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 Patroclus was a much more well-rounded leader. He not only sought talent in strength, but also in wits. Only someone as shrewd as Harmon would come up with this devious plan of pitting Moye against Wang Tong.

The thought of Patroclus' compliment brought a smile on to Harmon's face.

Meanwhile, Wang Tong was fumbling to find a solution before it was too late. They were racing against time; once the dark lord returned, they would not have another chance of sacking the castle.

However, the enemy had decided to turtle inside their castle and avoid any form of confrontation. Even after much deliberation with his men, Wang Tong was unable to reach a solution. They wagered that if the situation didn't turn around in a day, they would have to pull back.

If that happened, Wang Tong conceded that he would have to sneak into the dark palace alone to kill Moye. However, he was not sure if the dark lord would have the decency of having a one on one fight with him.

"Boss, good news! GOOD news! Out scout noticed a large number of dark ones moving toward us. I think they are going to wage a surprise attack at us." Tan Bu stormed in and shouted.

Everyone's gut feeling told them that this was a trap. They had tried all they could to coax the dark ones out, but failed. Why did they choose to come out of their hiding without any provocation?

Was it a psychological tactic?

"How many?"

"It's too darn dark, but based on the seismic reading, there have to a motherload of them. What's your call, boss?" Tan Bu's hands were curled into fists.

"Do you think it's a trap? Or maybe it is Moye arriving earlier than our estimate." Ye Zi asked grimly; something was not right.

Wang Tong kept his silence as he mauled over his options, trying to decipher the Zergs' real intention. Was it a trap? Absolutely! The dark ones had set this trap for him, but they didn't know they were the ones being trapped.

"Let's move!"

Wang Tong's decision was final, and everyone moved out without any doubt about his judgment.

Harmon stood on the top of the city wall as he was reflecting on his plan. He had got the report from the dark lord that they would be returning earlier than expected. He would be back in the dark city no later than tomorrow morning.

He had been dragging out the war for over three days, and finally, he would reach the finish line. When Moye came back, he would observe carefully and take notes about Wang Tong's real power, reporting it back to Patroclus.

It would not only be Wang Tong's power at display; Guan Dongyang and other legendary warriors would have their work cut out for them as well, since they would have to deal with the mighty purple guards.

Regardless of the outcome of the battle, the immortals would always be the winner.

That being said, the victory would be beneficial for the immortals if the humans were to be eliminated after this fight. In order to make sure of that, Harmon had decided to offer the dark ones a little help, and lure the humans to cast an exhausting spell on the cannon fodder. It would take them at least a week to fully recover from the spell; by then, Moye would have already swooped down on them.

"Mr. Harmon, do you think our surprise attack would work?" A level A dark one asked uncertainly.

"Hehe, of course! They had been at it for three days, and they must be tired. Don't you want to use their skulls as a gift for your dark lord when he returns? Your promotion is not that far away, my friend."

"Ha, yes, yes. Thank you for your guidance! I wager this is some kind of human battle tactics, isn't it?"

"Exactly! Your dark lord has taught you well. I have only offered my suggestions, but the victory that we will have soon will solely be because of your leadership. I have heard that the dark lord gives an extra reward to the dark ones who possess the mettle, so I would suggest you charge out of the castle to cut down a few humans when the battle is almost over. This way, you can prove that you had done it and you alone should take the reward."

"No, no. I would like to share with you, Mr. Harmon."

"Hehe, we are friends, and I don't ask payment for helping out a friend. I will just be waiting here for your return."

"Haha! Sounds good!" The dark place guard captain gathered his men and charged out of the castle the rest of the dark one army. Meanwhile, Harmon looked down at the guard captain from top of the gate and smiled

What a good lad!'

Then, he disappeared from the city wall as he retreated deeper into the castle. A good show was going to start right outside the dark castle.

The dark ones crept toward the humans and formed an encirclement, not revealing themselves until the circle was closed. Anyway, the sight of thousands of Zergs didn't scare the humans; this was exactly why they were here, to finish the Zergs once and for all.

Any other war band would have been too exhausted to fight this many Zergs, but the soldiers of Battle Wolf remained resolute and ready for battle. These soldiers were battle-hardened veterans, paragons of strength and mettle.

The promise of a battle exhilarated them, giving their body a second wind. Their eyes glinted in the darkness of the night. The mastery casters were already at their spells; they held back their power, biding their time for the Zergs to get closer.

Harmon scanned the battlefield from far away using a pair of binoculars. He knew that Wang Tong would fall for the trap, however obvious it was, because he had no other choice. The terrain was complex down there, and Harmon was curious to see the effect of the rolling hills on Wang Tong's spell.

Before the thousands of dark ones died, Harmon wanted them to do as much damage to the humans as they could. He had taught the dark ones charging formations, which placed the low level Zergs at the front to take the brunt of the spell.

Harmon was confident that the terrain and the cannon fodder should be able to absorb most of the damage from the forbidden power, and the rest of the high-level dark ones could then score one or two kills before they were also taken down by human METAL warriors.

Harmon watched the battle unfold expectantly. The thought of the fight between Wang Tong and the Divine Lord filled him with trepidation.

The dark ones were not complete idiots, and they wouldn't charge themselves toward Wang Tong without being convinced first. Harmon had analyzed the battle recordings and concluded that the power of Wang Tong's spell could reach no further than a kilometer. The further it went, the more potency it lost. Therefore, Harmon had persuaded the dark ones that if they stayed behind a swarm of cannon fodder, they should be safe during the raid.

When Harmon found out that Guan Dongyang and Michaux were already preparing the spell, he lamented over their inexperience. If he were them, he would maximize the spell's damage by ordering the METAL warriors to make contact with the Zergs, forcing their loose formation to tighten up.

Of course, Harmon knew it was a risky move as well. If the dark ones were able to get too close to Wang Tong, they could potentially interrupt the spell.

His terrifying experience itched at the base of his skull; Harmon made a mental note that he would include the spell's power in this report to the divine lord.

He couldn't help but marvel at Wang Tong's amazing ability to come up with such spell and train his casters so well. A normal unit of casters would have smitten with fear at the sight of so many Zergs, but Wang Tong's casters were unflinching before the danger. It was easy to train one or two capable casters, but training over a hundred of them was easier said than done.

Harmon reckoned that he had given Wang Tong quite a challenge this time. If the forbidden power were not able to wipe out all the enemies, the casters would fall under immediate danger. Even if he could win the battle, it would be a costly victory. Plus, he would have to face the dark lord very soon; draining all of his power would put his own life at risk. But, it was all for the better, Harmon thought; if Moye managed to kill Wang Tong, Patroclus would have one less enemy to worry about.

Before the sea of enemies, the human soldiers were unflinching. The direwolves haven't eaten for three days, so they raised their hackles and showed their teeth, but were as silent as death.

The METAL warriors surrounded the casters to form a wall while the latter prepared their spells. Guan Dongyang had evoked his most powerful spell: Inferno Hell. But, would that be enough? Despite its potency, the Inferno Hell was not nearly as destructive as the forbidden power.

Harmon watched the development from afar with surprise. If Wang Tong thought that he could get away with using only Inferno Hell, he would pay very dearly for his oversight.