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 Chapter 535: Xiao Yuyu's Gift

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This was the first time that humans on Mars made some progress towards an alliance. This was mostly thanks to the restored communication system which reconnected the fragmented factions.

Five days later, Marcos from Thunder Fire, Pamir from Pamir's Eagle, and Bu Zhihuo from Flame Squad had gathered with Aamir and Guan Dongyang at Battle Wolf's camp for the meeting.

Most of the attendees came because they respected Aamir, but not everyone had confidence in achieving anything during the meeting.

Pamir started off as a Mercenary, and he still was to some degree. He cared less about becoming the alliance leader than the benefits-in terms of blues- of joining the alliance. Bu Zhihuo was completely opposite of the indifferent Mercenary; he and his warriors were a patriotic lot who could even pass for being xenophobic sometimes. Their obsession with purity had made him a bad choice as a candidate for the leader. Therefore, the competition had come down to Aamir and Marcos.

The five leaders and their associates sat by a table and chatted with each other while waiting for the meeting to start. Everyone talked to Guan Dongyang with a certain measure of respect, expect for Marcos. Despite the tremendous respect people held towards Guan Dongyang, the factions' leaders still considered Battle Wolf a miserably weak team.

"Captain Guan, let me be frank. We are all very appreciative of you restoring the communication line. However, I am afraid that you need to grow your band a little bit more in order to survive a battle with the Zergs. We don't want to babysit your team on the battlefield." After some time, Bu Zhihuo spoke abruptly to Guan Dongyang.

An awkward silence quickly took over the fragile amicability in the air. Marcos remained calm as ever. He knew he didn't have to fire at Guan Dongyang by himself, since others had come with loads of ammunition.

"Captain Bu, you should know better than me that the strength of a team is not solely in its number, shouldn't you? Flame Squad has no more soldiers than us. Shouldn't you exclude Marcos from the meeting as well then? " Guan Dongyang fired back.

"What makes Battle Wolf a worthy band to stand with the Flame Squad?" Marcos grunted.

"If we are not worthy of Flame Squad, at least we are better than Thunder Fire." Wang Tong rose to the comment.

The topic of Thunder Fire's defeat had been a taboo among the leaders. Everyone considered it a fluke, and no one doubted that if Thunder Fire were given a second chance, they would be able to destroy Battle Wolf.

As everyone expected Marcos to jump out of his chair and shout back at Wang Tong, he slowly picked up his cup and took a sip of his tea, ignoring the comment.

Ever since his defeat, Marcos had taken a hard look at his situation in order to find out the reason for his defeat. He quickly reckoned that the culprit for his defeat was Wang Tong, the same person that had bluffed Nihlathak. Seeing that Wang Tong had spoken for Guan Dongyang at the meeting, he was convinced that he had played a more significant role in the recent rise of Battle Wolf than anyone could have imagined. He reminded himself to exercise caution when dealing with Wang Tong before he learned more about him.

"Captain Guan, although we should let go of our past and focus on our common enemy, Brother Bu's concern is not entirely unfounded. If there are only a couple hundred soldiers under your command, you might as well stay behind the front line and help the others with their logistical work." Pamir put in his two cents; he thought he had been very objective.

"Hehe... Captain Aamir, what do you think?" Guan Dongyang tossed the burning question to Aamir. Since two of the four faction leaders had voiced their concerns, it was time for Aamir to weight in his opinion.

As the organizer of the meeting, Aamir had expected such disagreement. "I agree with Captain Guan. The strength of a band is not in the numbers. I believe that if Captain Guan is able to demonstrate his band's power, there should be no reason to exclude him from this discussion." Aamir proposed his solution.

Guan Dongyang hesitated as he didn't want to disclose the real strength of Battle Wolf to potential would-be enemies. However, he realized that he had no other choice.

"Perhaps, you would allow me to testify for Battle Wolf?" A musical voice came from outside, and a girl in a white robe sauntered into the meeting room.

It was the chief medic of the Divine master sect, Xiao Yuyu.

No one would have thought that such a goddess would appear in a squalid countryside camp in the middle of nowhere.

"It's an honor to meet you, Chief Medic!" Ye Zi saluted.

"No need to be formal. We will be training together from now on." Xiao Yuyu replied.

The words "training together" hit everyone like a hammer.

Before the leaders realized what that meant, another dozen Sect Medics filed into the meeting room. It was evident that they were Xiao Yuyu's companions during her stay at the Battle Wolf.

What was going on? Never had the chief medic stayed at any other camp other than the Sect's headquarter.

"Brother Wang and Guan, the other fifty casters have arrived. They are all level fifteen and above. This is all I can offer, so make sure you put them to good use." Xiao Yuyu announced.

Everyone was shocked by the turn of events as they looked out of the window and saw a few columns of young casters standing outside the meeting room, all bearing the official badge of the Divine Mastery Sect.

Why would the Sect be so generous to Battle Wolf?

Aamir knew almost instantly that this development had more to do with Wang Tong than Guan Dongyang. He lamented for not doubling down on his effort of recruiting Wang Tong.

By then, it was evident to everyone that Battle Wolf had gained the Divine Mastery Sect's unequivocal support.

"Hehe... I thought you were a hero, but you have become another guard dog of the Sect! Congratulations on finding a good master! Haha" Marcos laughed while his eyes held deep contempt. Every leader feared and hated the powerful Sect and House Lie; their might was a blade constantly hanging over their heads.

"You must be Marcos. You are mistaken. Captain Guan didn't join the Sect. Instead, we are here to learn from Captain Guan as his students. Since we are here, we won't stand by and let Battle Wolf fight alone." Xiao Yuyu explained with an alluring smile.

Marcos was so shocked that his mouth gaped open like a fish struggling to breathe.

"Welcome chief medic. Please, have a seat. We are discussing our plan to drive out the Zergs from the city."

"Oh? I would love to hear about it!" Xiao Yuyu scanned the room and sat down at an empty seat beside Wang Tong.

"Nice to meet you again, Brother Wang. I hope you like our gift." Xiao Yuyu winked at Wang Tong wittily.