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 Chapter 528: Annual Auction Event

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Ye Zi activated the crystal with only a level two soul energy in order to testify Wang Tong's claim regarding the zero-level requirement for using the crystal. Suddenly, a bright white light shed from above onto Antonio, as well as a few buyers sat at the front row.

The feeling was palpable for anyone inside the light.

"Gosh! I leveled up!"

"Where does this power come from?"

The ones in the audience seats were the first to notice the effect. They were of much lower level than Antonio, and therefore, they quickly felt the surge of energy.

On the stage, the gauge read that Antonio had just leveled up into level nineteen.

Syracuse was under the light as well, and he felt the warm energy swimming inside his system as well. If he were impressed by the spell, he didn't show it on his face.

Due to Antonio's relatively high level, the effect lasted only five minutes. However, it was enough to impress everyone at the auction. The audiences under the stage felt that the effect on them had lasted for more than ten minutes. In addition, after the effect had subsided, no one felt any signs of withdrawing too much energy as one would after using the conventional buff spells.

Since a Sect medic verified the crystal and the spells, it gained solid support from the Divine Mastery sect.

Despite the impressed murmurs around her, Ye Zi was still worried that these crystals were not going to fetch as high a price as Wang Tong had hoped.

"This crystal still has two charges left, and the rest each have three charges. All three will be sold together, starting at ten thousand blues."

As soon as Syracuse had finished his announcement, the bidding started. "Twenty thousand!" It was someone from Cesar City.

"Thirty thousand!"

"Thirty-five thousand. " Sander's voice boomed inside the auction hall.

Although Jade city was a small city, Sanders could not pass up the opportunity of acquiring the most valuable mastery artifact, especially when these crystals were already inside his city.

"Fifty thousand!" The huge increment in price made Sanders's offer look pathetic.

Duo Lun and Tan Bu stared at each other in surprise, shocked at the promise of getting filthy rich.

Silence fell into the auction hall for a few seconds, before another voice rose.

"Sixty thousand."

The anonymous speaker was from Dawn Light City, the headquarters of Divine Mastery sect. After a long silence laced with murmur and gasps, Syracuse finally struck the gavel on the podium.


Duo Lun and Tan Bu's face bloomed like two flowers.

The three Divine Light crystals were sold, and now everyone's shifted their attention onto the two crystals of Infernal Hell.

"These two crystals each contain a level nineteen fire element spell-Inferno Hell. It is an area of effect spell with an effective radius of fifty meters. Anything within that radius will be reduced to ashes in a blink. The minimum requirement for using the spell is level five, and the range of the spell is two hundred meters. Since it will be difficult to verify such devastating power, I urge everyone to have faith in the credibility of the Fire Lord."

Although the two crystals could not be tested, the sale of the last three crystals lent credence their effect. Plus, everyone had heard the news of Guan Dongyang's recent victory over the Zergs using his powerful fire spell. However, since it was unconventional to auction something that could not be verified, Syracuse started the price at five thousand and let his customers decide for themselves.

Walking in the streets with a level nineteen fire spell was like walking with a weapon of mass destruction. Such a weapon was able to change the tide of the battle in an instant.

Ten thousand!

Fifteen thousand!

Twenty thousand!

Although mastery casters had become prevalent over the years, it was hard to find a level nineteen caster. Therefore, any spell from a powerful level nineteen caster such as Guan Dongyang would be highly sought after.

The two Inferno Hell crystals were finally sold for eighty thousand blues in total. The two crystals had been an eye opener for everyone at that auction.

Syracuse was more than happy with the outcome of the auction. It was a good start for his collaboration with Battle Wolf. The power of these crystals convinced him that only his financial clout could construct a large enough platform for their sales.

When Syracuse was about to announce the end of the auction, a worker hurried to his side and whispered to him. Syracuse turned around and announced to the audiences, "Next, I am about to present to you an even more amazing item!"

Syracuse's announcement caught everyone' attention, including those who had already left their seats. They quickly returned to their seats and looked at the stage attentively.

Lu Duo strode onto the stage with nothing in his hand. No one, not even Syracuse, knew what it was about. He was only told that Wang Tong requested the showing of one last item. To show his goodwill, Syracuse had made an exception and allowed the auction of the last item that he was uninformed of.

Without speaking a word, Duo Lun took off his shirt and revealed his naked body.

A swell of murmurs rose from the audiences; some wondered if Syracuse was going to put on a slave for auction.

On the stage, Duo Lun unsheathed his blade and pierced it into his belly. Everyone was shocked by the development; after a few gasps, a dead silence fell into the auction hall.

Ye Zi was also taken aback by the turn of events. She rushed towards the stage, but was stopped by Tan Bu.

Duo Lun pulled the blade out of his belly and pressed the wound with his left hand to prevent blood from spilling out. Something glinted in his left hand; it was an energy crystal.

Suddenly, a white light shot out of his left palm, and under the soft touch of the light, his wound was healed in a few seconds.

After a while, Duo Lun gathered himself and announced, "This is the healing crystal. It can be used to heal wounds using the mastery spell inside instantly."

The audience's mind reeled at the revelation.

Xiao Yuyu and Ye Zi gave each other a surprised glance; this spell was unheard of even within the Sect.

"What a fool!" Wang Tong lamented at Duo Lun's recklessness. He had ordered him to demonstrate the healing ability with a live chicken, but he had used himself instead.

Although Duo Lun was not an eloquent speaker, he knew how to make a point without using words.

"Are you alright, young man?" Syracuse asked Duo Lun, seemingly concerned about his well-being.

Duo Lun didn't speak; instead, he charged up his GN force to show that he was very well and alive.

"OK, that's enough! I didn't mean to doubt you; you can leave the rest to me now. " Syracuse said.

Duo Lun nodded and then handed over the crystal to Syracuse.

"It can only be used one more time." Duo Lun added.

"Alright everyone, let's take a break now, and we will resume in ten minutes," Syracuse announced to the speaker.

The Auction house boiled over as soon as the Syracuse finished his words.

He walked to Ye Zi and asked, "How many of these crystals do you have?"

Ye Zi was at a loss. She looked to Duo Lun.

"Only one." Duo Lun answered.

"How long does it take Captain Guan to make one of these."

"The material is hard to come by. I don't think you will see any more of them anytime soon." Duo Lun answered with the exact same words that Wang Tong had told him.

Syracuse nodded, wagering that these crystals ought to be made out of very precious material to take on such incredible effects. Truth be told, Syracuse wanted one of these life-saving crystals for himself.

"Mr. Syracuse. Captain Guan is very generous to his friends. I don' think he could charge his friends any money for this, if you get what I mean." Duo Lun spoke slowly.

Picking up his hint, Syracuse's face was lit up with glee. "Of course! Thank you, young man! I will handle the rest from here on."

Without wasting any time, Syracuse rushed to contact his most powerful clients.

Ten minutes later, more people joined in the auction via teleconference. These new buyers were some of the most powerful and influential customers that Syracuse knew.

Syracuse knew that after Duo Lun's vivid demonstration, the item no longer needed any more introduction.

"On the podium, we have the one and only healing crystal in the world, starting at fifty thousand blues."

"A hundred thousand!"

A voice boomed inside the auction house through a speaker; it was from a buyer in Brooklyn. He had doubled the starting price off the bat to show his unequivocal determination in getting the crystal.

"Anyone else?" Despite the astronomical price, Syracuse's voice was calm, if not casual.

"A hundred and fifty thousand."

"A hundred and fifty thousand, a gentleman from Cesar City... Anyone else?"

Ye Zi was shocked by the amount of money being tossed around. She had never seen so much money while managing the funds for Battle Wolf.

Interest burned in Xiao Yuyu's eyes. The healing spell was especially close to home for her, and she was shocked by how powerful Guan Dongyang had become. Sensing her interest, Sanders bid one time perfunctorily, and his offer was quickly topped by another. He knew that acquiring this crystal was way beyond his capability.