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 Chapter 530: Einherjar's Bane Unit

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"Haha... Wang Tong, I knew you could do it! But, I had never thought that you could get so much money. Hey, tell me, did you sneak into the city's vault?"

Battle Wolf had never seen so many provisions ever since its conception. These supplies would not only secure the living standards of the soldiers, but also create an environment for them to develop a research team. There was enough equipment for the engineers to run a Skynet level A communicator, which would restore the communication of the entire Maersa district.

"No, I tried, but they didn't let me in. Haha... Jokes aside, Dongyang, it is about time for us to make a move."

"You bet! By the way, why did you tell people that I had created those spells? Sooner or later, they WILL find out." Guan Dongyang gave Wang Tong wry smile. Even back at the camp, he had heard people referring to him as "the second most powerful Mastery caster the world had ever seen."

"Hehe... You are welcome, by the way. If you think you can't live up to the reputation, I suggest you hit the gym right now." Wang Tong shot back.

Guan Dongyang shrugged and conceded that he might have to be Wang Tong's puppet for a while before he could reveal the truth to everyone. Meanwhile, he should seek ways to increase his power so that he wouldn't accidentally blow Wang Tong's cover.

"While you were gone, we have recruited another hundred or so soldiers." Guan Dongyang remarked.

"We have enlisted a few members as well. There will be fifty Mastery casters coming from the Sect to join us in a couple of days, and there will also be a group of medics coming here to learn Mastery. You will have to be their teacher."

"Me? Teaching the Sect medics?" Guan Dongyang asked incredulously.

"Yes, that is why I told you to hit the gym. Oh, their chief medic will join them too."

"Chief...Medic..." Guan Dongyang's mind spun.


As soon as Wang Tong returned the camp, the soldiers picked up their slack and started to train hard. Nonetheless, he noticed that a lot of soldiers had made decent signs of progress while he was away.

"I can't stand it! Tan Bu is level fifteen, and even Duo Lun has reached level fourteen?" Ross shouted in surprise.

"Lieutenant, maybe I will take your job one day. Aren't you concerned?" Tan Bu jested with a smile.

"Captain, this is not fair! Why did you give them so much attention and ignore me? I should have gone with you guys!" Ross lamented. He wagered that the two soldiers had received many personal lessons from Wang Tong, which directly resulted in their huge improvements. The more Ross thought about it, the more jealous and indignant he felt.

Having caught a glimpse of Wang Tong's ambition during the auction, the two young soldiers had also elevated their life goal to beyond a lieutenant position in Battle Wolf. They knew that as long as they followed Wang Tong, greater achievements awaited them in the future.

Despite being the quartermaster and overseeing the burgeoning coffer, Hamir didn't get ahead of himself. Wang Tong had urged Guan Dongyang to make a move against the Maersa City, but he knew that compared to other larger bands such as Blizzard and Thunder Fire, Battle Wolf's power was still meager. A move against the Zergs would only be meaningful if Battle wolf had a sizable army. Therefore, Hamir decided to start a recruitment campaign around the area.

Wang Tong agreed with Hamir's approach, so he waited patiently for the Battle Wolf's ranks to swell.

After a few days, the local skynet was finally up and running. Guan Dongyang received many congratulations and appreciation for establishing the only local communication line that connected them with the outside world.

As soon as the skynet went online, soldiers from all over the Maersa district poured in to stay connected with the world once again after five years of digital starvation.

With the restoration of the communication line, people inside the Maersa district finally found a shred of civilization in the ruins of the old confederation.

The most popular information being searched on skynet was the ranking of the warriors. Guan Dongyang was the only person in Maersa district who made it to the list.

"Hans, have you found out who restored Skynet?"

"Yes, it has to be Battle Wolf. I have heard that they hit the jackpot at Jade City."

"How much did they make?" Aamir asked.

"Millions." The words sounded unbelievable even to the speaker himself.

Aamir was shocked by the number, and it took him a while to gather himself. "Something is going to happen very soon," Aamir said slowly.

"Captain, I think a stronger Battle Wolf is good for everyone. "

"It's still too early to say for sure, but we need to act before it's too late."

"You mean..."

"Talk to them, and see if they are willing to let us work with them." Aamir cracked a smile.

The power of Battle Wolf had been increasing at an alarming rate, so much so that it had become suspicious. Feeling a greater power was at play behind the rise of Battle Wolf, Aamir decided to take the initiative and form an alliance with the greater power through the pact with Battle Wolf.

Meanwhile, on Earth, a battle between the human force and the immortals had just finished. A human leader wearing a red Einherjar Armor stood on the battlefield, letting the wind toss up her long silken hair. It had been a small victory for humans, but she wondered how many of these small victories were still needed to save the human race.

"My Lady, we have cleaned the battlefield. None of the dark ones got away."

Ma Xiaoru removed her helmet and revealed her beautiful features. She gazed into the twilit sky and wondered how she could have done it all by herself in the last five years.

As soon as the war started, House Ma had become the Zergs' main target other than House Li. Einherjar Ma Dutian's low profile had made the Zergs underestimate his Einherjar level strength at the beginning of the war. From a mysterious device, Ma Dutian harnessed the tremendous power and dealt a devastating blow to the invading Zerg. After that, House Ma disappeared off the Zergs' radar entirely, presumably hiding in one of their many secret vaults.

It was evident that House Ma was well prepared for the cataclysmic event.

Seeing that Ma Xiaoru had fallen into a reverie, the soldiers left her alone and didn't disturb her. They knew that she was thinking about Wang Tong, the only man in her life.

Although people kept on telling her that Wang Tong was dead, she could feel his presence every living moment, so she waited.

Many times, Ma Xiaoru thought about giving up the wait and her life altogether. But, his smiling face in her memory kept her going.

Half a year ago, she finally reached the legendary level.

Many people saw it as a miracle, but she considered it as long overdue. Li Ruoer had reached the legendary level a year ago, and by now, she should be at least level twenty one.

Despite the huge blow House Li had received over the years, under the leadership of Li Zhedao, House Li had shown an incredible perseverance and tenacity. The performance of Li Shiming and Li Ruoer had also won many resistance forces' hearts. By then, House Li, Ma, Zhang, and Porten's family had formed an alliance which was the backbone of the human resistance on Earth and Moon.

As the mastermind of the alliance force, Li Shiming's answer to the overbearing Zerg forces was guerrilla warfare. He also made it a rule that none of the surviving Einherjars were allowed to face the Zergs alone. Patroclus had even formed a unit called Einherjar's Bane that specialized at killing Einherjars. The humans had paid a costly price for their heroism at the beginning of the war. Within the first couple of weeks of the war, the confederation lost over twenty legendary level warriors at the hands of the Einherjar's Bane. It had been a devastating blow to the morale of the human forces, and the killing needed to be stopped.