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 Chapter 569: The First Generation Divine Master

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"Zhang Guangming, you are the one who is ungracious. Young master is trying to save your life. Once you start a fight with him, no one will be able to help you." Xiao Yuyu said coldly.

"Save me? I think he is trying to save this prick! Who the hell is he anyway? Your other boyfriend?" Zhang Guanming scorned.

Michaux didn't even spare Zhang Guanming another look as he held the gaze of Wang Tong. Their fight that took place five years ago seemed to have happened just yesterday.

Everyone felt the connection between Wang Tong and their young master; it was a connection between two old friends.

"Welcome, Wang Tong." Michaux finally said after a few moments of silence. Even though Michaux was not able to tell how powerful Wang Tong had gotten in the five years, he knew that the latter didn't stop training.

"Brother Michaux, long time no see!" Wang Tong smiled sincerely. Michaux was one of the very few people whom he still considered his equal.

"You are... Wang Tong?" Zhang Guangming stuttered.

"I will spare your life for the sake of my old friend Michaux. Leave now, before I change my mind." Wang Tong shot Zhang Guanming a searing glance, and the latter felt a blow on his sea of conscious.

"Michaux, you will pay for this!" Zhang Guanming grunted and then left the room with his gang. As soon as he turned on his heels, the crowd in the reception room cheered.

"I apologize for that," Michaux said.

"No worries. This is a big city, with all kinds of people. But, it seems like you are still a pushover... Haha." Wang Tong laughed.

"Susu, why are you bothering him?" Michaux shot an expository glance at the girl Wang Tong had met.

Susu stuck her tongue out and made a face. "I was just welcoming him. Right, Wang Tong?"

Wang Tong paused for a second, and then nodded.

Xiao Yuyu looked at Wang Tong wistfully. When she had first left Battle Wolf, she had thought that she would be soon be occupied with her task at the Sect and gradually forget about the idea of going back to Wang Tong. However, it had been easier said than done. As soon as she saw Wang Tong's face, memories that she had tried hard to bury deep flooded back into her mind.

After some time, the crowd in the reception room dissipated.

"Sister Yuyu, stop ogling at him." Susu jested.

"Yes, I will go with him." Susu murmured unconsciously.

Susu burst out laughing. "Go with him? Haha! Go with your boyfriend! Haha!"

"Excuse you!" Realizing that she had misspoken, Xiao Yuyu blushed.

"Hehe... I think that Wang Tong is on a mission today. But, what does he want? Or...should I say, who does he want?" Susu asked rhetorically. Xiao Yuyu knew that it was Susu's way of begging for compliments. "My little Sister Susu is the prettiest girl in the world." She quickly improvised one.

"I know that already. Everyone knows that." Susu was not impressed yet.

"And, she is also the friendliest and most helpful investigator. I am sure she will find no trouble in figuring out why Wang Tong is here." Xiao Yuyu said, her voice almost pleading. She really wanted to know the purpose of Wang Tong's visit. Somehow, she had a feeling that Wang Tong was here to recruit her again. Was that a woman's instinct or a wishful thinking? She needed to find out.

"Fine, fine! Such a small task is a piece of cake for me. However, did you know that I have recently been collecting the Wawa series doll?"

"I will give you all my dolls."

"We have a deal then!" Susu turned around toward her brother's office to eavesdrop his conversation with Wang Tong.


"I had never thought that we would meet in this way. Anyhow, I am so happy to see you again."

"Bother Michaux, I have something that I meant to tell you. It might not sound nice to you, but I think I have to say it." Wang Tong took a sip of tea and then said earnestly.

Michaux paused for a second and then said, "Do tell."

"You should be responsible for the current situation on Mars." Wang Tong said slowly.

Wang Tong's words riled up Susu, who was eavesdropping outside of Michaux's office. She clenched her fist and tried hard to hold back the urge of storming inside and punching Xiao Yuyu's pretty boyfriend in the face. Did Wang Tong know how much her brother had done for the people on Mars? Susu quickly categorized Wang Tong as one of those "bad people", perhaps even worse than Zhang Guangming. Why did Xiao Yuyu fall for him?

"I would like to know why," Michaux asked without any resentment in his voice.

"You failed to unleash the full potential of the Divine Master Sect. It is such a pity." Wang Tong spoke frankly. He was not here to fawn over the young master; he was here to deliver a warning.

"How so?" Michaux asked calmly. Outside of the door, Susu's face was reddened by anger.

"The sect is a symbol of hope to the Martians. To live up to the expectation, you should strike the Zergs with abandon, as the late Divine Master did. You need to let the humans on Mars know that other than fighting back, they have no other choice." Wang Tong explained slowly and calmly.

"The members of the sect are stationed everywhere on Mars, risking their lives for the people on Mars. Is that not enough?" Michaux asked.

"No. You can't think only in terms of Mars. The Zergs are also on the Moon and the Earth. When the fire of resistance finally gets put out on those two planets, the Zergs will gather their forces. Do you think Mars will stand a chance by then?"

"Of course not."

"The moon was already under the total control of Patroclus, and he is not too far from claiming Earth. The humans' last hope is here on Mars. We need to turn the situation around as soon as possible, so that we can rescue our friends and families on Earth and moon one day. I know that you and other factions are planning to fight a prolonged war with the Zergs, but do you really think that that is a smart idea? Even if Mars could be able to survive while on its last leg, do you think the people on Earth and moon would? We are running out of time." Wang Tong urged assertively, but not in a condescending way.

From the Earthlings' perspective, the reason for the relative peace on Mars was simply because they had kept Patroclus distracted. If the Martians failed to act quickly and do away with the dark lord before he joined forces with Patroclus, all that was left of humanity would be doomed.

Humans should never underestimate the brutality and savagery of their enemy, particularly when the enemy was Patroclus.

So far, the human forces had always been under Moye's mercy. Should the dark lord one day decide to change his mind, the reprieve of the Martians would be gone in a snap of a finger.

Michaux had got the drift of Wang Tong's words; he knew that the latter was right.

"Brother Wang Tong. how dare you open your trap before even realizing what is really going on?" Lie Jian's voice boomed from outside of the room.

Wang Tong was not surprised by Lie Jian's appearance. He didn't travel under disguise, and therefore, he knew he had been followed.

"Come to sit down. Don't be so boorish! Wang Tong is right. The situation is not optimistic at all." Michaux called out to Lie Jian.

Lie Jian chose a seat across from Wang Tong and sat down. In the five years, his ability grew by leaps and bounds, and so did his confidence and ego. Lie Jian had matured a lot, and the adolescent expression that had been his characteristic feature had disappeared over time.

"Wang Tong, let's focus on the present and talk about our reality here. Both Michaux and I want to know how you will be able to turn the tables around on Mars?"

Lie Jian get right down to the point. Truth be told, although he preferred the slow but steady approach he had been taking, he was not oblivious of the dangers that Wang Tong had brought up. If he could have done something to improve the situation, he would have already. But, there should be a limit. He couldn't blindly send his brothers and sisters to their death.

Wang Tong cracked a smile and then revealed his plan. When he was done, both listeners were shocked.

Susu tired hard to discern the words in Wang Tong's mouth; however, she could not hear a thing. It was as if he had put a muzzle over his mouth.

After a while, Lie Jian smiled candidly. "Haha! You are truly a fearless SOB! If you can pull it off, I will lead the entire Martian army to join you."

Wang Tong nodded; his goal had been achieved. He was not the supreme commander of the Martians, and therefore, only in alliance could he be able to leverage the Martians' power.

Lie Jian left the room as soon as they had reached an agreement on their next move. He was neither Wang Tong's enemy nor friend, and therefore, he simply didn't care what other business Wang Tong had with Michaux.

"Brother Wang Tong, the first Divine Master Andres had left a gift for you. I think it is about time to give it to you." Michaux said as soon as Lie Jian was gone.

"The first Divine Master?"