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 Chapter 527: Spell Crystals

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The crystal gun project had been shelved by the Confederation for many years due to fruitless experiments. The crystal gun was first introduced to the battlefield by the Kaedeian vanguard, and became their standard equipment. The technology of the gun was fiercely guarded by the female warriors, and Cinderella was the only Kaedeian weaponsmith who still knew how to create such a weapon. By now, only a handful of the original crystal guns were left in the world, and they were kept close to Kaedeian royalties.

"This is the new X series GN force crystal gun. With the hair-trigger add-on, it can fire over one hundred and twenty shots per second. It can be used by any soldier above level fifteen. Starting at one thousand blues!"

The price immediately shocked everyone. Many major factions wanted to pick up the research from where the Confederation left it, so this gun could be a perfect experiment sample. The working principle of the crystal gun was simple, but the core martial required a legendary craftsman to create, which made replicating the gun nearly impossible outside Cinderella's workshop. The difficulties in making the core component had also drastically reduced the number of guns that could be produced. Should any lab be able to find a way to mass produce the core component, the powerful guns would be used by many more human soldiers.

Despite the immense value of the gun, many people hesitated in bidding at first.

"Fifteen hundred!"

On the screen, an anonymous buyer raised his ticket via the teleconference and stated his price; he was located in Cesar City, miles away from Jade City.

These anonymous buyers were the main customers of Syracuse. Despite their elusive identity, their cheques never bounced.

Sanders sneaked a glance at Xiao Yuyu and Vorenus beside him; he could tell that they were very interested in the gun, although they barely had the need to use it in order to defend themselves.

Sanders waved at one of his servants and whispered an order. A few seconds later, someone raised their number and increased the price to two thousand blues.

Everyone in the city knew the young man who bid for the gun was one of Sanders representatives, so none of them decided to raise their number again. However, the same could not be said about those anonymous buyers who joined the auction via teleconferencing.

"Three thousand." A buyer from Brooklyn raised the price again.

Lun Duo and Tan Bu looked at each other with surprise; they had never thought that a gun could be worth so much money. Unknown to the two young soldiers, three thousand could barely cover Syracuse's cost of acquiring the gun.

"Five thousand."

An anonymous buyer from Alexander City doubled down on his offer. A smile found the corner of Syracuse's mouth; he knew that the bidding war had finally started.

Soon, the price of the gun was jacked to over ten thousand, and by then, only the buyers from the big cities were still left in the game. Even if anyone in a smaller city such as Jade City wanted to bid for the gun, the price had gone way beyond their limit.

"Fifteen thousand!"

Suddenly, someone inside the auction house shouted out his offer. When Syracuse looked toward the speaker, the smile on his face evaporated in an instant.

It was Wang Tong, the piss poor leader of a piss poor war band.

Syracuse prayed with all the force he could muster that someone would top his price. But, even after three long, silent minutes, no one had risen to the challenge. Following a crisp din of the gavel, Wang Tong had become the new owner of this legendary gun. Knowing that Wang Tong could never fulfill the payment, Syracuse felt that his heart was bleeding. He could only hope that Wang Tong's crystals could fetch a higher price than he had expected.

A murmur rose from the crowd as everyone wondered how a penniless war band could afford such an expensive weapon.

Lan Duo and Tan Bu were shocked by the development; they asked Wang Tong, "Boss, how will we be able to afford that?"

"Hehe, don't worry! Who said that I am going to pay with blues? We have another invaluable asset in our team, remember?" Wang Tong said and pointed his mouth towards Ye Zi.

After the crystal gun, another few expensive items were brought to the podium and sold. These were luxury items that were useless on a battlefield. Although the humans were in a war with Zergs, leisure and entertainment never lacked customers.

After the few routine transactions, everyone knew that the main item of the auction was about to show up. The anticipation kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

When the item finally arrived, everyone found out that they were a few energy crystals.

Although no one knew what was so special about these crystals, the buyers knew that Syracuse would not let them down. A few buyers who had been waiting for this movement for too long to resist the sleepiness rubbed their eyes and studied the crystal attentively.

"May I have your attention, please? Tonight's last item is this set of energy crystals!"

Wang Tong whispered something to Ye Zi and gave something to her. Ye Zi paused for a second and then nodded, despite the doubts flickering in her eyes.

"Do it."

"Yes." Ye Zi could not doubt Wang Tong, so she decided to carry out his instructions.

"There are five of them in total... The one on the left is called the crystal of divine light, and the two to your left are called Infernal Hell. Both are the works of the Fire Lord, Guan Dongyang. "

The mentioning of Guan Dongyang's name rekindled the interest of some of the buyers. However, they wondered what was so special about these crystals that they even had their names. Curiosity made them wait for Syracuse to finish his introduction of the items.

"Every single one of these crystals contains three level seventeen divine light spells. The Divine Light is a new mastery spell created by Guan Dongyang. It is a powerful buff spell that can improve the soldiers' strength, speed, and reactions. To put it simply, it can increase the power of an affected soldier by at least one level. It lasts around ten to thirty minutes. There are no restrictions on the level of the caster and neither the type of elements the caster specializes in."

A wave of astonished murmurs rose among the audience. These crystals worked the same as the GN Crystal gun, but instead of GN force, they utilized mastery. If it were real, Guan Dongyang could be considered as one of the most talented mastery casters in the world. In addition, the spells inside the incredible crystal also sounded amazing to many buyers.

"I have gotten the permission from the owner of these crystals to use one of the crystals and demonstrate its power. For the sake of fairness, I have invited the medic from the Sect, Ye Zi, to test these crystals for us. I will also need another METAL warrior to step on to the stage to help her."

"Hehe... I have never seen anything like it. Antonio, why don't you go help chief out?" Sanders asked.

Antonio walked onto the stage; the screen showed that he was a level eighteen warrior, and he would be the test subject.