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 Chapter 568: Fraternity For Princes

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Wang Tong didn't make it too far before he was stopped by the girl again.

"Dear sir, I would like to warn you that if you think that you can just walk into that tower and see the young master, you might as well pack up and leave the city right now. "

"Oh? Then do you know how I can meet him?"

"Bah! And here I had started to think that you are dumb! Well, I could have helped you if you hadn't treated me so horribly." The girl pouted and waited for Wang Tong to apologize to him.

"Okay." Wang Tong said plainly and then was on his way again. The girl furrowed her brows and trailed behind him quietly.

The tower was the biggest structure in the city, visible from miles away; so, Wang Tong didn't have any trouble finding it. When he reached the reception desk, he told the worker his reason of visit. The receptionist's smile froze for a second, and then she said: "The young master is busy with many tasks. Would you like to leave him a message?"

The girl behind Wang Tong covered her mouth, trying to suppress a laugh. If just anyone could be able to walk to the tower and be granted an audience with the young master, Michaux might as well work at the receptionist desk himself.

"Can I talk to the chief medic Xiao Yuyu?"

"I am so sorry sir. Medic Xiao is very busy right now. You can just ask me if you have any questions." The receptionist's smile faded; her patience was waning. A line up had already formed behind Wang Tong.

"Hey, dude! Are you a paparazzi? Go stand outside if you are. We are here for urgent matters."

"No kidding! If you are looking to join the sect, you can fill out the application to your right." The crowed sizzled with dissatisfaction.

Wang Tong wanted to tell them who he really was, but fearing the situation might get out of control, he left the people and the receptionist in peace.

As soon as Wang Tong walked out of the threshold, he saw a smirk on the girl's face.

"I told you so!"

"Can you help me?"

"Excuse you? Do I know you?" The girl pouted and crinkled her nose.

"Now you do." Wang Tong answered whimsically.

"How about this? Let's play a game. You guess who I am, and I will guess who you are. If you win the game, I will have a present for you."

"How the hell will I know who you are?" Wang Tong shrugged.

"Are you thick in the head? This is a game. Urgh! You are so boring!"

"Fine, fine. Now, tell me who I am." Wang Tong gave in.

The girl studied Wang Tong for a while and asked wilily, "You going to play with me if I guessed it right, eh?"

Wang Tong shook his head. "I am busy. Choose something else."

"Whatever! They told me that Wang Tong was a gallant and mighty hero. I would like to see his power for myself." The girl said with a bright smile on her face.

"So, you are prepared. Let me guess. First of all, the reason that you need to put the glamor on is that you are a public figure in the city. Secondly, the fact that you could cast this glamor spell means that you have powerful soul energy. I bet you are one of those hotshot Sect medics who live in the ivory tower." Wang Tong said.

"Go on." The girl tried to remain calm, but her face had betrayed her thumping heart.

Wang Tong cracked a smile and decided to end this game by telling her who he thought she was. But suddenly, he heard a crowd charging toward them. Wang Tong pulled the girl out of the cohort's way as they stormed into the reception room, cramming the small space.

Some guests who were irritated by the boorish group started to complain and railed against them, but their protest was quickly quelled by fists and kicks thrown at them.

"Who else wants to complain?" The young man spoke in an arrogant manner as he scanned the crowed intimidatingly. The face of the girl beside Wang Tong paled as soon as she saw the speaking young man.

The receptionist plastered a welcoming smile and walked to the young man. "Mr. Zhang, welcome! What can I do for you?" As soon as people heard his name, they knew why the young man acted so conspicuously arrogant.

His name is Zhang Guanming, and he was the nephew of the late Divine Master and the lord of the Divine Will City, also the youngest city lord on Mars. Due to his special background, even Michaux let him have his way without bridling his actions. He was also a member of the Prince-ling fraternity, whose infamous members included Lie Jian and Han Dun.

Therefore, he was well connected with such great power on Mars.

"I have heard that Xiao Yuyu has been back for days! Have you delivered my words to her?" Zhang Guanming questioned loudly.

"What happened to Michaux? Why did he allow such a douchebag in his city?" Wang Tong murmured to himself.

"Quiet! Are you tired of living?" A Samaritan nudged Wang Tong's elbow and urged him to be quiet. However, the exchange didn't escape Zhang Guangming. He had been sour and bitter ever since Michaux was crowned the next Divine Master. With his fragile ego shattered, Zhang Guangming demanded everyone's respect, and had become extremely sensitive to impudent comments toward him.

"Who said that?" Zhang Guangming looked to the corner where Wang Tong was standing, his face contorted by anger. Suddenly, everyone around the latter backed away, leaving him at the forefront of Zhang Guangming's searing glare.

"It was me. What the heck happened to you, dude? Your uncle was the Divine Master for god's sake. Pull yourself together." Wang Tong shook his head and said.

Zhang Guangming was taken aback at first, but then he burst out laughing. "Very well! You are the first person who dares to talk to me like this. "

Without him issuing a command, his bodyguards surrounded Wang Tong. Everyone scurried out of the room, and even the security guard stood far away, watching the fight unfold.


As Zhang Guangming's entourage was about to rain fists onto Wang Tong, Xiao Yuyu appeared in the room and called out to them.

The security guards bowed to her and murmured embarrassingly: "Chief Medic, we..."

Xiao Yuyu waved in dismissal. They didn't need to explain as she was well aware how much of a headache Mr. Zhang could be. He was not even a member of the sect for god's sake, but he demanded to be treated as if he was the reincarnation of his selfless uncle.

"Yuyu, you are back!" Zhang Guangming's face beamed from side to side. "I didn't mean to cause any trouble. I just really wanted to see you."

"I told you many times, I have nothing to do with you! Go back to the Divine Will! This is not your place to throw a tantrum." Xiao Yuyu scanned the crowd, and her eyes landed on Wang Tong, causing her to blush.

Zhang Guangming was quick to pick up the nuance in Xiao Yuyu's expression. It finally occurred to him that this insolent teenage boy was here to steal the love of his life.

"Hey, you. What is your name? How dare you disgrace the sect so brazenly?" Zhang Guanming asked, trying to provoke his opponent.

"Zhang Guangming!" Xiao Yuyu shouted in a harsh voice.

"What? Are you feeling sorry for him?" Zhang Guanming didn't waver. The audiences heard the exchange of the two, and they realized that even a chief medic's word could slide off Mr. Zhang's mind as easily as rainwater off a leaf blade.

Zhang Guanming studied Wang Tong's face as a cat would to his prey. Wang Tong would just be another fool he could use to demonstrate his control over the sect. Michaux was only a puppet, and he was the real master who pulled the strings.

"You? Too weak." Wang Tong flipped Mr. Zhang off.

"I am too weak? Haha! Who else is stronger than me? Who can stop me?" Zhang Guanming shouted.

"STOP!" At that moment, a booming voice could be heard in the room.

"Stop my a*s! KILL!" Mr. Zhang shouted.


Zhang Guanming received a forceful slap on the face, which threw him off balance. The only person who dared to slap him was Michaux.

"Michaux! How dare you! Without my uncle, you would still be someone eating dirt in the street! You ungracious b*stard!" Zhang Guanming shouted as he had completely fallen into delirium. Michaux remained calm, but everyone else could no longer hold their anger.