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 Chapter 534: Human Alliance

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"My lord, do you think we need to tighten our control over the media?" One of House Lie's advisers asked Lie Jian.

"We can't find anything on this guy?"

"No, sir. He must be a new Einherjar. Not sure where he has gotten his Einherjar METAL though. He first appeared in Jade City, and the second time was in the Einstein City." One of the intelligence officers, Ambani, reported to Lie Jian.

"An amateur wants to play the hero, doesn't he? " Lie Jian remarked lightly.

"My lord, his actions so far are all against the regulations. I am afraid that he is trying to horde the public's attention for ulterior motives. If he fails, it would be the defeat of yet another Einherjar, but if he were to be successful, he would be a threat to us nonetheless. Either way, we cannot allow him to attract more attention." Ambani analyzed. Although the new Einherjar's influence was just starting to bud, House Lie could not afford to have such an unmanageable warrior existing in their future empire.

"What do you think we should so?"

"I need some time to investigate, if you would permit."

Lie Jian waved in approval. "Sure. But, keep a low profile."

"Yes, my lord."

Lie Jian didn't plan to waste much time on the subject, so he willed the meeting to move to the next item on the agenda. He was still convinced that the new Einherjar was a youngster who had just entered the Einherjar level, and wanted to blow off his steam.

The battlefield in Albany district was turning into a stalemate. The Zergs had gained the upper hand during previous skirmishes, but recently, they stopped attacks and gave the human forces a chance to recuperate their strength. Lie Jian knew that there was more to the Zergs' inactivity.

Lie Jian's priority was never to eliminate the Zergs; instead, his goal was to claim control over Mars during this time of chaos. He had been trying to cozy up to the Kaedeians, particularly to their heir-apparent, Princess Heidi. Only when he had gained the support from both the Kaedeians and the Divine Mastery Sect could he claim dominance over Mars.

The thought of sitting on the throne of the red planet lit up the fire in Lie Jian's eyes. He always had been an ambitious person, and thanks to the Zergs and the chaos they had brought to the human world, his wild dreams might actually come true.


Ever since Wang Tong returned from Jade City with the spoil, lives around the camp had improved significantly. After getting enough resources, everyone worked round the clock to improve the condition of the camp. The new recruits also alleviated some of the band's growing pain by providing sufficient manpower.

Despite the improvements around him, Wang Tong had hit an invisible wall in his research of the crystal gun. All of his attempts to modify the gun's core component for the purpose of mass production had failed.

By then, Wang Tong had retired himself from roles of METAL and mastery instruction. These two roles were taken up by Mr. Wannabe and Guan Dongyang. With more free time on his hands, Wang Tong sneaked into the Maersa city a few times in order to survey the enemy forces. After seeing the number of Zergs in the city, he concluded that there was little chance for Battle Wolf to take over the city outside. His only option was to lure the enemy out of the city. But how? Even if they could lure the Zergs out of the city wall, how could they eliminate them effectively?

One question bode another, but none could be answered until Battle Wolf grew stronger.

After having received another batch of new recruits, their rank had swollen to five hundred. However, the actual retinues that were able to fight effectively during a battle were only three hundred or so, which consisted of one hundred Mastery casters and another two hundred METAL soldiers.

Battle Wolf had enjoyed only a few weeks of quietness before it was interrupted by visitors from Blizzard. This time, instead of sending a representative, the captain of Blizzard had paid a visit himself.

Both Aamir and Hans were shocked by how much Battle Wolf's camp had improved. Aamir found it hard to believe that the same band had been on the run only a few months ago.

"Brother Guan, you are doing pretty good for yourself. I am really jealous! Haha."Aamir said with a broad smile.

"Haha... It is nothing compared to Blizzard."

"Oh you, stop that humblebragging business. Without you fixing that skynet, we would have still been in the dark age."

"Haha, that was nothing. We will do whatever it takes to help all of us defeat the Zergs. What brings you here today?" Guan Dongyang asked.

"I am here to bring you a proposal. I think the time for the fragmented bands to unite together has arrived. We should form an alliance and start to prepare for the final assault on Maersa City." Aamir announced with a serious face.

"I agree! But, we have tabled it at the annual gathering many times, and it never passed the discussion stage. What do you think we should do, Captain Aamir?"

Guan Dongyang knew that Aamir came with a solution. He cast a glance at Wang Tong and noticed that he was not paying attention at all.

"I think we should lead by example. It is impossible to unite all the factions right away, but we can start persuading the key players. We should call a meeting and tell everyone how senseless it is to backstab each other while the Zergs are living like kings inside our city."

"I wonder which key players you are going to invite to the meeting." Wang Tong suddenly put in.

Aamir was not surprised by Wang Tong's interruption, since he had heard many stories about Guan Dongyang's left-hand man. Aamir also noticed Guan Dongyang relax his straightened back as soon as Wang Tong started to speak.

"Blizzard, Thunder Fire, Pamir's Eagle, Flame Squad, and Battle Wolf... These are the five bands that I hope to see at the meeting. As long as we can unite together under one banner, we can turn the situation around on Mars." Aamir puffed a cloud of smoke and shifted his gaze in between Guan Dongyang and Wang Tong, deciphering their expressions.

"We are honored, Captain Aamir. Why do you think Battle Wolf is worthy of this invitation? We are one of the weakest bands, after all." Hamir asked.

All the other bands had over five thousand members, among which, many were level twenty warriors.

"Because of the contribution Battle Wolf made in restoring the vital communication in Maersa district. Plus, you have also defeated Thunder-Fire's ten thousand men strong army. Now, tell me why I would consider Battle Wolf as a weak band? I know you don't get along with Thunder Fire, but our real enemies are the Zergs. We should learn to forgive and move on."

"Well said! Battle Wolf is ready to work with any war-band that kills Zergs, regardless of our past history. However, I want to make it clear that once we have signed the pact, we will never tolerate betrayal." Wang Tong said with a confident smirk; his words sounded like a threat.

Aamir was taken aback by the Wang Tong's imposing tone. "Of course, whoever betrays the alliance will be the public enemy of the entire Maersa district. Captain Guan, do you and your fellow warriors need some time to think about your decision?"

"No need for that. You have my full support, Captain Aamir."

"Excellent! I have already talked to the other leaders, and they all have agreed to my proposal. We can have the meeting in just a few days."