drove in person. However, it was obvious that he could not catch up.

"It must be a modified car!" Bai Zhanshan violently slammed his hand on the steering wheel. He was infuriated with Jiang Liushi's luck, be it with weapons, women or that car.

In the end, Bai Zhanshan kicked the door, carrying a machine gun, he angrily went back to the trading room. In the trading room, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone could feel Bai Zhanshan's anger, who walked into the trading room with his angry sight sweeping the messy lobby. Tables were turned over, and the room was full of corpses. The survivors were hiding behind tables and chairs stood up. They avoided making eye contact with Bai Zhanshan. His face was burning, and he was filled with fury.

"He shamed me! D*mn! I'll f*cking rip him apart and enjoy his women" Bai Zhanshan severely kicked a chair in front of him; the chair's shape instantly changed.

Everyone stood there, watching Bai Zhanshan releasing some of his anger, but they did not dare to speak.

"Call my little brother back!" He was silent for a while, and then he said. The second boss of the team was his younger brother, called Bai Pinghai, who always stayed at the aristocratic police base of the county.

Bai Pinghai was not an armed police officer, but an ordinary office worker. However, after doomsday, he obtained a special ability, and transformed into an important person living in the aristocratic police base. It was said that officers of the base personally invited him to join.

Bai Pinghai was a mysterious figure, but there was no doubt that his strength was very strong, otherwise he wouldn't be invited by Lan County Armed Police Base. The fact that the 7 Gods' team could sell weapons from time to time was related to Bai Pinghai. The base of the armed police, unlike Jinling's Satellite Town, was a base built by national power. Actually, it was voluntarily built after doomsday. As a result, it was an independent force.

"He called Bai Pinghai back! It seems that Bai Zhanshan is really angry!" Among the crowd, some people whispered.

"If I were him, I would run as far as I possibly could and hide in the deepest parts of Earth. It is impossible to find anyone after doomsday?" Another person disapprovingly said.

"Hey, what you just said is true but isn't that why he called his brother back? It's a quite easy task for Bai Pinghai to follow the vine to get the melon. He will find them based on the clues left behind."

"Yes, you are right! The means of criminal investigation are indeed powerful. Just inspecting the tire marks can give out clues, there are many things we do not understand. I guess it will be quite difficult for them to run away. The really interesting part of the show has yet to come..."

In fact, they all knew that Bai Pinghai was extremely cruel and merciless. There were many precedents to go by. A few days ago, a guy that had offended Bai Zhanshan was tortured to death. In order to warn others he executed someone and ordered to put his body on the top gate of the black market. It was too horrible to look at.

In short, the 7 Gods killed people without batting an eye. If Jiang Liushi was caught by them, he wouldn't die peacefully...

... ...

Jiang Liushi was sitting on the passenger seat, next to the driver. He touched his pocket and looked at the evolutionary panel.

[Detected four mutant nuclei, which can be used to initiate the evolutionary process.]