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 Chapter 119: Ran Xiyu

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

In the black market, they all called the young beautiful woman 'Hong sister'. Actually, Hong sister knew most of the people gathered, except Jiang Liushi's team, and was pretty sure that they would indeed like to buy the girl. However, if they were thinking that they could buy her at a low price, they are all dead wrong.

"This girl is not unusual! I will give you some information about her background. She is called Ran Xiyu and she is Jinling Ran's granddaughter. Do you know him?" Hong sister paused. However, most of them were hoodlums before doomsday, they had not a moment's leisure to care about the upper class. But some people knew about him.

The young college student said lightly, "Ran sir was the Ranke Group's chairman, and later he left everything to the second generation to handle. You should have heard about the Ranke Group."

People looked at each other, the Ranke Group was a very famous manufacturing company in Jinling province. This soft and weak girl was the princess of Ranke Group?

Her identity was incredible. Before doomsday, the gap between them and her couldn't be described. For a moment, those people had a strange excitement, especially Yuan boss. He was eagerly staring at Ran Xiyu, while he was constantly kneaded his woman's chest. She felt very painful and frowned, but she did not dare to resist.

Hong sister slowly walked down the round table, and came to Ran Xiyu's side, carefully looking at this beauty, and then she said, "Ran Xiyu is Ran sir's favorite granddaughter. She is not only beautiful, but also clever. When she was 20 years old, she went to the United States for her MBA studies. She helped Ran sir to deal with all kinds of matters. In fact, she had taken over half of the group."

"You should know that the military has set up a safe island? She as an elite, and born wealthy, naturally had the opportunity to stay on that island, but unfortunately...her father changed into a zombie, and then killed her mother. It was a tragedy..."Hong sister unhurriedly said.

Jiang Liushi knew about the island. Li Yuxin's family was to it. It was a rare opportunity only for upper-class and the elite. But in front of the virus, everyone was equal. Even for the elite, on the way to the safety island, many turned into zombies and they were all killed! Lots of times, the soldiers would turn too and that led to a tragedy. The whole army would be in danger of collapsing!

"I know about those f*ckers! Throwing us, they escaped, but unfortunately I now have a better life than them. I will find opportunities to catch them. Killing all the men, and the female...hey!" A bearded man with swarthy skin, started cursing out loud.

The government preserved the elite. It was naturally turned into hate from those left behind. But...the government was forced to do so.

Hong sister smiled, ignoring this bearded man, and then she continued, "Ran Xiyu escaped death in an almost miraculous manner. But in the end, I got her. Fortunately, she became a paranormal." Hearing what she said, the excellent paranormals were not surprised at all. However, other ordinary people were shocked. It was unsuited to common sense.

"Her ability is very strange. She can communicate directly with others through the soul without speaking. In short, her ability is useless. So Ran Xiyu can only be regarded as an ordinary person."

Jiang Liushi was curious about that ability. It was the first time he had heard about that kind of ability. The beautiful young woman suddenly gave an evil smile and said, "Ran Xiyu's spirit is extraordinarily strong, so her perception is also far more than ordinary people. If she accompanies you in bed, she will be very sensitive, which will give you extraordinary feelings!"

"And I'm sure that it will really be her first time because she was not in love with anyone or in a relationship, focusing on her career. It's a pity that I am a woman." Hong sister sitting on the cage, wearing two pieces of stockings, watched the others with a vicious smile.

Hearing her introduction, every man would be palpitating with excitement eager to get her. Even that young college student, his mind was also perturbed. Before doomsday, he had just graduated and he participated on the campus recruitment, hoping to enter Ranke Group, but ultimately, his resume did not pass at all.

He didn't intend to enter the Ranke Group anymore, however, Ranke Group's original princess was kept in the cage before his eyes. Moreover, he could control the fate of that girl. What an amazing feeling! He had once seen the picture of Ran Xiyu online. She was right.

In that room, almost all the men were like a group of wolves, and they were ready for action. As an old saying goes, a toad wishing to eat swan meat-ugly men hoped to marry a pretty girl. Of course, Jiang Liushi was out of the ordinary. But he wasn't sympathetic toward anyone, except his family, after doomsday. Under the pressure of circumstances, he had no way to rescue Ran Xiyu from the hell that was awaiting her.